Big Deal…Harry Howle Was Fined!

Did you ever wonder what happens when someone violates an elections law? Well, do you remember when Harry Howell was running for City Council and it is a non-partisan race and in a non-partisan race you are not supposed to mention your party. Well, Harry did mention the fact that he was a Republican in […]


Kumbaya at the School Board

The School Board was very decisive when they voted to bring Mark Rendell on as their new Superintendent. You have to give them credit for that. So, the former Editor, downgraded to Editorial page Editor and further downgraded to Community reporter, Local Larry, gets it wrong on all counts. Apparently he picked Green (our local […]


Should There Be A Recall Vote Against Turner?

Do you wonder why Pilar Turner voted no to lower electric rates? Even the Finance and Utilities Commission voted unanimously to approve the revised OUC contract so that the City can purchase wholesale power at a lower rate. Well, It seems as though Pilar Turner is still in the sell to FPL mode and she […]


Bob Solari on the Steve Meyer show.

I have provided you with the Steve Meyer Show so that you all can listen to the Salami himself bash Jay Kramer. If I were the host of the show I would have silenced his mic. Methinks the “stuffed sausage” went too far with his hatred for Jay Kramer. Listen for yourself and think it […]


Salami and other good things to chew on…

So, Solari knocks Jay Kramer every chance he can – he is in favor of keeping the door open for the Oslo Boat ramp to happen, and he is now known to be the lead commissioner to show little or no concern for the well-being of the Lagoon. Makes me wonder if he is not […]


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