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Chit ChatI just read that Florida Power & Light reported to the Florida Public Service Commission fuel hedging losses of $3.6 billion, ($3,600,000,000) between 2003 and 2013.

Assuming this is true, then I would like to know why, at a recent City Council meeting, Councilwoman Pilar Turner presented a resolution in which she accused Florida Municipal Power Agency leaders of engaging in “speculative practices and mismanagement.”

Of course they did, Pilar. They speculated in the same manor that everyone else in the industry was doing.

Did Councilwoman Turner mention that FPL also engaged in these same speculative practices at the same time that she was accusing FMPA of doing so? If she does not accuse FPL of the same practices then she is not serving the citizens of Vero Beach in an honest manner.

Speaking of honesty – I guess honesty does not pay. Shawn Frost got away with a lie regarding his residency when he ran for school board and apparently his dishonestly paid off because he was just named Vice Chair of the School Board.

Hey, what do you think of Charlie Searcy trying to get his paid position of about $32,000 per year as a School Board member down to a one day a month workday. Yep, he actually asked to reduce the two meetings a month down to one meeting a month. Just remember folks, with his win for the seat last year, he only has to serve one more year to get vested with the State of Florida and he will then get a retirement check for the rest of his life from the Florida retirement fund. If he finds two meetings a month too much work for that fat retirement check then maybe he will resign his position once he gets fully vested. He also declined when Frost nominated him for Chairman of the Board so it is beginning to look like he is only along for the ride. Hmmm. BTW, after he declined the Chair Dale Simchick was nominated and won the Chair position unanimously. Oh well, I guess it is a dirty job and someone has to do it.

Zorc the Dork did not get the same respect from his fellow Commissioners as did Shawn Frost when he was overlooked for Chair or Vice Chair of the Commission. Could it be because he was dishonest when he filed to run for office by saying he never had or never filed for a bankruptcy? Or, maybe the commissioners decided that because he recently filed for a personal bankruptcy he might not be worth of one of the Chairs?

Bob Solari was dubbed the new Chairperson and Commissioner Joe Fletcher is the new Vice Chair of the County commission. Hmmm.

And, let us not forget the biggest joke of the month was when Charlie Wilson said, “I don’t know when telling the truth became something bad, and deceiving the public became something good,” Wow, talk about calling the kettle black.

  1. Frosty's Watchdog says:


    This article is very enlightening on two fronts. The first being that Frost and his buddy Searcy, would have been named Chair and Vice Chair, but since Searcy does not want to do any work, that did not happen. Just imagine how disappointed Laura Zorc and her friends are about this. They put Searcy in there and they are getting exactly what they deserve.

    The second item is that of Mr. Zorc being completely dissed by his fellow commissioners. He is being out fund raised by a 2:1 margin by Joe Earman. Besides that fact , I don’t think his peers could stand having him represent them.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Wow Jim,

    I wonder how many elected officials helped to make Sebastain – Vero Beach one of the drunkest cities in Florida.