Kumbaya at the School Board

kumbayaThe School Board was very decisive when they voted to bring Mark Rendell on as their new Superintendent. You have to give them credit for that.

So, the former Editor, downgraded to Editorial page Editor and further downgraded to Community reporter, Local Larry, gets it wrong on all counts. Apparently he picked Green (our local guy) and Christiansen as his two choices at the recommendation of his boy Searcy. Perhaps Local Larry should not be quoting Searcy all the time if he wants to get it right. Just saying.

But it still does not make it right that one of the members who voted, Shawn Frost, got his seat on the school board in a dishonest fashion. The campaign laws for candidates running for School Board clearly state that a candidate must live in the district that they are running for at the time he/she declares themselves a candidate. In other words, when you are sworn in as a candidate and Leslie Swan asks you if you have read and understand the state laws do you swear to be telling the truth. Surely, Shawn Frost knew that he did not live in District 1 when he was sworn in. In fact, he claimed his home in District 3 on his Homestead exemption and one or the other law was broken. Hmmm.

I do not believe it is a very good example for the children of the district to have a person serving on the school board who got there by not telling the truth, the whole truth, so help me G-d. And, from what I am hearing, the residency fraud issue with Shawn Frost is still being investigated in Tallahassee. We shall wait and see.

Not much else happening around town. The County filed an appeal with the PSC and another mediation session with the Shores on the 1st of May and City Electric Attorney Schef Wright is busy working with the OUC to bring about a good deal for the City on wholesale rates. Hey, it’s all a wait and see game right now and it looks as if the City is finally in the driver’s seat in spite of the Red Hen.

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Fibbing is generally discouraged–especially by folks who insist on including prayer before their meetings. The prayer really does NOT vindicate anyone who knowingly (wink-wink) gives false information in order to qualify for ANYTHING. Can you imagine a graduating student who managed a C+ average putting down on college app that he had a B+ average? Of course, the college probably would not take his word for it and require documentation. But, what the heck……worth a try…..adults do it…..

  2. Terry says:

    Bea, I just wonder how much of that outside money in support of Frost went to offices willing to accept a wink and a nod about residency requirements. Surely County Commissioners and other school board members knew where Frost was residing and in which district his children went to school. How far up the line did the outside money go? As far as I’m concerned, those who were aware of the lie and kept quiet about it have hands as dirty as Frost. As for Lyin’ Larry, it seems he is in a nose-growing competition with the Roo. FPL does have power (pun intended).