Should There Be A Recall Vote Against Turner?

dscn0846Do you wonder why Pilar Turner voted no to lower electric rates?

Even the Finance and Utilities Commission voted unanimously to approve the revised OUC contract so that the City can purchase wholesale power at a lower rate.

Well, It seems as though Pilar Turner is still in the sell to FPL mode and she will fight tooth and nail to keep the city’s electric rates as high as possible in order for a sale to FPL still appear to be appealing.

Seems like if you have a City Council member who always votes against things that will help the city and it seems as though that same council person is in favor of the City being sued – well, perhaps a recall is in order.

I am not kidding about this. I tried to warn folks NOT to vote for her and apparently not enough citizens of Vero Beach were paying close attention. Wait a minute. They were paying close attention and their attention lies in their doing away with the City of Vero Beach altogether and it seems as though Turner is the last elected official on the Council who still favors that. But, this group of Islanders (32963 zip coders) still seem to favor a separation of Vero Beach into Vero Beach and W. Vero as is the case in Palm Beach. There it’s called Palm Beach and West Palm Beach…..The have’s and the have not’s is the way they would like to see it. Seems like anything West of the Lagoon is considered to be on the wrong side of the tracks.

I think Turner is just biding time until she can find two more votes in the next City Council election. So glad I moved away. Things are going to get ugly soon as evidenced by the Commissioner Salami rant against Vice Mayor Jay Kramer and this resent NO VOTE from Turner.

  1. Cedric says:

    Pilar Turner should be recalled for her vote against the OUC deal which will lower the electric rates for all Vero Electric customers. How anyone can vote against lowering our electric bills is almost impossible to understand. She and her “friends” have already cost us millions of dollars in their failed attempt to sell Vero Electric .It is clear she wants to keep electric bills high so people will once more follow the FPL sale down the road to nowhere. Yes show her the door,now It costs too much money to have her on the city council.

  2. Terry says:

    I don’t live in COVB but I do watch City Council meetings on video. Personally I think it is better to have Pilar where it was fun to watch her drama queen eye rolling and seethe as Olds politely but adamantly disagreed with her. It was obvious she didn’t expect that of him. She was emoting for someone in the audience. Was it the zip code “reporter”? How long do you think she can take being the minority? Leave her there and let her squirm. Besides, the time for her to have been recalled was when she took the side of IRS and had to be put in her place by staff.

  3. Cedric says:

    There are many reasons to recall the Red Hen as has been mentioned, but it might be fun to watch her on TV. I do think it might be a good idea if the city instituted a new winter event which could be a good way to bring joy to many. I would call it the RED HEN EYE ROLLING CONTEST. The object is to see who could do the most eye rolls in ,lets say, one minute. The winner would receive the RED HEN TROPHY. If someone won the event 3 years in a row ,the trophy would be retired and a picture, eyes rolled ,of course, could be hung in the Wilson CC forever. LOL

  4. jim says:

    I have not watched the meeting yet, but understand that Pilar Turner voted No because she felt she did not have enough information to make an informed decision.
    Perhaps we should take a look at the decisions she did vote on and ponder how much information she had before she voted. For example, the decision to pay 4 million dollars in cash to refurbish Unit 4, thus keeping rates high. Anyone else have one.

  5. Cedric says:

    Looking back at the Red Hen we see that she voted “no” to go to court on the Tracy Carroll case. She wanted electric customers to pay $26,000,000 to get out of electric contracts. Wiser people said “no”. Sometimes she votes “yes” like when she tried to sell the well run water& sewer system and our cemetery. Once in a while she tries to have it both ways; she voted “no” on the beautiful dog park and “yes” to get rid of the animal control officer. So you see she can roll her eyes both to the left and the right as the need arises. Stay tuned there is plenty more.

  6. jim says:

    Is anyone else having a problem viewing the city council meeting online? I would love to watch it but I am getting the Planning and Zoning meeting.

  7. Terry says:

    At the COVB homepage I clicked on YouTube and if I remember correctly, there were several types of meetings and an arrow to see others. The Council meeting was after the right arrow. When that opened there was a list and the most recent meeting was at the bottom.

  8. Kilroy says:

    To watch the current City Council replay click on the menu at the top right where it reads “this week’s replay” on the website.{2A3E24FF-90A6-42BE-9E70-608EA2B7DA93}&Type=B_BASIC&persistdesign=none

  9. jim says:

    Thanks, I’ll watch it tonight. Lets keep those Pilar memories coming.

    On another note, the Surf Motel, which has had many other names, is being demolished in favor of multi-million dollar townhouses. Keeping Vero Vero. Had Solari, Turner, Mayfield etc. been anywhere near successful in doing away with the City, we would be seeing a high rise condominium instead. Lets keep fighting the good fight. The property to watch is just to the north next to the 7-11. The owners have been supporters of this bunch for a long while and are probably expecting some favors in return.
    Do some research, follow the money.

  10. Cedric says:

    The Salami, Red Hen and Dearest Debbie Do Nothing must be watched very closely all day every day. Keep Vero Vero and get them out of public office ASAP

  11. savannah, ga says:

    Are you talking about where Charlie Browns used to be? if its the other 7-11 there is some empty lots there on the west side of A1A. with all the building they seem to want there. why hasn’t they done any traffic study and forced Indian River Shores to have Fred Tuerk drive a full fledged light? Far less traffic is using the John’s Island Dr light.

  12. SilentM says:

    Maybe her motives still lie with getting that power plant upended into a shopping mall so she doesn’t have to look at it from her posh hen house across the pond.

    9 years is too long for someone that old to wait it out, although they may be able to decommission the plant sooner than that under the new pending agreement.