Paybacks are Hell

How many times do I have to remind you that Wesley Davis and Tim Zorc are very much involved with Charlie Wilson?

They have both been involved in many of the Wilson business schemes over the years and both have commissioned Charlie Wilson to manage their campaigns. Yes, they have been the proud recipients of the Charlie Wilson “attack dog” campaign school.

It is no wonder that they are now in the business of trying to pay Mr. Wilson back for all that he has done for them. In the big league this is called cronyism or you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours or…in plain English, paybacks. And, we all know that paybacks can be hell.

So, the Zee man brings up for a vote to allow Wilson’s latest scheme called Vero Beach Chamber of Commerce – known as “Charlie’s Chamber”, a seat at the County’s Economic Development Council. Never mind to Zorc and Davis that the Commission that they serve supports the long time Vero Beach Chamber of Commerce which is now called the Indian River Chamber of Commerce and they already holds seats on the Economic Council.

See the InsideIndianRiver article for more details.
Charlie’s Chamber denied seat at the table

I guess common sense prevailed when Zorc’s request was voted down with O’Bryan, Solari and Flescher dissenting.
I might add, even though I will soon be a resident in Ohio, there is still a lot of unfinished business to be discussed on Bea-isms so I will continue with this blog and this particular article is just an example of what I mean.

  1. Cedric says:

    Anytime the names Wilson,Zorc and Davis are mentioned in the same breath, we should be careful. Allowing Wilson on EDC board is an invitation to politicize this worthwhile group. Wilson’s antics at Vero council meetings are an example of his attempt to manipulate and undermine council business. Over and over again ,he uses council meetings to further his political career. In reality Wilson has no credibility and can add nothing to the EDC.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    I agree Cedric. He would only be an irritant to the EDC. Can you imagine what this County/City would be like if he had more than just those two votes? That is reason enough to go all out to defeat Zorc and Davis the next time they run for office.

  3. Bea-isms says:

    This is a comment that was submitted by Charlie Wilson at 12:31 am. Do you think perhaps he had too much to drink? Hmmm.

    Submitted on 2015/02/14 at 12:31 am
    Envy, sloth, glutany, pride,

    That’s it folks – verbatim on my blog. Needless to say I did not approve and I sent this comment to the trash bin.

    I guess the Professor of Baloney did not like what Mark Schumann had to say and he probably did not like the fact that I reiterated on it.

    I will say it again…hurrah for the three county commissioners who did not give his yuk yuk chamber a seat on the Economic Development Council.

  4. Cedric says:

    Bea, I take note of the time(12:31 am)when the, self professed, professor of baloney emailed this hateful email. His attacks on you show that he thinks of you at all time ,even losing sleep over you. I wonder if he has nightmares of you when sleeping?( Lets call them Beamares) Take this as a compliment. He knows you have kept him from holding public office for years and it grates at him inside. Charlie should look in his mirror and see what’s there.

  5. Bea-isms says:

    I agree Cedric. It seems so easy for a guy like him to attack the messenger rather than look in the mirror.

  6. savannah,ga says:

    if you must resort to the methods of personal attacks, then you have no argument of merit. its a logically fallacy that is called something in Latin that I cant remember in the rules of debating. usually I think its called argumentum ad homonym.

  7. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    I am so relieved that three of the County Commissioners did not fall for the Charlie Wilson Chamber of Commerce request. If only those three would vote to stop throwing good money away on the FMPA/FPL/City of Vero Beach “conflict”…