Bea-isms is back for bloggers to blog with no fear of losing your free speech.

During these uncertain and distressing times, we should NOT have to tolerate losing our 1st amendment rights. Actually, if these rights can be taken away from the President of the United States they can be taken away from all of us.

My landing page on Bea-isms, of course is about my book, and that is going to stay there for a while in order to keep Bea-isms slightly anonymous. I do not want Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, and especially Twitter to block me or do away with my server. Actually, I do not know how they could interrupt Bea-isms but in these scary times of a communist type takeover of the United States I guess anything can happen.

To the right of the landing page (my book) you will find the current Bea-isms articles. Read them and please feel free to comment and give your opinions on these articles. Your blogging name will always be anonymous so you can make up a blogging name or just use your real name to make your comments. Remember that your e-mail address is required so that I get your comments but….your e-mail address will NEVER show up in the comment’s column.

Let’s hear it through the voice of Bea-isms.

  1. Bobbie Winger says:

    Great to have you back. Missed you!