Big Deal…Harry Howle Was Fined!

finedDid you ever wonder what happens when someone violates an elections law?
Well, do you remember when Harry Howell was running for City Council and it is a non-partisan race and in a non-partisan race you are not supposed to mention your party.

Well, Harry did mention the fact that he was a Republican in the hopes of getting the much coveted Republican vote in his non-partisan race for Vero Beach City Council. Dian George filed a complaint against him for declaring his party in a piece of campaign material and she tells me that she just heard from the Elections office on the results of her complaint.
Apparently, Harry Carry was fined $200.00 for being a bad boy and he was made responsible for his attorney fees and all costs associated with his case. The fine of $200.00 was paid in January to the Florida Elections Commission and Harry Howell did in fact agree to all of the Elections Commissions requirements.

This all strikes me as a day late and a dollar short as the expression goes. Why is Dian George just now hearing from the Commission on the results of her complaint? Why does the Commission take so long to review these simple cases. It seems to me that the whole reason for campaign laws gets diminished because of taking so long to review.

Makes me wonder when they will make a decision on Shawn Frost regarding his lying about his residency and what his fine will be, if any when they get done reviewing his case. Seems to me it tells candidates that the laws are made to be broken and not much will happen if you do break the Campaign Laws.

  1. Cedric says:

    Harry’s last name is spelled Howle. Congratulations to Dian George for her insistence on candidates following election laws. A bad day for Howle of Vero Beach and the two sunshine boys in Indian River Shores, Barefoot and Haverland. A good day for justice and the rule of law.

  2. jim says:

    I am watching the special call meeting and right now a women is pretty much admitting that she is breaking the law. Smart move.

  3. jim says:

    This is hilarious. Mr.O’Connor has just cleared things up. She now claims to not have rental property in the city(proper).I’m checking right now.

  4. jim says:

    She’s in the Moorings. Why was she even there.

  5. jim says:

    So, just like that, the code enforcement folks are now working for the police department. Which means, after hours enforcement, a little more oversight, someone to call that will actually answer, and a clear interpretation of our codes.

    In addition, finally, an agreement that vacation rentals are AGAINST THE LAW in the city, and fines in place to make it risky.

    A huge day in our city. Finally.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Thanks Cedric – I changed the spelling.

    BTW, The County allows short term rentals so….what was she doing at the City Council meeting. Oh, I know why she was there.

    The Moorings residents are always trying to stir up trouble in the City. LOL

  7. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    We used to give our name and address at City Council meetings. Apparently the lady from the Moorings either didn’t or nobody knew where her property/properties were located.

  8. Bea-isms says:

    She might live in the Moorings but my guess is that she owns property in Vero Beach.

  9. jim says:

    She gave her name and the property appraiser site furnished the address. She may own property in a corporate name. The stepped up enforcement of vacation rental laws in the city will now allow those homes in the county to capture the vacation rental market. Up till now they were being robbed by the city landlords.

  10. Terry says:

    Bea, I don’t know whether you’ve heard or read about the “Prayer Breakfast” (see Inside Vero). There were several articles and in my opinion, Cathy Katrovitz had the best response to them. Instead of being divisive and hateful, she pointed out how this community helped each other after the hurricanes. I’m not in her league with articulation but this is my way of applauding her. Way to go, Cathy! (I apologize if I did not spell your name correctly.)

  11. Bea-isms says:

    Yes Terry, I read Mark Schumann’s articles concerning the Prayer Breakfast and I read Cathy Katrovitz’ comment. Cathy is spot on…especially when she talks of a disaster. During recovery from a disaster we do not ask people what or who or how they believe. We just help a fellow citizen in need.

    I went to a prayer breakfast once, about 10 years ago at the urging of some of my right wing friends and they assured me it was ecumenical. Boy, were they wrong. It was anything but fair and balanced….especially for this little old Jewish lady so….I did what I normally do during these kind of events….I DO NOT ATTEND.

  12. savannah,ga says:

    I have heard a vero pd officer Daryl Rivers is running for sheriff.

  13. Vicky Gould says:

    Jim, vacation rentals are not against the law in the city. Just if they are shorter than 30 days.

  14. jim says:

    Is that not the definition of vacation rentals? 30 days is always OK, as far as I know.