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Chit ChatAn email announcement released by Laura Moss last week read, “She pledges to run for a seat on the Vero Beach City Council on a conservative platform of low taxes and limited government. One of her high priorities is the sale of the Vero Beach electric

Golly gee, Laura, where have you been for the last three or four years. Vero Beach spent millions of dollars trying to sell the Electric Utility. In fact a few years back three Council members did in fact sell the utility to FPL and they have a signed contract sitting on the shelf at City hall that they now know cannot be executed.

So, all of this tells me that Laura is not qualified to run for the position of Vero Beach City Council because she is not up to date of the issues. Doesn’t she know that you can’t beat a dead horse?

Seems to me that a vote for Sharon Gorry and Tony Young would be a much better choice. They both seem to have the best interests of the city as their priority.

Speaking about the Council. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Turners were to put their McMansion up for sale and move to Indian River Shores. That seems to be where Councilwomen Pilar Turner’s heart is. All you have to do is watch the June 21st City Council meeting and watch her go to bat for the Shores on a price for the partial sale of Vero Electric and the heck with whether or not it would be a good deal for the city that she claims to represent.

It’s too bad Mayor Jay Kramer is moving on. He is the kind of Councilman the City of Vero Beach should have in place forever. Now, having said that, wouldn’t it be nice to have him elected to the County Commission. I visualize him being very good at smoothing over the County/City relations.

The most interesting part of watching this meeting on YouTube is that the comments are not shown. That must really play havoc for Charlie Wilson and Brian Heady. LOL

  1. Cedric says:

    Once again you are correct in your assessments. Moss doesn’t get it. Her real problem is being told what to say and do by her behind the scenes manager. Yes you guessed it ,it’s 30 day wilson. Her use of the city council meetings as a political soapbox is laughable. She reads her prepared script in a just plain boring manner.Where has she been all these years? I hope she goes to more meetings so more people can see her shallow thinking.

  2. Savannah,ga says:

    Lang Sykes wants to force FMPA to allow Vero to Exit.

  3. Bea-isms says:

    And, how does Lang Sykes expect to FORCE FMPA. LOL

    He’ll say anything for a vote.

    I am sure that Erin Grall, who is an attorney, would be a lot better in negotiations with FMPA than he if it ever came to that.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    BTW, Jay Kramer, Susan Adams and Joe Earman all got an endorsement from the IRNA. Congratulations to these three County Commission Candidates.

  5. Savannah,ga says:

    I will vote for Kramer,Grall,and Earman if I can.My father in law knows Joe Earman.

  6. Zorc's Watchdog says:

    After Zorc attacked Curtis Carpenter today, it looks like the heat is getting to him…He can’t handle the fact that he will soon be unemployed and even if his lovely wife some how wins, they will not be able to rip the taxpayers off any longer to support their family….What a pompous nasty person…

  7. Zorc's Watchdog says:

    Did you know that according to Zorc’s financial report, he illegally received double donations for a total of $2000.00 and had to return them….I wonder if he did not find some way of getting them back?????

  8. Bea-isms says:

    This is an instance that I wish I had been there. Being out of the area, I do not know about the Zorc/Curtis Carpenter incident. If any one wants to blog about it go at it right here on Bea Isms.

    My guess is that he is starting to see the handwriting on the wall as Joe Earman is beginning to back him up to the wall.

  9. Zorc's Watchdog says:

    you can see it on Curtis’s facebook page…

  10. Bea-isms says:

    Here it is. The video that Joe Earman posted to prove Zorc is a liar. Zorc the Dork lied about the All Aboard Florida just like he lied about never being in bankruptcy. Is this the guy you want to continue to hold the purse strings in the County?


  11. Zorc's Watchdog says:

    Ken Miller needs to realize that we are not Zorc and Zorc fans here…His opinion means nothing..