A Little Chit Chat on Bea-isms

Chit ChatSo, Mark the Hair guy is officially in the race for County Commissioner, District 3. Look out Zorc. You just might have to go back into partnership with your buddy Charlie Wilson in the private sector. I think the big race here will be a race for Rhett Palmers microphone by these two guys. I know of two others that are thinking of jumping into this race. For the sake of the uninformed voters, let’s all hope that the Zee man is a one term guy….

Hey, it’s official. Jay Kramer just filed to run for District 54, State House of Representative seat soon to be vacated by Deb Mayfield. Looks like the State Representative seat will be highly contested by the likes of Jay Kramer, Erin Grall and Lange Sykes. This race will only get more interesting as time passes. Who’s next?

  1. Cedric says:

    Bea, Who is Mark ?

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Mark Rodolico, owner of Mark’s on the Point. He spends a little time with the Moron of the Airwaves and has built up a bit of a following….Should be an interesting candidate.

  3. Cedric says:

    Tim Zorc should clean up his financial problems before he seeks re-election. He should let us know how his private Lagoon group is doing and how much money they have collected and from whom. To put it mildly he is a disappointment.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    I suppose Zorc thinks his bankruptcy clears up all his financial woes so there probably is not much more to clean up. He has already cleaned the clock of a lot of businesses when he chose to declare bankruptcy rather than pay them what he owed.

    And, as far as letting us in on the financial status of his private Lagoon group…Well, I believe he told us that this group will accomplish a lot more than a government group because they do not have to operate in the Sunshine. And, remember folks, his fellow commissioners voted to allow him this privileged…to operate out of the Sunshine.

    Yes, the Zee man is a sad commentary however, it is sadder that the low information voter carries the day.

  5. Terry says:

    Bea, In my opinion, there are low-information voters due to having no reliable source of information. PJ is a vehicle for ads and is a far cry from what was once the “fourth estate”.

  6. Cedric says:

    One thing is for sure, Zorc is 100% anti COVB.He and Salami are two of a kind,and this is terrible for the city.

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Remember when I wrote this article a few days ago I said….Who’s next.

    Well, Dale Glading just jumped in to this race.

    So, It’s Erin Grall, Lange Sykes, Jay Kramer, and Dale Glading. As they say in the deli line….NEXT.

  8. jim says:

    Isn’t Solari going after this, too.

  9. Bea-isms says:

    I guess we always thought Solari was going after this seat and time will tell. My guess is that he will wait long enough so that he can bash Jay Kramer around without having to do it while in the race and he will wait long enough so as to give Pilar Turner enough time to jump into his seat on the commission. They will all be playing musical chairs….once elected they usually can jump around from one office to the other….it’s called name recognition to the low information voters.

  10. Terry says:

    Long time residents seem to forget that newer ones have no clue about Solari but we do know what the County Commission wanted to do with the Oslo boat ramp and their shameful actions against the City of Vero Beach. As a mainland county resident who watches COVB videos and reads the spin about them, I’ll be happy to spread the word about Pilar Turner.

    In return, I ask those on Bea’s blog to educate me–and others–politically, but only if you can do it w/o regard to party affiliation.

  11. jim says:

    Solari saddled us with the 10 million dollar mistake that is costing us millions a year and is worth less than half of what was paid. That, my friends, is where a good portion of the modest profit from our utility goes. I would love to see the closing statement on that deal. Who made commissions, etc. etc.

  12. Terry says:

    Jim, I’m confused about what you said. He couldn’t do that as County Commissioner so was he on covb council?

  13. Terry says:

    Inside Vero must have ESP. A new article about Solari answered the question I had just asked Jim.

    Now I’ll try to find when he was on City Council and what was the deal Jim wrote about.

  14. savannah,ga says:

    the old dodge pines golf course that is at the corner of 43rd ave and 26th st on the south east side of that intersection.

  15. Bea-isms says:

    Bob Solari ran for County Commission against Sandra Bowden, lost and decided to run for City Council in order to lick his wounds. He spent the time on the City Council badgering the finance director about repoets, he badgered staff and frankly did not like serving the City…He acted like it was below him.

    Finally, it was time to run for County Commission again and this time around he did in fact beat Sandra Bowden and the entire time on the campaign trail he badmouthed the City…telling every one how inept the entire City Staff was, especially the finance director.

    And, yes, while he was on the City Council, with the blessing of the duh, blond mayor, Mary Beth McDonald, they voted to buy Dodgertown golf course for $10M. I have always called that the Mary Beth McDonald Boondoggle but good old Bob Salami was in on it too.

  16. Bea-isms says:

    As I have stated in this article, there are officially 4 candidates for the District 54, Representative seat now being held by Deb Mayfield. They are Dale Glading, Erin Grall, Jay Krmer and Lange Sykes.

    I attended a Republican Woman’s Luncheon yesterday, and three of the four candidates that I mentioned were at the lunch. Jay Kramer, Erin Grall and Lange Sykes.

    So, I thought it odd that when candidates were introduced and asked to stand up and be acknowledged Sykes and Grall were introduced and Jay Kramer was quietly ignored. Hmmm. Are they afraid of him already? It is early in the race and I am sure down the road he will not be ignored but I did think this rather odd of the group of women holding the meeting.

    BTW, Solari’s wife and Kramer’s wife both hold vice president’s positions in this club – RWIR – Republican Women of Indian River.

  17. Terry says:

    Thanks for the responses…and the education! I have many, many questions about the history of Vero Electric and who was on City Council when it became a member of FMPA. Am I pushing my luck?

  18. Cedric says:

    Who was the person who failed to introduce Jay Kramer? Surely the work of a small minded, petty person.

  19. Bea-isms says:

    It was the president of the Club….Rather not name her. In fact, I think Jay was rather humored by the whole thing. There’s plenty of time for all the BS that a candidate takes.

  20. Cedric says:

    What a con job. lol

  21. Terry says:

    I met and talked with the Kramers in a non-political situation. They did nothing to call attention to themselves.
    A couple introduced a relative by his first name, and Jay did the same with himself, his family, and the couple across from him. He didn’t say his last name or his position but drew attention to the couple opposite him by saying they were telling us about their recent trip. The Kramers went to that place regularly and were always down-to-earth, friendly, and considerate. He’ll have my vote!

  22. Bea-isms says:

    Terry, that’s Jay. Very down to earth, very smart and very kind. I wish him well in whatever he does.

    One more thing I can say about Jay Kramer – for about three years he was the lone vote on the council regarding the sale because he knew the deal that the Troika cut with FPL was a bad deal for the city and he also knew the deal would never fly until such time, if ever, the existing contracts with FMPA could be dealt with. Having said all of that, he is not the type to say, “Nah nah nah nah nah yah, “I told you so”. Yep, he is a real stand up guy.

    Having said all of that, especially regarding the upcoming race between all of these candidates and more to come from what I hear, Erin Grall also is a formidable candidate. In fact I would like to have seen a three way race for this seat with Erin Grall, Jay Kramer and Bob Solari. It would have been interesting.

  23. Joan says:

    Vero Beach is sort of a charter member of FMPA. It all goes back to the eighties. At the time it seemed like a good idea I guess.

  24. Joan says:

    Lisa Zahner did another bash job against the city on 32963. It was a story about the PSC ruling on Tuesday. She said that Vero Beach has friends in high places like Duke Energy, Tampa Electric, FMEA, she failed to mention that FPL was also with Vero on this one, because it involved territorial rights.
    Talk about a spin, she should be writing for The Inquirer…… But wait is she……

  25. Cedric says:

    Lovely Lisa is one terrible reporter,if you can really call her that.I guess she likes her paycheck, sooooo he writes the 32963 line or she goes.

  26. Bea-isms says:

    I would find it impossible to write the way someone else wanted me to. At this blog, you get it the way it is…no sugarcoating.

  27. Bea-isms says:

    BTW, it was either Tom Naison or Rex Taylor being the City manager when the City got into the consortium of FMPA….at least that’s the way I recall.

    And, Joan is right….at the time it was the right thing to do….As the County always says, it was economies of scale…being involved in wielding power as a group for better prices.

    Naison or Taylor. Did I spell Naison right? Hmmm.

  28. Terry says:

    As for Lisa, I refer to her as “the washerwoman” due to her spin cycle. Is she a protégé of Captain Kangaroo?

  29. Bea-isms says:

    Captain Kangaroo and the Red Herring – AKA Glenn Heron. She practically sits in Glenn Herons lap when she is covering one of his gigs.

  30. Terry says:

    Bea, I surmised the washerwoman was thick with the Heron-Turner group, and I don’t think it’s co-incidence PJ gives them so much favorable attention. FPL has a lot of “power” (pun intended).

    You’ve got such a busy (and emotional) schedule this month that I’m surprised but delighted at your responses. I hope things are going as well as they can as you prepare to move.