Bob Solari on the Steve Meyer show.


I have provided you with the Steve Meyer Show so that you all can listen to the Salami himself bash Jay Kramer. If I were the host of the show I would have silenced his mic. Methinks the “stuffed sausage” went too far with his hatred for Jay Kramer.

Listen for yourself and think it through for yourself.

After listening to the Salami rant on the Steve Meyer’s show again and reading some of the blogs I decided to add more to this article….more about this so called conservative elected official who is so far out of touch with the real world that he cannot see the forest thru the trees.

After looking at a few other rants of his I have come to the conclusion that he is quick to criticize others while not looking in the mirror.

He rants and raves at Jay Kramer for voting alongside of Amelia graves on an issue and because of that he has decided that makes Jay a Liberal. This guy is whacky if that is the way he thinks.

Let’s talk about the issue in question. There was a discussion to get the city out of their defined benefit plan and Jay Kramer and Amelia Graves simply wanted to modify the plan – not abandon it altogether. So, because Kramer voted to modify the plan – in other words, not leave everyone out in the cold the Salami says that makes him a Democrat. Get a life Mr. Salami.

BTW, while the Salami rants that the City of Vero Beach should get its employees out of their defined benefit plan is he ready to do the same for the county employees? I don’t hear him discussing this at the dais as a County Commissioner. I thought what was good for the goose is good for the gander.

This bad mouthing of Jay and the City of Vero Beach by this “stuffed sausage” seems like just another step to do away with the City altogether as the Salami and his Tea Party friends wish to do.

As known to most of us, Salami aligns himself with the Tea Party and the Taxpayers Association and both of those entities are out to destroy the City of Vero Beach. The Taxpayers Association has made it known that the City should get their employees out of their defined benefit plan but…..they never mention that the County should do the same. Hmmm.

I think it is time to get rid of Solari the next time he runs for any office and be careful not to ever elect his protégé who now holds office in the City – Pilar Turner. In fact, it would be my wish that Jay Kramer would drop out of the State Rep race and give Solari or Turner a run for their money in the next County Commission race so that neither Solari nor Turner would be crowned king or queen of the Commission.

Speaking about running for office. If a County Commissioner gets elected to a second term they will qualify themselves to get a pension from the Florida Retirement Fund for the rest of their lives. Since they get a three percent raise every year that they hold office their pension is based on their highest salary and near as I can calculate Solari will qualify for something in the range of $24,000.00 a year for the rest of his life. You don’t see him getting rid of any of his benefits, do you? Oh well, just saying.

So, between the Lagoon neglect and the Oslo boat ramp and this latest rant against Jay Kramer, this elected official gets more disgusting by the minute.

  1. Terry says:

    Bea, thanks for posting the broadcast. I hope there will be a discussion at the County Commission about his despicable comment but I doubt there will be. By the way, did you notice how Solari stumbled about the office he holds? Steve Meyer sounded to me as if he was giggling at times, like a teenage girl, and was ill-suited for that type of program unless he was having an off day.

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  3. Cedric says:

    Listened to the Steve Meyer’s show last night. Salami showed his vicious nature to the public.He should keep talking like that so we can vote him out of office when he runs again. Here is the big difference between Salami and Jay Kramer–Kramer is a gentleman and Salami is a nasty, vulgar person who will do and say anything . What a poor example he is as our commissioner. What Salami needs is a lesson in manners, but maybe its too late.

  4. Curtis Carpenter says:

    So, the State Committeeman of the Republican Party in Indian River County should register as a Democrat?

  5. Bea-isms says:

    Hey Curtis, that shows you how out of touch with the real world Bob Solari is. He should go back to burying his head in his Greek philosophy.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    BTW, go back and re-read this post….I added quite a bit more regarding the “stuffed sausage”

  7. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Jay Kramer, along with others in our community, has shown his support for Compassion Vero. Apparently Mr. Solari sees this group as a ‘white flag’ organization….as opposed to Mr. Solari’s ‘hardline’ approach to everything – not joining with other counties in their efforts to save the lagoon. Also, keeping control and working below the radar for the Oslo Boat Ramp….among other things. Solari’s hard-nose approach makes John Wayne look like a cub scout. Being kinder and more compassionate to one another – speaking in kinder terms to even the least of us – I think I’m understanding. That Mr. Solari has spoken so harshly of a thinking man who speaks softly and uses his head, is most unfortunate. It is hoped his heart will soften but if it doesn’t, perhaps we should all band together, bombarding him with loving thoughts. Who knows? It might work.

  8. Terry says:

    I did re-read your post Bea and I disagree with you about Jay Kramer running for County Commission. He needed to run for City Council, be nominated for mayor, and give his reasons for supporting Winger’s preference to finish things he had started. Jay demonstrated statesmanship, an admirable but very rare quality…especially in Indian River County.
    As you know Bea, it takes courage to run for political office and also requires the backing of a political party. After the shenanigans in the recent election, I’m not so sure the local Republicans will back him but if they don’t, it will say more about them than it will about him.
    Oh, I gritted my teeth and listened to the rest of the broadcast. Steve Meyer is supposedly Irish yet thought the famine was in the 1880s and supposedly that had something to do with affordable housing. He then went into a long boring monologue about voting trends as he listed dozens of states and how they voted. He droned on and on and I wondered if Solari walked out or fell asleep. If I hadn’t been grooming my dog, I would have. What an egotistical ignoramus!

  9. Bea-isms says:

    I agree with you about the Steve Meyers show. I have tried to listen to it on several occasions and could not bring myself to listen to much more than five minutes before turning it off. He giggles through every sentence and I am not sure if he is laughing at himself or if it is just a nervous laugh. And, you would have to be a real simpleton to latch on to what he is saying.

    I agree with you about Kramer running for City Council and you are right about him being needed there but he can stay there for about the next two years while contemplating a run for any other position whether it be State rep or County Commission.

    And, I agree with you, he is far too good of a person to rely on the REC to support him and evidence of that was when they allowed the three goons, Stradley, Weick and Stump to bad mouth Jay with a flyer during the election and then the Republican party did nothing to reprimand these guys. Jay Kramer gives a lot of his life to the party and they do not appreciate or stick up for him. But, that is his problem to figure out.

  10. Cedric says:

    I don’t listen to Steve Meyer often, but when I do I usually fall asleep. He must have fallen asleep himself when he let the “stuffed sausage” ,windbag, attack one of Vero’s nicest people. You can tell not many believe “the sausage” since Jay Kramer was Vero’s top vote getter in our last city election.

  11. Terry says:

    Mark Schumann acknowledged Bea and this blog when he re-posted the audio above. To set the record straight…it wasn’t that I doubted Solari would say such a vile thing about Kramer. It was that ANY American would say that about ANYBODY!

    Anyway, there was a comment to Mark’s post that confused me (easy to do!) and had me googling “Bob Wilson”. As my second cup of coffee this morning took effect I finally understood the comment. Did you read it Bea?

  12. Bea-isms says:

    I read it. Not much sense in it. Sounds like the writer is trying to be cute about co mingling Charlie Wilson and Bob Solari.

  13. Mark Schumann says:

    I think the commenter’s point is that both Wilson and Solari are little more than political hacks.

  14. Terry says:

    That was my interpretation, too, after coffee activated my brain cells.

  15. Bea-isms says:

    Yes, one’s a real political hack with no class and one’s an elected political hack who thinks he has class.

  16. jim says:

    Solari has no use for the Lagoon group, yet went to the meeting. Why, so he could make the “pull over and puke” statement. Maybe he was drinking before, or during the meeting. I can’t imagine anything that was said that was that offensive, unless an opinion of our county commission was offered.

    Ignorant statements seem to be a recurring problem for this guy lately.