FPL offers to buy Shores part of electric system

ear to the groundSince I keep my ear to the ground I thought I would just send you this that I copied off of the most recent Dr. Faherty mass produced e-mail that he sends out on a regular basis.

He says in this e-mail: “Vero should like FPL offer to buy Shores part of electric system”

1. FPL offers to file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a partial sale as it did before for the full sale which FERC approved. Councilmember Kramer’s objected to the full sale then and has supported a partial sale for a long time so he should have no problem supporting the FPL proposal!

The nerve of him suggesting that Jay Kramer should have no objection to this partial sale that was recently floated around from Amy Brunjes and the rest of the FPL gang. Of course Jay may have an objection to this partial sale if…now hear me out….if the partial sale being offered by FPL is not going to be a good deal for the City. In other words, maybe the City of Vero Beach wants to sell off part of their utility however, is $13 Million what it is worth. I have heard that what the Shores will pay is much less than what that portion of the utility is worth so…..Let’s not be so quick to bash Jay Kramer if he wants to wait and see what the real figures are before he rushes into this so called “partial” sale.

BTW, that was pretty clever of Dr. Faherty to think he could bait Jay Kramer in that way to agree to a sale at the first price offered. If you had a house for sale and your appraisal came out to $500,000 would you be considered a fool if you turned down a $200,000 offer. Come on Doc…..Jay is too smart to fall for that nonsense.

This is another thing I cut and pasted off the Faherty e-mail:
City should not jump into a replacement OUC contract – More caution needs to be exercised!

With regards to that statement on the Doc’s e-mail I would ask you this. Since when does the City of Vero Beach elected officials take their marching orders from this guy? The Doc must think he is still talking to the *troika, who in the not so distant past, took their marching orders from the Doc and his friend, the Red Herring aka, Glenn Heran. Hey Doc, two of your puppets are gone and hopefully cooler heads shall prevail and they will be smart enough to make sure that if they sell off part of the utility to the Shores that they will get the right amount of money or….no deal.

Time will tell where this so called “partial sale” will go and if it goes nowhere it will not be Jay Kramer’s fault. The fault will have to lie with FPL for not wanting to pay what the Shore customers are worth. Just saying.

*The troika consisted of Tracy Carroll, Craig Fletcher and Pilar Turner. When the three of them were in power together they would vote to give the City’s Electric Utility away to FPL at no profit if that is what FPL wanted. I know that is an exaggeration however that is the way it seemed back then. Since they no longer hold power on the Vero Beach City Council and since cooler heads prevail I don’t look for any kind of a “partial” deal to happen unless there is a decent profit for the City in it. Just remember this FPL….profit is not a dirty word.

  1. Cedric says:

    So Feherty produced another of his sad FEHERTY’S FOLLIES. So what, no body with a 4th grade education in math would believe anything he says. Same for the fish.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Yes, it is getting tiring to read his crap and I agree with you when you say that nobody believes much of what he is saying however it is noted that he and the fish are still gunning for Kramer. Oh well.

    Who in their right mind would fault the City for renegotiating their contract with OUC for lower rates? Only that crowd would deny the City of this process.

  3. Cedric says:

    Even if Vero electric was cheaper than FPL certain people would still push for the sale. Could campaign cash have anything to do with it? The Feherty Follies is a waste of time and has proven to be wrong so many times it is a joke. Same for the fish.

  4. Cedric says:

    I just finished reading insidevero.com which contained an article forcasting a $5.8 million in 2015 losses for FPL customers. I am glad the city is not part of FPL and need not have to pay to make up these huge losses. I would like Feherty’s Follies to report this, but he will not. It does not fit with his game plan and the giveaway of Vero Electric.

  5. jim says:

    Although anyone who has a memory understands that if Hurricane Erika hits our area, there will be many more FPL customers without power, and for much longer, than those on Vero Beach electric.

    For those Vero electric customers that are affected, I suggest this order of priority to bringing power back.

    1.) Customers in the city.
    2.) Customers on the mainland, other than city.
    3.) Really long lunch break.
    4.) South barrier island.
    5.) Others, assuming they have not filed a lawsuit to make you hurry.

    Even then, there will still be many FPL customers still waiting to talk to an operator in Miami that does not understand English.

  6. Bea-isms says:


    I don’t wish a hurricane on anyone, especially Vero Beach however, if it were to happen I love your priority list.