Excerpt from “Bring it on…you’re in your 70’s” about Parenthood

Did you know that becoming a gardener requires more preparation than parenting? And, did you know, parenting does not get any easier when you’re in your 70’s.

We bring up our kids so they do not need us and then all of a sudden we are 70 something and that is when we begin to realize we need them.

So, getting a life as a parent becomes a way of life all the rest of the days of your life.  At this juncture of your life your children are grown and usually have children of their own.  You probably find yourself fading farther and farther into the background of their lives. This is especially distressful for the septuagenarian because it happens to be the time in their lives when they need their children most….not the opposite as seems to be the case.

I was able to interview a lot of 70 year olds who lived in Florida and the lack of involvement with their grown children seemed to be one of their biggest complaints. They talked about how they did not miss the snow but they missed family holiday dinners with their kids. I also spoke with Floridian’s who have made the trek back North often to be with their families at Holiday times.

I talked to Linda at length and she says it was a rude awakening for her to realize that once a son gets married, they fall into step with their wives families. This is not always the case but I heard this story over and over again from parents of boys.

The “holiday sharing pattern” usually starts early in their children’s marriages and becomes more noticeable when you reach your seventies. Seems like in the beginning, they do seem to be able to share the holidays between families, but the sharing becomes less and less as the years go by and by the time you are a septuagenarian it becomes a sad day when you realize that you are no longer sharing holidays with your children.

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