Hello Bea,

I just finished your book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and can relate to it since I’m 75 years old. I have to say, the 70’s can be trying years with unexpected health issues, but at the same time, lots of freedom which I enjoy! I especially enjoyed your interviews because the people were very honest about their experiences.

My friend and ex- neighbor, Jacky , gave me a copy of the book so I’m indebted to her for sharing your gift. She and I belong to a Book Club which meets every other month.

Enjoy your day and happy writing if you decide to pursue another book!

Best wishes,

Catherine Katrovitz

Bea Gardner’s book “Bring It On” revealed a lot about the Silent Generation – of which I’m a member. The author knows the trials and tribulations of aging, though I’ve read she is quite active physically. That is encouraging to the rest of us who are a) feeling the aches and pains b) experiencing widowhood or other major changes c) wondering if we should have a particular ‘exit strategy’ if the opportunity arises. The author takes us through the pleasures, the odd, and the ultimate maturity of aging and does it all with a touch of humor. I’m looking forward to a sequel!

Very quick read. Enjoyed the humor. Funny and insightful. I just turned 70 and can definitely relate. A down to earth observation of what us Baby Boomers are experiencing. Covers serious issues as well. I highly recommend this delightful book!

William L Gardner
Even though she is my mother I am completely surprised at her unique writing style and incredible talent for making me laugh
I literally read 2 to 3 books a week and I must say this was an easy read and very entertaining

R Gold
The book was funny and serious and it definately took me through a lot of things that I never thought much of. I read it in about 4 hours and now I am re-reading and seeing myself in a lot of what I am reading. Loved it.

R S Benjamin
This author has a special talent for presenting serious aging issues tempered with wonderful humor! A quick read and a book you will want to pass on to a 70+ friend.

Gail G
Lots of friends now turning 70 – makes great birthday gift!

Chryl Meisterman
If you are looking for light reading, peppered with advice and honesty, Bea Gardner’s book will satisfy. She has compiled sources to offer differing perspectives on living boldly between the ages of 70-80. Her humorous slant keeps the reader appreciating this age of enlightenment.

Larry Buttermore
I read the book with great anticipation. Even though some chapters didn’t necessarily relate to my situation, they made me think about them. I ended up loving everything about it! I have recommended it to others and will continue to do so

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