Time For a Little Chit Chat

Chit ChatIt’s time for a little Chit Chat because a lot is happening in bits and pieces and some of this will take time to sort out.

The Lagoon

One bit of Chit Chat that has begun to sort itself out is the fact that the Cities of Vero Beach, Sebastian and Fellsmere have been allowed to opt in to the Lagoon Council with a shared investment of $50,ooo in order to participate in this multi county effort to save the Lagoon. And, as you may remember, the reason the Cities have teamed up in this effort is because the County voted 5-0 to stay out of the business of saving the Lagoon.

And of course, Commissioner Bob Solari led the pack in his efforts to keep Indian River County from joining this Lagoon Council. I guess he was able to twist minds of his fellow mindless Commissioners by telling them that the reason he did not wish to join the Lagoon Council was because there were going to be two groups on the Council who were not elected officials. What a flimsy excuse that was but…the Salami prevailed and Indian River County would have been unrepresented had it not been for Vero Beach, Fellsmere and Sebastain being able to join in.

BTW, Indian River Shores lined up with our mindless Commissioners instead of the Cities as they decided not to participate with the other Cities in belonging to the Lagoon Council. I guess they decided to save themselves $1,200.00 that would be needed to join the Lagoon Council with the other cities in order to spend their taxpayer’s money on frivolous law suits. Just saying.

Does this bullish and boorish stand on the Lagoon Council mean a leg up for Vice Mayor Jay Kramer as he goes all in with his efforts to knock Commissioner Solari out of his seat on the Commission? Time will tell.

OOPS, I just remembered, Zorc is running his own Lagoonie Council so that all the money raised and effort that is accomplished in that area stays out of the sunshine. In other words, it’s none of the taxpayers business. Way to go Zorc.

Of course, Zorc will say he had second thoughts and he tried to get a change of votes at a recent Commission meeting regarding the Lagoon Council but most of us know that was just a “re-election” ploy because he knew how to count votes and he knew his fellow Commissioners would not change their stance on this. But, of course, during the campaign cycle Zorc will remind everyone that he had this change of heart. LOL Will this help Zorc to retain his seat on the Commission? Time will tell.

Short Term Rentals

It’s beginning to sound like the County Commissioner’s are getting cornered by their constituents about their laissez faire attitude about short term rentals.

The best example of this is the following scenario.
A person does a short term rental on the beach and the renters plan on having a beach wedding in this residence. It’s actually going to be a small wedding of close friends and family but small by their standards amounts to, let’s say, about 100 guests. Now, can you picture this – the big tent goes up in the backyard, the caterers come in and set things up and then the guests start arriving. Wait a minute, there is no parking lot for the guests so about fifty or sixty cars are crawling all over the place, on neighbors yards, blocking driveways and blocking regular street traffic. And, of course we all can imagine the noise that is taking place from the band that was hired for the wedding and the loud drunken voices from some of the guests.

Now, this all took place the day of the wedding but let us not forget the re-hearsal dinner the night before and the Sunday brunch to top off the busy wedding weekend.

Let us also not forget the fact that our local hotels, who are in the business of doing these kinds of events, were cut out because of this short term rental. So, we know that our County Commissioners are in favor of short term rentals and they will continue to make noises about trying to control and monitor them but we all know how that goes.

In fact, I heard that problems surrounding short term rentals in the Moorings have put a lot of folks in that Homeowners Association on the outs with their beloved Commissioner Bob Solari. Does this mean that Jay Kramer can win over the Moorings crowd in his bid to unseat Commissioner Solari? Time will tell.

City Council Meeting

Did you watch the Vero Beach City Council meeting and or read their agenda. I thought this was interesting as an insert at the beginning of the written agenda:
“Manner of addressing council; time limit. Each person recognized by the presiding officer and granted leave to address the council shall: step up to the microphone and state his or her name and address for the record. On specific agenda matters, speakers shall confine their remarks to the subject of the agenda matter then under discussion by the council. Unless further time is granted by majority vote of the council, members of the public shall limit their address to three (3) minutes during the public comment section of the meeting. All remarks shall be addressed to the council as a body and not to any individual member thereof, nor to members of the audience. No person, other than the council and the person having the floor, shall be permitted to enter into any discussion, either directly or through a member of the council, without the permission of the presiding officer. No question shall be asked a councilmember except through the presiding officer. The presiding officer may limit immaterial, unnecessary, or redundant comments, presentations, or requests. Once a motion is made by a councilmember, no person from the audience shall address the council.”

I am sure this was inserted into the agenda because of a few who have abused their privilege to address this council in a timely manner. From my experiences with Toastmasters International, I can tell you that most of what anyone has to say can be said in a three minute time period. I think it was a necessary move on the part of the City Council based on the stream of gadflies who love to go to the mic and hear themselves rattle on.

Oh, another thing. If you watched the June 2 City Council meeting you might have perked up a bit at the end when the Red Hen cackled a bit at Randy Old for saying he was friends with FMPA. In fact, she was disturbed by this fact she construed his comment as though he was BFF with FMPA. He was taken aback by her accusations and tried in a very brief moment to explain that he is cooperative with them as our representative and that he does not remember saying he was “friends” with them. He tried to explain in a very brief moment that in order to work with them he has considered them friends. My guess is that he has chosen not be adversarial with them as she was during her reign as the City’s representative to the FMPA. I guess she is upset because it is becoming apparent that she is upset with him because he is actually getting along with them. From all that we know, it is always easier to get what you desire with sugar, not vinegar. The Redheaded Hen should have learned this lesson by now.

Downtown Vero Beach

I heard the Downtown Friday event made about three times the money in three hours that the Hibiscus Festival made in two days. The Hibiscus Festival needs to get back in the hands of “real” event planners so that it can be a fun event and a money maker for the Main Street organization. Or, if that is not possible – then they should just give it up. The Gallery Stroll continues to be a success and it just warms my heart to know that Downtown Vero Beach is alive and well.

All Aboard Florida

Apparently the All Aboard Florida ridership and revenue study is pure hogwash. They will say and do anything to get their no interest government loans in order to get their beloved high speed passenger trains to devastate Indian River County and a few other Counties in the process. This study is 154 pages of pure fantasy from what I have heard. It is pure fodder for the legal fight that AAF will have with Indian River and Martin counties.

There is no way that this train will get 14,657 passengers per day by the year 2020 on AAF’s 32 daily trains. That would be 458 passengers per train. So, if they are saying this to get their loan and it does not happen by year 2020 guess what will happen. These passenger trains will be converted to freight trains. This whole issue will turn out to be a disaster that is for sure.

  1. savannah,ga says:

    out what a web of deciept..

  2. savannah,ga says:

    lol, oh what a web we weave.

  3. Cedric says:

    Once again Bea you hit the nail on the head with your comments. I liked the “lagoonie” word you used to describe Mr Z’s group. Mr Solari’s ill conceived ideas should give Jay Kramer some traction. The red hen is a jealous person who should stick to the facts. She was, after all, a failure as our FMPA rep. She was not very lady like with her remarks.

  4. jim says:

    While I was briefly impressed with how quickly the City moved on the suggestion that Code Enforcement be moved back to the Police Department, I soon realized that there was an ulterior motive. My concern was that there was no incentive for Code violators to get in line regarding short term rentals and residential issues, while the Police Department apparently has decided to use their authority to return to the policy of harassing those who use skateboards and bicycles for transportation. The world has changed since the Skateboard ordinance. While I am as opposed to anyone causing damage to anything, I am against those trying to get from one place to another efficiently having to be treated like criminals.
    Let’s take a look at our outdated codes and fix them.

  5. Bea-isms says:

    I agree Jim. Nothing wrong with using a skate board, a scooter, roller blades or bicycle as a means of getting around town. Actually, it makes the town look alive to see this kind of activity so…..yes, get rid of the skateboard laws and get much more aggressive about short term rentals.

    I think every time a short term rental is questioned the owner of the property needs to provide the police or code enforcement or both with all the documentation to prove the licencing is in place.

  6. jim says:

    I was told by a realtor this week, when I asked their opinion on short-term rentals, that the entire ordinance may be reversed.
    What a crock. If you want to get at the core of the problem, that’s where you start. The Realtors. Still in denial.

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, Are you saying that they will reverse the ordinance so that short term rentals will be allowed?

    And, if the Realtors think it will be reversed who, pray tell, will do the reversing?

    Are you talking City or County? Just asking.

  8. jim says:

    We were talking about the City, and we all know that reversing the ban will not happen. So why don’t realtors just say to people “There is a restriction on renting a home in a residential neighborhood for less than 30 days”?

  9. jim says:

    How many homeowners who do short term rentals took advantage(?) of the 90 day moratorium on fines by declaring their participation in this illegal activity.

    Is that public record? Is the 90 days up yet? Has the City fined anyone yet? Will they? what happened to the task force?

  10. Bea-isms says:

    Issues come and go but mostly issues stay and that is because no one follows up and sticks with the watch dogging aspects of any one issue.

    You make good points like is the 90 days over yet.

    That reminds me of the time 20 years ago when I got approval from the City Council for the Downtown Friday event to take place.

    I sold them on the fact that it was to be an event to make money for improvements in the Downtown and for awareness to the Downtown. It was approved with the caveat that the elected officials (City Council) would do an audit of the Downtown Association on a regular basis and to this very day…twenty years later that audit never took place.

    The late Warren Winchester, who was on the Council at that time was the only elected official who tried to do follow up and no other elected official wanted to bother.

    I see the same thing happening all over again with this short term rental issue. Same old, same old.

  11. Bea-isms says:

    The fertilizer issue is another good example of elected officials pounding their chest and doing nothing.

  12. savannah,ga says:

    they did fine Charles fritz

  13. jim says:

    Have they collected it??

  14. savannah,ga says:

    he was fined in court 500 bucks. the article on insidevero.

  15. jim says:

    Being fined and paying a fine are two different things in this city.