State House of Representatives Walk Off Job Early

What if you had a pile of dirty dishes in the sink and all over the kitchen that had to be washed and put away and you started to wash them and wash them and wash them with no end in sight. You worked on cleaning up the mess for a long time and had […]


Shores Shoves Vero in Right Direction

If the edict by the Shores to get the rates down gets accomplished, then everyone will be a winner but it is too bad that the threat of a lawsuit by the Shores and the County still looms during the process. So, we gave up our gas rights to OUC in the original “sale” of […]


Hey, Jim, can we talk?

So, FPL grabs a few minutes of City Manager Jim O’Connor’s time and that seems to be news for the Zee lady reporter. Apparently FPL wanted to know if there has been any progress on the “sale” and he answered that no headway has been made in getting out of FMPA contracts. I guess that […]


District 54

Deb Mayfield will be on her way to bigger and better things before she ever accomplishes one single thing she has set out to accomplish as the District 54 State Representative. She gets votes by making you believe she will fight for you regarding cheaper electric bills and by making noises about regulating the big […]


Say No to Hillary and Jeb

What a difference a day makes. On Sunday, Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy and to show the world what a regular guy (oops I mean gal) she is she goes into a Chipotle restaurant with Sunglasses on and keeps herself buried in her blackberry. The very next day, Marco Rubio came out with his announcement […]


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