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I listened to Tucker Carlson on tv this morning and it sounds like the new administration wants unity except all of us deplorables…They want to de-program 74 million Americans so they can get unity. Here’s one way they are doing it. I went to the internet and typed in Trumps accomplishment list….It takes me to […]


Trumps Farewell Address 1/19/21

https://www.nbc4i.com/news/washington-dc/president-trump-delivers-recorded-farewell-address/?fbclid=IwAR01cT5xk48hzhVZi32MpXHHs9qSiIdJWvNHza8Yyl9pLV-o4lerTsQUbz4 While President Donald Trump is leaving the White House, he pledged the movement he created is “only just beginning.” The remarks were made during a pre-recorded farewell speech released by the White House on Tuesday afternoon. Trump made no mention of his defeat in the 2020 election and did not explicitly mention President-elect Joe […]


Trump’s Personality Was RIGHT…for the times

Just a short note prior to you reading this article. I found this posted on someone’s Facebook page and thought it worth posting on Bea-isms. Of all of the hundreds of articles written about Donald J. Trump this one is by far the most authentic. No matter your politics you will have a better understanding […]


When is a Mob not a Mob?

The picture on the left is an actual picture from Portland. Do this picture look like it is a peaceful protest? Over the summer we had over 100 days of what the Left and the mainstream media called “peaceful protests” in Portland, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Raleigh, Louisville, […]


Creeping Socialism

If I were hungry for power because I know what’s best for my country and people, what would I do? If I saw middle and lower class Americans as deplorable morons in need of my guidance, what would I do? If I was not bound by thoughts of honesty, what would I do? If I […]


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