IRC Votes 5–0 NOT to Join Indian River Lagoon Council

daa7dd5a7f3ad61452b0e1681189b67b-f6108d233e90b7b4155303a9c8d98f6fDid you know that the Indian River County Commissioners voted 5-0 NOT to join the Indian River Lagoon Council? I really think we owe Kudos to Richard Gilmor of the Sebastian City Council for questioning the Commission on this.

The five counties along the Indian River Lagoon were to invest $50,000 each toward the program, but, the Indian River County Commissioners declined the partnership, citing concerns about control of Council funds, regionalization, and the possibility of a “hidden agenda.”

Gilmor wondered if the other Indian River County municipalities – Vero Beach, Fellsmere, Indian River Shores – would be interested in joining Sebastian, together putting up the $50,000 buy-in for a seat on the Council, and asked City staff “wouldn’t it be better to be involved?” My guess is that Vero Beach, Sebastian and Fellsmere might jump in and get involves but me thinks that Indian River Shores is saving all their money to sue the City of Vero Beach.

Sebastian Council member Andrea Coy thought Gilmor’s idea was great. She said they could take control of the money and send the County a bill. LOL Seriously folks, you have to give the City of Sebastian credit for openly stating that they think the County is off their rocker on this one.

Now, wait a minute, isn’t this the same County Commission who are hell bent to regionalize their own County by taking over all the utilities from Vero Beach?

I think the real hidden agenda here is the agenda of Commissioner Tim Zorc who is heading up his own Lagoonie Program. He started a group of private citizens to study the Lagoon in such a manner so that they can avoid the Sunshine Laws. In other words no oversight with his group – no one will know how the money is being spent or whose pockets will be lined with the private donations to fund the Zorc organization.

So, the Zee Man gets permission from his fellow Commissioners to take on Saving the Lagoon as his own personal mission yet they will not vote for involvement in the Indian River Lagoon Council. How do these clowns ever get elected in the first place is my question?

I’m beginning to think that behind every issue is a dirty politician. Just saying.

  1. Cedric says:

    Bob Salami talks a good game when it comes to the Indian River Lagoon . He claims to want to clean up the lagoon, gives a lot of lip service to this cause, but votes to deny funding to achieve that goal. Same old Salami, says one thing and does just the opposite. He was and still is the worst HYPOCRITE of any politician holding office in Indian River County.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    I think the whole commission is made up of a lot of hypocrites right now. They all supported Zorc.s Lagoon thing but will not hold hands with the other elected bodies.
    The only thing that runs their engines is money. All the money that will be steered into Zorc’s domain and to think that they are doing so knowing that it is all out of the Sunshine.
    When they turn down help for the Lagoon they can use the Zorc effort from private sector to sound as though they are saving the taxpayer money. Yep, a whole bunch of hypocrites they are.

    And, Cedric, Salami is not the only culprit in this. It was a 5-0 vote against stepping up to the plate on this issue.

  3. jim says:

    Congratulations to the county ratepayers. It won’t be long before the county will no longer have the ability to rob you for an additional 6% on top of your electric bill.

    I certainly hope that the city of Vero Beach did not pay for Mrs. Turners day at the PSC hearing. More than likely she used her FPL credit card.