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about people in their 70's

“This Book Could Be About You and Your Friends, or Your Parents or Your Grandparents”, says Bea.


A Book Filled With Humor & Nostalgia

A Book Filled With Humor & Nostalgia
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Bring It On… We're In Our 70's is my book filled with humor and nostalgia about the lives of the lucky ones experiencing life during their 70s. Nobody likes being called a senior citizen or pegged as a golden ager, old fogey, old-timer or an old fart. I try to put these monikers to rest in my book about septuagenarians.

Hundreds of interviews are laced to give the reader a glimpse of the lucky ones between 70-80. If you are a septuagenarian, you probably remember playing hopscotch and mumblety-peg and landing on the moon. I have asked many of the persons interviewed what they feared the most, and I also asked some if they are still working. Their answers to these particular questions are all over the place.

If you are an early septuagenarian, you would be considered a "baby boomer," If you were born from the mid-20s to about 1945, you would carry the moniker of "silent generation." No matter who won the presidential election of 2016, the country would have a septuagenarian as POTUS. People interviewed could remember the songs from the fifties but did not know the words to any current music. Most could remember psychedelic art but not where they put their keys. I feel comfortable in saying you will enjoy each chapter in the book as much as I have enjoyed writing about this milestone in my life and the lives of the people I have interviewed directly and indirectly.

Book Talks and Signings

Book Talks and Signings

Thursday June 27th  Bea spoke about her book to a crowded room at the Lunch Bunch event at Temple Beth Shalom, New Albany, Oh.

 It was the first of many more book talks and book signings 


Bea had a successful book signing at the Gramacy Book Store in Bexley, Oh

More Book Talks & Signings

More Book Talks & Signings

-        October 23rd Gardner presented her book “Bring It On…We’re In Our 70’s” to the Lunch and Learn group at the JCC in Columbus, OH.

-        Gardner spoke to attentive crowds in Louisville, KY and Akron, Oh The Q&A sessions after her talks were very interesting .

-        Lunch and Learn at JCC in Columbus, OH

-        A fun time was had by all at the book signing event held at the home of Jay and Alla Kramer on November 16th.

-        Book talks at Temple Beth Shalom in New Albany, OH and Temple Beth Shalom in Vero Beach, FL. 


-        The book signing event with the Main Street organization in Vero Beach was interesting. A table was set up on the sidewalk in front of the Main Street office and a gentleman with a guitar presented the crowd with singing. I guess you would call it “singing and signing”

Close to eighty seniors attended the potluck dinner at Blendon Township Senior Center featuring author Bea Gardner talking about her book,

 Bring It On…We’re In Our 70’s.

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  • Getting Old is a One Time Experience
  • Are You "Silent" Or "Booming"?
  • Catching Up With Technology –Whatever That Means
  • The Donald And Hillary – 2016
  • Crazy Career Changes and Challengers
  • Having Fun Being Thrifty
  • Septuagenarians Are Parents Too
  • The Spiritual Scene
  • Dating During Your 70's
  • The Sexy 70's
  • From Psychedelic To Psychosomatic
  • What Are You Afraid Of?
  • What Is Your "Exit Strategy"?
  • Self-Serve…The New Method Of Modern Madness
  • The Brotherhood Of Widowhood



I highly recommend this delightful book!
Very quick read. Enjoyed the humor. Funny and insightful. I just turned 70 and can definitely relate. A down to earth observation of what us Baby Boomers are experiencing. Covers serious issues as well. I highly recommend this delightful book!

Growing Old Can Be Fun
This author has a special talent for presenting serious aging issues tempered with wonderful humor! A quick read and a book you will want to pass on to a 70+ friend.

In your 70's? You'll want to read "Bring It On"!
Bea Gardner's book "Bring It On" revealed a lot about the Silent Generation - of which I'm a member. The author knows the trials and tribulations of aging, though I've read she is quite active physically. That is encouraging to the rest of us who are a) feeling the aches and pains b) experiencing widowhood or other major changes c) wondering if we should have a particular 'exit strategy' if the opportunity arises. The author takes us through the pleasures, the odd, and the ultimate maturity of aging and does it all with a touch of humor. I'm looking forward to a sequel!

A quick read that packs it in
The book was funny and serious and it definately took me through a lot of things that I never thought much of. I read it in about 4 hours and now I am re-reading and seeing myself in a lot of what I am reading. Loved it.

Get Ready for the Fun!
Lots of friends now turning 70 - makes great birthday gift!

Upliting, quick read.
If you are looking for light reading, peppered with advice and honesty, Bea Gardner's book will satisfy. She has compiled sources to offer differing perspectives on living boldly between the ages of 70-80. Her humorous slant keeps the reader appreciating this age of enlightenment.

Everyone 70 or older needs to read this 👌
I read the book with great anticipation. Even though some chapters didn't necessarily relate to my situation, they made me think about them. I ended up loving everything about it! I have recommended it to others and will continue to do so.