County Gets Rebuffed by PSC


On Air this morning with Bob Soos – what do you think we talked about? Do you think there will be anything else discussed other than the fact that the City of Vero Beach will be able to keep its existing service area so as not to disturb the statewide power grid? What was the County Commissioners thinking when they tried to upset this applecart?

The County was going to go before the Florida Public Service Commission to persuade them to give the County permission to get rid of the Vero Electric Utility from its current service territory outside the city limits. I say – was going to go before the PSC however, the Vero Beach City Council beat them to the punch. The City got a hearing before the PSC to settle the matter right from the start. In other words can the County decide to evict the City from serving its 20,000 City ratepayers who live in the county so that they can pick who they want to do the job? In fact, the County just put out an RFP (Request for Proposal) in order to woo in other Electric Companies to take over the 20,000 ratepayers in question. Of course we all know that RFP was merely a token so that FPL can get their foot in the door. I guess they think we are all stupid.

Getting back to the PSC hearing. The County spent a lot of taxpayer money only to get a big fat rebuff from the PSC. The county was highly criticized for wasting the PSC’s time on this but everyone seemed to go thru the motions and listen to the arguments. “Schef” Wright, the City’s new hired gun in their utility struggle, prevailed when he was able to make the point that the City needs to know where they stand in order for them to run the electric utility for the long haul without the threat of losing a chunk of its bottom line to the county if they were able to steal the City’s customer base.

The County Commission and their allies seemed bound and determined to help FPL expand its customer base and it is becoming obvious that their only shot now will be with assistance from the Florida Legislature and the courts. It’s a longshot at best, and it will certainly cost all of us ratepayers, both in and out of the city, millions of dollars to try to help FPL expand their existing territory.

Not only will this cost taxpayers a ton of money, it will probably take many years to even find out if this can happen. Courts, lawyers, and a host of different elected officials over the years makes this whole thing very iffy. And, as always, the only losers are the ratepayers. Who else would be paying for all these attorneys?

In order to save face they are now running around town saying the big bad guy in this whole mess is FMPA. Duh, where have they been during these last four years of struggle? We so called naysayers have always been against a sale until the big bad FMPA issue could be solved. So, now they want to spend a countless amount of money and time – years probably, to break the back of FMPA. Good luck everyone. Pilar Turner said that once this all starts the ratepayers will see an increase in their bills. That might have been one of the most truthful things every to come out of her mouth.

I say, yippee for the PSC Commission’s decision. Now let us see if the Commissioners really will decide to give up their Franchise agreement with the City because we all know what that might mean. Since the City pays the County 6% franchise fee that they tack on to every bill from outside of City ratepayers, well that could be eliminated. Can you imagine your electric bills being 6% cheaper when you no longer have to give the county that money? What a great day that will be. Another way of saying this is….looks like the County, in their infinite power struggle with the City, has just shot themselves in the foot with this stupid move. I say, let them give up their franchise agreement. LOL

BTW, The County Commissioners have a lot of nerve sending their attorney boy to the City’s council meeting telling the City that the County wants to co-operate with the City. And to think he did this with a straight face while him and the County continue their fight with the City. And, the beat goes on.

  1. Cedric says:

    The county ,once again, has come out looking stupid and vindictive. The three “wise men” Salami, O’Bryan and Zorc must have had a great ride back from the meeting where the county commissioners took a real bad beating. I wonder if they all went to the meeting together, and if so, did they before or after the fact violate the Sunshine Law? All we have to do now is to wait to see how 32963, Lisa puts the FPL spin on this waste of taxpayer money. Benji must be sick over this defeat.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Having PSC come down with this decision before the County and the Shores get too sue crazy was a brilliant move on the City’s part.

    Since I am not sure if any of the City’s elected officials were smart enough to do such a thing I have to think it was all Schef Wrights idea. Brilliant for sure.

    I would suppose the threesome of Salami, the O Man and the Z man rode together and if asked they will say that all they talked about was the last play in the Super Bowl. LOL

  3. Cedric says:

    One thing is for sure, if they did ride back together they were not laughing and probably had the smugness wiped off their faces. Another unhappy person who heard first hand the county putdown was our anti Vero councilwoman Pilar Turner.

  4. jim says:

    Why was she there, and why was she visually supportive of the county’s position. How in the world did she get re-elected?

  5. Bea-isms says:

    She did not get re-elected with any help from Bea-isms…that is for sure.

    It must be difficult for Turner to sit on both sides of the fence. She has to parse her words when discussing the issues regarding the County and the Shores law suits and when she talks it is very hard to see that she has been elected to represent the City.

    She said she was there to represent the City because she was told that the Mayor was not planning on attending. Well, I checked that out and…..she lied. She was never told he was not attending.

    We should all be curious as to who paid for her trip to Tallahassee. Was she there in an official capacity? Just asking.

  6. jim says:

    There was no reason for her to be there and she should have had the good sense not to sit in plain view and show her support visually for the points made by those trying to bring down the city and its right to provide power to these customers. A recall would seem to be in order. She is clearly not representing those whom she has been entrusted to represent.

  7. jim says:

    She also is overstepping her authority if she was bouncing around talking about the FMPA. She is not the city FMPA rep and does not represent the city in any capacity related to electric.

  8. Cedric says:

    Her representation list is something like this– Herself,FPL, FPL, FPL, Salami, and Baloney Thrower. She is following in the foot steps of Bob Salami with her ANTI CITY ACTIONS.

  9. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, a recall might be in order but I can’t see anyone wanting to bother. Oh Linda Hillman, where are you when you are needed.