Creeping Socialism

If I were hungry for power because I know what’s best for my country and people,
what would I do?

If I saw middle and lower class Americans as deplorable morons in need of my
guidance, what would I do?

If I was not bound by thoughts of honesty, what would I do?

If I believed that the ends justify the means, what would I do?

I would do everything the Leftists in the Democratic Party do. You and I know the truth of Lord Acton’s maxim: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The Leftists and anyone who supports socialism want Government to correct all ills that they perceive. Each time Government “cures an ill” the leftists search for another ill. They are never satisfied. So, government continues to grow – amassing more and more power for the leaders of government.

Soon the leaders forget that in America they work for the people. The people should be the bosses, not the leaders

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