Election Stolen

The link below is not activated on this site. You will have to copy and paste into your url and then click on it to read and listen to this. Read this post first and then listen and comment if you care to. The object of my doing this is to try to get the truth out without the spin.

I start this article out with a link to the Ted Cruz speech that he made to congress. He was asking them to consider looking into the FRAUD in this election. Not to change the results but to clean up our system of voting.
Just let me speak for myself for a minute. I watched with eager eyes the election results. I went to bed confident by the vote counts that were coming in, especially Pennsylvania. Trump was ahead by about 70,000 votes in PA when I went to sleep and I figured he was on his way to a landslide victory. What I saw and heard when I woke up was a different story.
The rest is history….Fraud was oozing out from every corner. Trumps lawyers explained it all and Sydney Powell explained the fraud and witnesses and subpoenas were being filed and no court was willing to hear any of the cases. They were fast to say there wasn’t enough evidence without even seeing the evidence.
That left 74 million voters angry as the evidence of FRAUD mounted. The mainstream media ignored the evidence that was being shown on a few cable news shows. They did more than just ignore the evidence of Fraud, they lied and said they was NO evidence. After a lot of buzz from the right about the “Stolen Election” the left started to change their story. Their new mantra was, “Yes, there was FRAUD but it was NOT ENOUGH voter fraud to change the results of the election”
So…..that’s their final answer.

  1. Bea-Isms says:

    I listened to a video Trump put out regarding the election. He said the election was stolen and that a lot of people agreed with him. He told his listeners to stay calm and go home. He was saying he loved the people who were and are his supporters. I don’t understand how my lefty friends can say that this video caused the insurrection at the Capitol. I believe they should spend a little less time on MSM and a little more time on the alternative media. Somewhere between the two you might be able to find a shred of truth.