Salami and other good things to chew on…

sausage with forksSo, Solari knocks Jay Kramer every chance he can – he is in favor of keeping the door open for the Oslo Boat ramp to happen, and he is now known to be the lead commissioner to show little or no concern for the well-being of the Lagoon. Makes me wonder if he is not trying to do a number on Jay Kramer so that he may sneak into the same race for the State Rep. seat being vacated by Debbie Mayfield. BTW, our bloggers like to call him Salami and we all know what a salami is…it is a stuffed sausage. LOL

Zorc shows no concern for the Lagoon when he voted to agree with Solari NOT to join the other counties in their effort to save the Lagoon with the Lagoon Council. His concern is to pursue the Lagoon issues with his shadow group, the Indian River Lagoon Coalition in order to stay out the Sunshine.

Very much in the manner of the Tim Zorc effort to save the Lagoon with his PRIVATE group, Shawn Frost, the illegitimate school board member, followed in Zorc’s footsteps by helping to start up a new organization to compete with the Florida School Board Association. Wait a minute, wasn’t Karen Disney-Brombach named president of the Florida School Board Association and was backed out of the position because Shawn Frost beat her up in the election? Hmmm. So, outside money gets Frost illegitimately elected and he then satisfies his financial backers by backstabbing the Florida School Board Association by forming another organization. Hmmm.

BTW, I heard that the state is still looking into the issue of his illegitimate residency issue while running for office. Even if that does not pan out and get him out of office, I still want to remind you all that the fact that he claimed his district 3 residency as a homestead exemption while claiming to live in district 1 to run for school board – well, that could be a felony. Where is David Nolte’s office on this issue? Just saying.

Back to the Salami. Our windbag commissioner seems to be the main man who is able to lead all the commissioners down his narrow minded path to Liberty. We just haven’t decided yet what his real definition of Liberty is.

Looks like the town of Indian River Shores wants to continue to pursue the lawsuit against the City of Vero Beach because they recently elected two members who want to press on with the lawsuit. Linda Bolton never stood a chance against these guys because she was running for office to encourage compromise and would have tried to keep the town out of the courts. So much for sensibility in government. Too bad for the county when they failed to elect Bolton. She might have been able to mend a few fences.

  1. Cedric says:

    Bea, You are correct in your thoughts on Salami. He is one huge windbag. With his 19th century thinking and crude language, he is a terrible commissioner and a nasty person. Looking at his recent political record we can see just how bad a commissioner he really is. His most recent action is to refuse to help clean the Indian River. Unbelievable! Salami was in favor of All Aboard Florida trains in the beginning despite the fact he knew they were not stopping any where in Indian River County. Much later he changed his position when groups formed to stand up against these 110 mph trains. He bends with the prevailing political winds. Then ,of course, we have another Salami DOUBLE CROSS which deals with the Oslo boat ramp. Vote to delay the project and silently keep the permit process going. He can never be trusted !!!!

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Cedric, when the Salami starts to challenge Jay’s loyalty to the Republican party that is where I draw the line on his BS. Jay does more for the REC in one day than Bob Solari does in one year. Salami’s loyalty seems to lie a bit much with the Tea Party rather than the Republican party.

    I think I would not waste my time listening to the Steve Meyers show any longer because he allowed the “stuffed sausage” to do the Jay bashing on and on. I would have cut him off if I were hosting that kind of a guest.

  3. Cedric says:

    Steve is a pawn of Salami and should do a better job when he has a joker like Salami on his program. Steve can’t tell fact from propaganda ,so maybe he should broadcast at 12 midnight when we are all sleeping. Wake up Steve.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    I think you all might be interested in listening to Steve Meyer’s show from 3/7/15 from about 5:40 time to 11:30 frame
    Bob Solari was ruthless to Jay Kramer…

    I have supplied you with the link.