Sad Days Ahead…Extremists on Both Sides

Extremists exist on both sides of the aisle, but what concerns me today are the extremists on the Right.

If conservatives ever hope to win another election, they need to demonstrate that they have the moral high ground and they need to change election procedures to ensure free and fair elections.

Let me start with the moral high ground. Obviously storming the Capitol seriously harms anyone trying to assert that Conservatives are advocating ideas that lead to better, more civil governance. Even if it turns out that only 10% of the rioters were Trumpsters and 90% were ANTIFA agitators, I fear that the hopes of retaking the House or Senate in the next election are gone.

Our biggest weapon against liberals was our moral superiority and our use of rational arguments. The Radical Right has demonstrated that they may not be much different from the Radical Left.

I understand their frustration with the media and Democrat politicians, but the extreme Right played into the hands of those who would turn our country into a Socialist Hellhole and harmed our cause more than any liberal could have done. They have validated every stupid aspersion ever levied by the Left.

The Good Guys can never win another election without ensuring that every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is thrown out. Let’s hope that this past election has motivated our politicians to improve our election procedures. The Democrats have figured out that as long as they control the cities, they can manipulate vote counts if Republicans can’t see what they are doing. So we may never see accurate elections again. Even so, it is worth the fight.

  1. Grunt says:

    Why does the media keep saying that the protest on January 6th resulted in 5 deaths? One extremist woman was shot by Capitol Security. The four others died of natural causes. Is the media trying to blame all the deaths on conservatives?

  2. traditional guy says:

    Why do I see the guy with the painted face and horns at multiple riots? I also read that he has been arrested and is protesting the fact that they will not give him vegan food. I wonder if he is still on his hunger strike.