Did You Know?

Chit ChatDid you know that short term rentals are an increasing problem in the unincorporated areas of the County? They are permitted and they are very loosely regulated. If you are bothered by this and you know of this kind of activity why don’t you find out if that person is licensed by the State to do this kind of business and if you find out that they are not licensed….report them. Just saying.

Did you know that there is a ban on fertilizing your lawns from June 1 – Sept. 30? This ordinance was passed to help reduce nitrogen and phosphorus contamination of the Indian River Lagoon. I believe this law is nothing more than a feel good law passed by all of our elected officials that probably has little or no teeth to it. I say, drainage from the septic systems might possibly be the biggest culprit with regards to the cleanliness of the lagoon. But, having said all of this, I am surprised that there is NO outcry by the public regarding the County Commissioners voting to NOT be a part of the Lagoon Council with the other counties. Just saying

Did you know that the AAF (All Aboard Florida), the high speed passenger train that will be speeding through Indian River County is busy putting a finance package together to make this venture happen – sooner rather than later? Just saying.

Did you know that Glenn Heran (the Red Herring) and Dr. Feherty, better known in some circles as the Faherenty’s, have been at it for some 8 years working to help FPL wrest the City’s electric enterprise fund out of the City’s hands in order for FPL to become a monopoly in the entire county? I wonder how much money these two have earned as lobbyists for FPL. Did you ever notice that when things become quiet on the electric sale issue in the city the Faherenty dynamic duo always goes back to their old playbook of saying, “We need some new City Council members” Just saying.

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    You said a mouthful! Yes, on all counts, but being able to do anything about any of it is another story. We’ve been noticing that FPL continues to put their advertising dollars in TV, radio (including Public Radio), and newspapers. Along with lobbyists on their payroll, FPL is spending a lot of money just on name recognition. We have a number of laws that are hard to enforce–besides fertilizer ordinance. Even speed limits and use of cell phones while driving are broken nearly all the time. Thanks for reminders of what is.