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imagesHopefully you will listen to my last regularly scheduled radio spot on the Local News Magazine with Bob Soos as I take a break for the next few weeks. Just click on this link and away you go. About 10 minutes.

I did tell Bob Soos that this is goodbye for the On Air segment of Bea-isms, however I will continue with my blog once I settle in to my new digs because there is still a lot of unfinished business that needs to be discussed.

In fact, we mentioned some of the upcoming dates in early March that I will not be tuned into because of my move to Ohio during that time so…..here’s what I intend to do.

I am going to back off with regularity for about a month during my move to Ohio and leave this particular column open for discussion. What I mean by that is this is now YOUR blog, all of you who have commented over the years and you are free to write anything you care to write about. Especially I will look forward to some of the comments that you all might want to share once the news of the result of the lawsuits hits the mainstream media….especially the Pee Pee Jay.

Even though I will be busy preparing for the movers this week and then traveling and then unpacking in my new digs – I intend to look over the comments from time to time in the next several weeks and will probably be piping in with a few of my own comments.

So, for now, please keep me and all the many readers of Bea-isms informed with your comments while you keep on blogging even though I am not going to write any new articles during this transition period. Actually, for your information, most often the comments are much more interesting than my columns.

I might add that I will not be physically leaving Vero Beach until the 25th of this month so a lot of the comments on this blog will probably be from me. Stay tuned.

  1. jim says:

    Best of luck with everything. Thanks for giving us a forum to fight the good fight.

  2. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    The distance between Vero and Ohio is only in miles – not in distance between our hearts and minds. I’m hopeful for the future but any results that come – good or bad (from my perspective) will not deter me from loving where I am today. We are only temporary – all of us. Love to you, Bea and Steve, and maybe we’ll see one another before you hit the road.

  3. savannah,ga says:

    I have a feeling that when its all said and done that fpl will walk away and wont even agree to a partial sale and the taxpayers will all be paying for those fees charged by the lawyers.(rate payers for the covb as well)

  4. Randy Heimler says:

    Indian River County’s Frost cofounds new rival school board association

    Posted: 10:36 AM, Feb 16, 2015

    Updated: 43 mins ago

    Tag: education | indian river county schools | martin county schools | state | st lucie county schools

    An Indian River County School Board member today launched a new association he cofounded with three others who are unhappy with the Florida School Board Association.

    The Florida Coalition of School Board Members, cofounded by Shawn Frost, formed to oppose a lawsuit to end the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program, which gives tax credits to companies that donate scholarship money to nonprofits for children of families with limited financial resources.

    The lawsuit was filed by the Florida School Board Association and the Florida Education Association, which is the state’s largest teachers union.

    Frost’s new group also aims to increase school boards’ influence on the Legislature, he said in an email.

    He also complained about the taxpayer money spent on the Florida School Board Association’s annual dues and conference fees, $15,300 in Indian River County, for example.

    The other founding members are:
    • Erika Donalds, Collier County School Board
    • Jeff Bergosh, Escambia County School Board
    • Bridget Ziegler, Sarasota County School Board

    Frost won his School Board seat in August with the help of Florida Federation for Children, a statewide political action committee that pumped money into the campaigns of candidates who opposed the Florida School Board Association’s president and vice president. Indian River County two-term incumbent Karen Disney-Brombach had served a vice president of the Florida School Board Association.

    The nonpartisan race took on political overtones in a Republican-leaning county. It was no secret Frost is a Republican. Also, Republican Party leader and Indian River County Tax Collector Carole Jean Jordan changed her endorsement from Disney-Brombach to Frost the Friday before the Tuesday election.

    This story will be updated.

    Copyright 2015 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
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  5. Mark Schumann says:

    The Florida Federation for Children and the American Federation for Children, both of which oppose the Florida School Board Association’s effort to prevent further expansion of Florida’s school voucher program, heavily funded Frost’s campaign.

    An electioneering communications organization supporting Frost, which was set up by Laura Zorc, wife of County Commissioner Tim Zorc, received $20,000 of its $20,100 in contributions from the Florida Federation for Children.

    Zorc and the outside groups that funded her support of Frost are now getting a return on their investment.

  6. Randy Heimler says:

    Only time will tell whether or not Laura Zorc’s new Association will pay off. Frost has sold his sole to her, as payback for getting him elected in the District where he did not even live.

    This is a county where we now have two School Boards and two Chambers of Commerce. Divide and try and conquer must be the new ideology in IRC.

  7. Cedric says:

    Outside money coming into our political process is something we should all oppose. We do not want elected officials beholden to anyone but local residents. Frost is an example of how not to raise funds. Laura Zorc is the person to be blamed for this fiasco. Harry Howle’s political fund raising is another example of what is wrong in Vero and the county. KEEP OUTSIDERS OUT !

  8. Ed Taylor says:

    Bea, I wish you the very best in Ohio. You have been a very valuable asset to the City of Vero Beach and I will miss you.

  9. Terry says:

    Bea, Don’t know if you look at Vero News but Wesley Davis filed papers to run for property appraiser. The article seemed to be written by a public relations shill as there was also a mention of Stradley. Captain Kangaroo was in the background of the picture.

  10. Joan says:

    The picture of Wesley Davis at his “announcement” also had a picture of Mark Mucher besides the roo. We know his history with the property appraiser’s office, maybe he will get his old job back haha.
    And Jim Hill announce for Wesley’s seat. Boy recycled politicians.

  11. Cedric says:

    Pilar Turner made a real boo boo at the last council meeting. She may regret her vote someday.

  12. jim says:

    Driving Quiz

    When turning onto Rt.60, Should you

    A) Turn into the nearest lane, blend with traffic and then signal to change lanes.

    B) Take as many lanes as you damn well please to make the turn, regardless of who you cut off, and continue texting.

    If you answered B, you are Very Vero.

  13. Walter says:

    What boo boo did Pilar make?

  14. Bea-isms says:

    It’s early Saturday morning and moving day is only 4 days away and boy – have I been busy.

    I decided to take a break and chime in on Bea-isms to see what’s been going on.

    Randy Heimler had the most interesting blog and it just goes to show you how a politician (Shawn Frost) has a way of getting their way with their personal agenda and why they get elected. Kind of reminds me of Obama transforming this country to align with his personal agenda. Too bad the outside money that got the “residency fraud” candidate elected could not be used to get him un-elected. You all know that the suit against him for his “residency fraud” was dropped because it became known that the outside money that got him elected was going to spend a lot of money to keep him elected. Thanks again to Randy Heimler’s post. You can scroll up and re-read if you want to grasp it.

    What Frost is doing, by starting a new school board association in no different than what Tim Zorc did when he started up a private group to study the Lagoon. Zorc started his group in order for them to bring in money to study the lagoon without the oversight of the government and openly stated that this group would not be obligated to meet in the Sunshine. In other words, they will not have to answer to anyone. Oh well, we are finding out that the Zorc’s are good at this. Tim Zorc controlling the Lagoon and his wife Laura bringing us the Shawn Frost leg of our school board.

    Yes, Cedric. In spite of my being busy, I did see the picture of the Mooch, Scottie boy Stradley and the Captain Kangaroo gloating while their buddy Wesley Davis announces his candidacy for the property appraisers job. I hope the Roo doen’t take too much credit once Wesley Davis gets sworn in. That was a decided decision four years ago. At that time Davis wanted to jump ship from County Commissioner to Property Appraiser but no, not so fast said Nolte. I want four more years so I can double dip….take my retirement income and still earn the six figure income from the job so….Davis had to wait four years to do this. Oh, I guess it was worth the wait….once he is sworn in he will double his income from Commissioner to property appraiser. Oh, fifty shades of Ken Pruitt. LOL

    The only good news to tell you all before I get back to working on my move…..Drum roll please….Susan Adams will make a bid to replace Wesley Davis in District 1. Now, that is a step in the right direction.

    Ok, I will turn this blog back to you folks to ponder the upcoming lawsuits.

  15. Mark Schumann says:

    Q. What defining characteristic do Tim Zorc, Shawn Frost and Bob Solari have in common?

    A. They do not play well with others.

  16. Randy Heimler says:

    My questions are these and I hope that now that Bea cannot be attacked or threatened, she will be able to do some real eye opening reporting. I am sure that she is ready to dig in.

    #1. Has anyone reported to David Nolte on Frost renting the house on 77th ave while it is a homesteaded one? That is not legal for the out of town owner to do. As well as Frost cannot be taking an exemption on a house that he does not live in, which he did for 2014 and still has a homestead exemption for 2015.

    #2. Is Frost being paid by the new school association that he “helped” form, with Laura’s handholding?

    If so, that would have to be unethical, and I hope he is reporting that income!!


  17. Randy Heimler says:

    Let’s see who jumps in for the School District #3 seat, that will be vacated by Matt McCain for 2016.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Frost gets removed from District 1 and has already sold his house in District 3 ??

    Oh that’s right, Laura and Tim live in district 3 and he could sleep in the garage with their Mercedes and Tahoe.

    Would Laura Zorc dare to put her own face into a race, and have to defend her personal bankruptcy with Tim and their 20 or so lawsuits? She loves to write about other people’s civil issues.

    If Tim loses his Commission Race, does he go for the School Board? He could join their friends there!!

  18. jim says:

    How about those folks who are renting their “homesteads” by the night when they are out of town. Mr. Nolte should be given a list by Mr. McGarry, who claims that they are now going to be proactive in stopping this activity.

  19. Cedric says:

    LZ will have to run for a political office since her husband will not be re-elected when and if he is foolish enough to run. Will bankrupt Tim please give a financial report on his lagoon committee ? What is he afraid of ? What is the REAL reason Bob Salami is against becoming part of a group trying to clean the lagoon ?

  20. Terry says:

    Speaking of Salami, who was pushing for the Oslo Boat Ramp?

  21. jim says:

    For the ratepayers outside the city who still keep using the taxation without representation theme, watch a city council meeting.

  22. jim says:

    City Councilpersons are supposed to represent City residents, right.

    We have 4 voices of reason and one voice of treason. Recall, anyone.

  23. Cedric says:

    Since our county commissioners will not allocate money to save the lagoon they should be removed from office. Salami is a danger to our environment.

  24. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    I see Indian River Shores has the lawsuit against Vero Beach on hold until a date in May. This will give VB time to get facts together on how much lower it can get the Electric rates…..or at least that is what the IRS Council says is the reason for another delay. We’ll see. In the meantime, perhaps everyone in that community of about 4,000 people could remember to turn out the lights when leaving a room, turning off TV when not watched, set thermostat a degree or two higher…..and remember how close the guys are who can resolve problems with electricity–and you can talk to a human when calling in a problem (but once a problem has been pinpointed they put the phone on voice mail to concentrate on that outage problem. Hope everyone can end up being happier.

  25. jim says:

    I think it had more to do with the majority of Indian River Shores residents, on returning for the season, being very upset that these renegade councilmen created all this animosity. And at the same time approved a commercial development that would have never gotten approval in the season when the residents were here. Most Indian River Shores residents are not effected at all by their electric bill. A bump in their stock portfolios offsets it, as does much lower gasoline prices. Thank Heran, Turner, Wilson, and company for trying to destroy a 50 year love affair between the city and the town for their own political gains.

  26. Joan says:

    Indian River Shores wants Vero Beach to reduce the amount of money that goes form the electric to the general fund. An amount that is used for roads, parks, police etc. in other words for everyone’s benefit. Yet I have never heard anyone tell the County not to collect the franchise fee. Something that they do nothing to earn.

  27. jim says:

    Regarding Civility on the City Council.

    While not as obnoxious as the constant interruptions that Tracy Carroll became famous for, Loud Sighs, facial expressions and body language while others are speaking is just as offensive. I’m just saying.

  28. jim says:

    Joan, I don’t believe the county collects the franchise fee from town rate payers, but your point is well taken. I have pointed out for years now how many of the City events, facilities, etc. are used by county residents. In my mind, it is easy to justify the fact that their electric bills help fund these things. What does the 6% franchise fee fund. Lawsuits?

  29. Terry says:

    Out-of-sunshine Lyin’ Lobbiests?

  30. jim says:

    Oeshner and Haverlund are both up for re-election for the Indian River Shores town council this year. This is going to be fun. Will the polls will open at a extremely inconvenient time?

  31. Joan says:

    I often wonder why FPL advertises on TV, it’s not like you can pick up the phone and order electricity.

  32. Mark Schumann says:

    The assertion that Vero Beach’s 6 percent earnings on its gross electric utility revenue is a “tax” of some sort is pure nonsense propagated by Glen Heran and Steven Faherty, both friends, if not stooges, of Florida Power & Light.

    The assertion that the taxpayers of Vero Beach should risk capital and assume liabilities to provide electric service at cost is counter to free market capitalism. Here’s a possible headline for a commentary on the subject: Are Heran and Faherty socialists? I’ll work on that this weekend.

  33. Cedric says:

    Mayor Dick Winger has said it best over and over again when he says THE CITY OF VERO IS ENTITLED TO A RETURN OF ITS INVESTMENT. Nobody has any faith in what Heran or Faherty has to say on this subject anymore.

  34. Robert Brombach says:

    Thanks again Mark Schuman and now MR heimler for keeping these issues about Frost up to date. There is more info out there that also should be told. Like the Voucher program that Randy said was for low income families, wrong unless you think that making 67,000 dollars a years is low income. That is the cap for the FFC bill. This voucher bill also does not provide transportation to the families that use it. Also their is absolutely no enforcement of this statute. That means fraud will be the issue of the day! So how does a low income family change schools and then get their kids there, seems like it would drain even more of the household money they have to provide transport. WHat this bill actually provides is for people with money to take their kids out of a schools that are not desirable and put them where they want them to go. This is Jeb Bush’s bill backed by his Washington based Pac the FFC. This is his way of Segregating our school systems in Fl. This is also a Pac that is completely PRO Common Core, as is Jeb Bush. This is a bill that by its founders own words, Donald Tuthill wants to remove all School Boards across this State and have a appointed commission to run our school system with Jeb bush at the helm. GET the picture, And Carol Jordan, the rep womens group, Zorc and Frost are in on it. This does not even get to the American Fed for Children that gave lots of money to Zorc and her cohort. Go to the Tampa Tribune and look up Hillsboro Co. school system and see what has happened there. IT is way to much to print here. SO how can an elected official start up basically a Pac fund, with due’s outside of his elected office. Who collects, who gets paid, where will the money go. You really think anyone will get the honest truth out of this group. good luck. Seems like a lawsuit is in order for conflict of interest along with how the county would be involved. Doesn’t pass the smell test to me. Like previous posts before me said, they were bought and paid for and now the public will see the results. Tallahassee still has my lawsuit and I hope they will pursue this as they told me they would, however it seems to be a slow process. This is not the only state that Jeb Bush has his hooks into, look at Texas, Ga. and others. I am not a lawyer or versed in law, however I look up and at least read about what is going on. I may be wrong in my evaluation about the LEGAL as pects of what is going on. But Do it yourselves, read about the FFC, the AFC, about what the chairman says about their intention and his affiliation with Jeb Bush. Look up Hillsboro CO. and see if that is what you want here. One last fact, the entire School board Ass. along with every teacher union voted unanimously against this bill. A bill that was found unconstitutional in 2011. But like obamacare just change the language, say its a TAX and there you go, fixed. Since when will that ever happen again. Also 60 members or so, of the Fl scool board ass. were targeted by this out of State Pac and removed from office or attacked for future races, and MR Tuthill said that they will spend million of dollars in our local races to eliminate anyone that opposes them. Is this what you want in this state. Well thanks to Jordan, Zorc and others you got it here. Good luck with that! Just one individuals opinion!!! There is so much more!

  35. Woodburner says:

    Well hello there people! Been awhile and a long, hard winter, but I’m back and hearing the buzz around town. Can’t get any real news from the Scripps or Beach rags, so I more or less go straight to the horse’s a** er, I mean mouth, and Oh, what I’ve heard around the barn!

    The Indian River Shores gig – what’s up with that? They are trying to dictate the actions and business of the City of Vero Beach? I heard that there are more millionaires per capita in that little hamlet of what say, 4000 people..than in any other Florida town. How can millionaires be millionaires and at the same time be so stupid? They are beating their collective chests, demanding that the transfers to the general fund cease and desist?? HUH?? While I understand they are screaming about the outrageous electric bills, and oh, how my heart goes out to them for enduring such suffering, who the heck do they think they are? It appears to me that they have some housekeeping of their own to do with all the ..ummm…you know, internet useage and (alleged) sunshine law violations. Some of the emails were undoubtedly inappropriate and down right mean spirited! I wonder how these dummies can ever think they will not have the C of VB as a provider? I’m going to venture out and say that ain’t gonna change, at least not in my lifetime.

    I like to surf around a bit and I found the FPL power outage tracking map. it usually says something like 99.99% of their customers have power. Well, if you look at the rinky dink map, you will see triangles of different size and color. The legend explains that. Now, just click around and look at some of the times of outage reporting and the various stages of restoration. WOW. Just WOW. Hours and hours, especially if you are a part of a “small” outage. In my world, where you pay for goods and services, I can almost justify paying more for having local operators and linemen at the ready to respond in a timely manner.

    It appears that the Power Plant is certainly on its way out, and with that said, employees that are eligible to retire are doing so…at the speed of light! The others? Well, I hear they are a resourceful bunch. The City of Vero Beach needs to stand up for itself AND its employees. No one has the right to dictate how this City is run EXCEPT the people that vote for the Councils. City Councils of the past made mistakes, BIG ones, and the present Council is doing the best it can, but I’d like to see more PROACTIVE movement rather than reactive.

    Schef Wright is one heck of an attorney, he showed the foolish County just what he’s made of. The trial lawyer, from what I hear, will also rip the Shores to shreds..why? Because a few millionaires have allowed themselves to be dumbed down by the ceaseless, fabrications that are doled out by the Beach rags, the CPA, the DR, the donkey and FPL. It appears that one journalist is trying to promote goodwill as opposed to coming out swinging. Will he succeed in his message? Me thinks it is a little late for that. The gloves are off.

    I can see a few more potential millionaires being made from handling the courts, mitigations, legislations, lobbying, and so on…(classic case of the above mentioned shooting the rate payers in the feet as they will ultimately be the ones paying for all this).

    I wonder if they will buy a home in Indian River Shores?

  36. Woodburner says:

    I forgot to mention Ms. Gardner, that we wish you and your husband the very best. Hope that your travels are safe and that you are able to reconnect with old friends and connect with new ones! Looking forward to you getting settled and back to the business of blogging.

  37. Randy Heimler says:


    Thanks for the update and one correction, I just copied and pasted the article on the Vouchers and Frost.

    I know very well how the voucher program was designed and how it is being used now.

    I am still hopeful for Karen, and I appreciate your passion and fight, as I also will always stand up for what is right.

  38. Cedric says:

    The Clydesdales brought out large numbers of people yesterday. They are truly beautiful animals and put on a great show at the end of Beachland. It was unfortunate that a “would be politician” ,Lange Sykes, also marched with some of his friends. This was NOT the time or place for blatant politics. Complete with T shirts and political materials ,he marched, which was totally out of place. This was a great event in which hundreds of people enjoyed these magnificent animals, but it was not a political event and should not have been turned into one by Sykes. PS, the election for the political office he seeks is two years away.

  39. Woodburner says:

    What a schmuck. On the bright side, NO politician wannabe could upstage those horses! Wonder if he’ll have a dingy attached to the Pinta or the Nina?

  40. Cedric says:

    I just had a few minutes to read an article someone gave me from the PJ rag( I refuse to spend even one dollar a day on this rag)The headline read :RAIL LINE SEEKING A NEW NAME ? Here are my thoughts on the “bright” idea. No matter what they want to change their name to ,be it Bright, Bright Line or Bright Rail it is still the same old horrible plan for the Treasure Coast and its residents.They might think we are all stupid nitwits and a name change will make us rethink this very bad idea. It won’t. Once again they are on the wrong track with this not so bright idea of a name change. And , yes the pun was intended

  41. Randy Heimler says:

    Tim Zorc just got his 2nd opponent, Lt. Charles “Chuck” Kirby who recently retired from the Sherriff’s department.

    He has a very impressive resume.

  42. Cedric says:

    Go Chuck, Zorc man must go. I wonder if Zorc will disclose his financials to the public if he decides to run.

  43. Robert Brombach says:

    Need info, witnesses to frost residency issues. This pertains to when he signed his election notice, more people come forward that puts him in 38ave at the time the better. Get in touch, lawsuit still alive!!