Campaign Contributions & Other Stuff

I am beginning to think Commissioner Solari is nothing more than a frustrated sort -of attorney. I say sort of because I heard that he is an attorney who has never practiced law. Could that be that he never practiced law because perhaps he has never taken and passed the bar exam??? Just asking. I […]


Carpenter Sails in to the REC

I called to congratulate Curtis Carpenter on his recent acceptance to the Republican Executive Committee and in our conversation I came to the conclusion that Curtis is not a RINO (Republican in Name Only). He takes his oath as a committee man with the REC seriously. How do I know? Well, somehow the conversation turned […]


Time to Give Up and Go Home

Now that the Florida Supreme Court has ruled against the County on both lawsuits in favor of the PSC, you would think that the sell crowd would finally get the picture that Vero Beach is probably going to stay in the Electric business. The City spent millions of dollars to try to make a sale […]