It’s All About Power

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millners officeI will tell you again, I am not privy to the postcards so I am getting my information about all of this a day late and a dollar short. Now, having said this, I will tell you that once I get the bug in my ear to do some cyber snooping I begin to get a handle on this – I think.

I am talking about the recent postcards that were sent out targeting Amelia Graves who is running for her second term on the Vero Beach City Council. After a lot of snooping I was able to begin to connect the dots and some of the dots led me to the Republican Party. Yep, partisan politics is getting so bad that it has become a sticking point in non-partisan races at the local level. You see, Amelia Graves is a Democrat running for office in a NON PARTISAN race in little old Vero Beach. And, for those who are not as informed as I am on this fact I will tell you that Democrats are definitely a minority in Indian River County. Can you see how this is beginning to shake down?

I am beginning to see that Strategic Image Management is the root of the tree that is being planted in order to keep only Republicans in power in Indian River County. I would guess that part of that whole mindset is that if Republicans can keep Republicans in power than it stands to reason that Republicans will stay in control of Republicans. Yep, it’s all about power and control. Maybe nothing more.

Now, don’t get your dander up against Republicans because of what I am saying because it is my honest opinion that the Democrats do the same thing if a Republican were to try to sneak into their territory in a Democrat stronghold area. That is probably what you will be witnessing on a large scale in the upcoming presidential elections.

As I said, through my snooping about the chairman of Strategic Image Management I was able to see that he has ties to a lot of high ranking Republican’s in Indian River County such as State Reps Deb Mayfield and Tom Goodson to name a few.

My guess is that David Millner, CEO of Strategic Image Management did not factor in the small town ability to keep a close alliance with a hometown candidate who seems to be well suited for serving the citizens in a town that she grew up in so I will say this to Millner, untie that boat and find another town to dock it in and leave Vero Beach Voters alone and….maybe you can take Harry Howle on the slow boat ride to China while you are at it.

BTW, the picture at the start of this article is a picture of Millner’s office. I guess it is parked in the Vero Beach Marina. Hmmm.

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Thank you, Bea. We Veroites received THREE more postcards today (Saturday before election day). Naturally, one says Winger and Graves let us down – they voted to raise ‘your’ taxes 17%. The one also mentioned a connection between these two wonderful CC members and Clinton and Obama. So, once again connects candidates to parties. We all know Harry Howle is a Republican. He himself told us that. I’m sure many of us Republicans are ashamed to have him connected with this party. Frankly, I don’t give a darn about Harry but I do care a lot about Vero Beach. That’s why I’m not voting for Harry or the others who are running against incumbents Winger and Graves.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Way to go Cathy. Thanks for putting in your comments. They are right on.

    Any way, someone should tell Harry Howle and his team that most everyone probably have already voted during early voting – if they still do early voting.

  3. Savannah,ga says:

    How on earth do they say that graves supported keeping the electric grid? When the city can’t sell it.oh bankrupt it,yes save taxpayer money buy defaulting.

  4. Cedric says:

    The question is where is Harry howle getting all this money to send out these expensive large postcard mailers. Why doesn’t Howle explain how he would lower taxes. He hasn’t yet because he has no plan. A serious look into his campaign finances should be undertaken. Where did the money come from for the mailers sent from Tampa??????

  5. Bea-isms says:

    It doesn’t matter where his money is coming from or how much money they throw at this race I still believe that he cannot win. I will be very surprised if he does….but Pilar won so maybe there are a lot of uninformed voters out there. Hopefully not enough for Howle to get a win.

    Remember all the out of state money thrown at Shawn Frost and that did realize a win against a long time incumbent. Oh well we will soon see the results.

  6. Woodburner says:

    Gotta throw this one out there..saw a Laura Moss sign on 27th Ave SOUTH of 4th St! Waaay outside of City limits.
    Harry Howle’s mailings are an insult to the intelligence! I agree with Bea, I just can’t see him winning a seat on our City’s Council. It sure does seem that the “Powers that wannabe” are putting all their eggs ($$$) in one basket by promoting this silliness and putting Howle in the spot light like that. Do they really think that blatant nonsense is going to be taken seriously – Even a “low information” voter with a brain should be able to reason that what is printed on those mailers are unobtainable goals. Further, personal attacks on Winger & Graves have more than irritated quite a few people…and THEY are talking. Pray for our City folks, Mr. Winger & Ms. Graves are as Bea said in an earlier article, the REAL DEAL.

  7. Cedric says:

    While riding north on Rte I, well outside city limits , I saw a man in a pickup truck putting a Moss sign in the right of way. What disturbs me though is the reports of the Howle campaign putting a sign on a homeowners property without the owners permission. I have also noticed many Winger and Graves signs disappear overnight.BTW the mailer from Tampa is a low class act of desparation

  8. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    We always remove any political signs on Halloween afternoon. Have put ours back up but haven’t put the one back in neighbor’s yard (permission was given to install it)–but will do so later this afternoon. Yes, noticed a few signs on right-of-way.

  9. jim says:

    Tracy Carroll had tons of signs in the county in the last election. How’d that work?