Shores resident goes mad over a few bucks.

Staying Informed through Inside Vero

For those of you who miss my Vero Beach – Indian River County articles on Bea-isms I would just steer you in the direction of Inside Vero. Mark Schumann and the folks who work hard at keeping Inside Vero a local e-magazine blog/newspaper have my blessings and I will continue to steer you to some interesting articles on Inside Vero from time to time.

Personally speaking, this last election, both nationally and locally has taken its toll on me as I began to realize that the choices, both nationally and locally, were not very satisfying. A lot of lies and innuendoes and lack of transparency has been foisted on the voters in both instances.

Therefore, I have decided to devote more of my free time to pressing on with my book titled (at this time) The Septuagenarian. I have decided to keep Bea-isms intact and in doing so I have created a new tab on Bea-isms called the septuagenarian where I will be posting chapters of the book. None of these chapters of the book will be complete without telling you all that I would like to see you blog in on some of the subjects that I will be writing about in the Septuagenarian.

My book should be of interest to all of you weather you are between the ages of 70-80 or weather you have parents or relatives in that age group or whether or not you are approaching that age. This latest chapter that I posted relates to the 2016 election with a mention of the Vero Beach election in it.

So, here’s hoping you read my latest chapter and put in your opinions in the comments column which I just posted and you will also find the article called “Shores residents being milked” in the link below. No need for me to say what the gang at Inside Vero as saying. They certainly got it right and Larry Wapnik is one example of a community gone mad over a few bucks.

Reader Comment: Shores residents being ‘milked’

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