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Chit ChatExcerpt from a letter to the editor in Pee Pee Jay

“You are not going to get the quality of customer service you are accustomed to getting with the city utility. I have been having electrical issues with FP&L since mid-July, with low voltage that is damaging my equipment.
I have called FP&L no less than 10 times to no avail. I had to be the one to request that a recording voltage and amp meter be put on my meter when FP&L told me there was no problem.”
This is part of a letter to the editor telling you that FPL is not all that it is cracked up to be. Read the whole letter by clicking on this link.

Charlie Sullivan Update

The woman who claims 82 year old attorney Charlie Sullivan groped and molested her, and exposed himself to her in June wishes to remain unnamed and to be identified as Jane Doe was outed today with this headline on
Under Vero News Headline it says this: VERO BEACH — The woman who accused Vero Beach attorney … and when I clicked on the link I got a mug shot with the headline that said “husband of Gina Albrecht remains in jail for violating probation. So much for the Jane Doe name….IMO, this is just another Sullivan led attorney’s dirty trick to muddy her up to obfuscate the truth of his sexual harassment charge.

Vero Beach City Council Election

Now, let’s get back to the City of Vero Beach politics. Two seats open, five people running and my guess is that the incumbents, Mayor Richard Winger and Council person Amelia Graves will waltz into their seats and the Red Headed Hen will spend her last year in office all alone with her anti Vero Beach agenda. Laura Moss will have the albatross around her neck with the support of Charlie Wilson, Turner’s partner in crime, Harry Howle, will think he is “the man” for the job and we find out every time he takes to the mic that he is far from that person. Perennial candidate Brian Heady is looking more like the Unabomber than a reputable candidate.
Brian Heady way back when: Brian_Heady_thumb

Brian Heady now: brian-heady recent

LOL I wonder who in this field Pilar Turner would dare try to support in order for her to get a little support on the council. Hey lady, the pickings are not very good so you might as well get used to 4 -1 votes. Oh, BTW, is the Headless one going to apologize to Amelia Graves for his rude remarks about her absence while attending to very sad family matters with the passing of her cousin when he lost his battle with Cancer.

Bea-isms getting the Hack

Yes, everything that Michael Goodfellow had to say in his blurb about Hacking my site is true. We are prepared to go after whoever it is no matter what it takes…..FYI, Twice last week evidence was found of malicious code on this site.

  1. Cedric says:

    So out of town Charlie Wilson is supporting Laura Moss, too bad for Laura. Wilson has a destructive effect on most candidates including himself last year. When people hear his name they either laugh or shake their head in disbelief.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    I love transparency in campaigns. I just Googled Wesley Davis and read all about him getting in the race for the Property Appraiser and it was interesting. His daughter will be responsible for a lot of the PR etc and Scott Stradley-(Scotty Boy) will be his campaign treasurer and no mention of who is acting as his campaign manager. Someone needs to ask him that question point blank and see if he answers. Could it be Charlie Wilson?. Just asking. And, if it is, I would ask Davis this – Why are you hiding that fact. LOL

  3. Bea-isms says:

    I have since writing this heard that Pilar Turner has come out openly with her support of Harry Howle in the way of an endorsement for him. Poor Harry….I think the only way an endorsement from Pilar Turner would be effective would be if he were running for the Indian River Shores Council. Just saying.

    I have not, as yet, heard any thing formal coming out of Captain Kanagroo’s mouth in support of Laura Moss but…we all know he wants’ desperately for the television audience to think he has a role to play in City Politics so I look for his support of Laura Moss to escalate as time goes on.

    So, as these two things are taking place – Wilsons support for Laura Moss and Turners endorsement for Howle, I would say it very well might be the kiss of death for these two candidates.

  4. Savannah says:

    Now the pj is pushing for deregulation whereby assuming that if given a choice most in vero would choose fpl over vero. I think that isn’t going to be alot as some like the service over fpl’S service and response don’t talk to any person during a power will pull teeth to get any survey.I have been there with fpl.

  5. Cedric says:

    The Poor Journal is in character in their daily attempt to crush Vero Electric. They and the candidates they have supported in the past refuse to tell us how Vero Electric will exit existing contracts without paying MILLIONS OF dollars in penalties.