Creeping Socialism

If I were hungry for power because I know what’s best for my country and people, what would I do? If I saw middle and lower class Americans as deplorable morons in need of my guidance, what would I do? If I was not bound by thoughts of honesty, what would I do? If I […]


Sad Days Ahead…Extremists on Both Sides

Extremists exist on both sides of the aisle, but what concerns me today are the extremists on the Right. If conservatives ever hope to win another election, they need to demonstrate that they have the moral high ground and they need to change election procedures to ensure free and fair elections. Let me start with […]


Election Stolen

The link below is not activated on this site. You will have to copy and paste into your url and then click on it to read and listen to this. Read this post first and then listen and comment if you care to. The object of my doing this is to try to get the […]