Vero wants to get back in the saddle with FMEA

back-in-the-saddle (1)“Councilman Randy Old suggests City rejoin FMEA which is the lobbying arm of the FMPA which is blocking the sale of the City’s utility!”…so says Dr. Steve Faherty in his latest “FPL Love Letter”

Dr. Feherty, says, FMPA (Florida Municipal Power Agency) is blocking the sale of the City’s Utility. If that is the case, why doesn’t the Shores and the county go after FMPA instead of the City of Vero Beach? Just asking.

First of all, FMPA is not blocking the sale of the City’s utility….The City has contracts with FMPA that they are bound to and since the contracts are set in stone and the City cannot get out of them is the reason the sale of the utility to FPL could not be completed. So, for the Doctor’s “FPL LOVE LETTER” to say FMPA is blocking the sale is just not true. It is the City’s obligations to previous contracts that became the reason for the sale not to happen. Too bad for all of us but, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Three cheers for Councilman Randy Old for suggesting the City rejoin FMEA. For a mere $35,000 a year the city will again be assured of help from FMEA for backup services in case of emergencies such as hurricanes. I’m not a mathematician however, I would say on an hourly basis, $35,000 a year is a darn site less than the 8 or 9 million the city spent on high priced attorneys in one year. Do the math yourself.

We have been lucky these last few years as we were able to ride out these past few hurricane seasons with none landing in our area Yes, I think the City would be wise to renew that “insurance” policy again with the FMEA. As I stated above the $35,000 would be pennies on the dollar if we would happen to need their services.

Not to confuse FMEA ,The Florida Municipal Electric Association with (FMPA) who represents the unified interests of Florida’s public power communities, let me say this….FMPA provides electricity to more than 3 million of Florida’s residential and business consumers and I believe most if not all of the municipalities in FMPA have a membership in FMEA.

I believe these combined agencies do some lobbying but do it in a very small way compared to the money FPL spends on lobbying.

That is not a bad side effect to get expertise from this organization. It’s like a brotherhood. When one of its Muni’s is in need, they are ready willing and able to come to your rescue. They call it their Mutual Aid Agreement. It’s basically an insurance policy for disaster and well worth the $35,000 membership fee. It is akin to what AAA is to a driver. You can go for years not needing to use your AAA card, but it sure is nice to have when you need it.

Of course the Mutual Aid Agreement is but one of many functions of FMEA and I agree with Dr. Feherty. They do lobby for all of the member Muni’s as well as supply their Muni’s with the Mutual Aid Agreement. To my way of thinking it seems to be a blessing to the 30 + municipalities who belong to this organization to have a lobbying organization in their court. And, as I said, what they spend in lobbying is but a drop in the bucket compared to what FPL spends lobbying.

Again, thank you Randy Old for bringing this up. It’s about time for the City of Vero Beach to join the ranks of all the other rmunis and get back in the saddle with FMEA.

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    I had totally forgotten about FMEA! Some people used to get FMEA & FMPA mixed up, which must have been embarrassing. It certainly makes sense to have FMEA around when the hurricane(s) hit us. It’s inevitable. Mr. Old is bringing something new to the Council besides his face. Welcome aboard!

  2. Cedric says:

    I do not believe anything that Feherty says. His “newsletter” is a sad joke.

  3. Bea-isms says:

    Hey Cedric….do you think the numbers game that he plays at the beginning of each newsletter is really being read? What a joke.

  4. Cedric says:

    The joke is on him because very few people believe him, but he does provide some laughs. From the beginning his numbers were wrong. Does he get his numbers from Wilson and Heran? More laughs.