Three Cheers for Councilman Randy Old

3cheerscard_01_860-640x496I say three cheers for newly elected Randy Old, who now represents the city on the FMPA board. He actually asked for a special call meeting of his fellow council members so they can tell him how they want him to represent the City of Vero Beach to the FMPA board. During the many years that council women and former Mayor of Vero Beach, Pilar Turner, held the post as the City’s FMPA representative, I don’t believe she ever thought to ask her fellow council members what they would like and what they might expect of her as their representative.

After getting the FMPA audit, it is clearly the consensus that FMPA is in line for some serious oversight. It was an admission on their part that they made a lot of mistakes, especially in their ability, or should I say, lack of ability in the hedging department. They seemed to have cost their members about $250M with their hedging practices. I guess it would be like us bankrolling them at the craps table in a Los Vegas casino and watch them lose $250M while playing with our money. So much for NO oversight.

It is interesting that at this juncture in this whole utility struggle, City vs FPL, the Board of County Commissioners are now going to do a RFP, a Request for Proposal for an electric company to begin serving the approximately 20,000 County residents who are now on City of Vero Beach Electric. It will be interesting to see if FPL becomes the only company that they will consider. Also, I might add, if the county is going to put this out for bid, will they let in a company that might want to bid on the County’s entire service area and the area that is NOW the City’s or will this bid be fixed on just killing the City off? Just asking.

This is a lot to think about as we wait with bated breath on other important things that will be taking place on some upcoming dates.

• February 3 PSC hearing on the County’s Petition
• February 23, County’s requested date for PSC decision on February 3, 2014 PSC hearing
• March 2, 2014 – Expiration of Abeyance of Shores Lawsuit
• March 3, 2014 City’s PSC Petition to be heard.

As you can see by the above dates, there is a lot going on that is yet to be decided so, is this the proper time for the Shores and the County to be exploring the possibility of new electric providers?

And, as you all know, the things that will be taking place on the dates that I mention will be happening during and shortly after my move and I would venture to say I will be a bit out of touch at that time so… bloggers will be on your own for a few days. I think you are all smart enough to handle it.

BTW, I am adding the link to Wednesday’s radio spot with Bob Soos. I did tell the ON AIR audience about my upcoming move to Ohio.

  1. Bea-isms says:

    On Air with Bob Soos…I meant the County Attorney Reingold when I was talking about the excessive spending done by Commissioner Tim Zorc and the attorney when they went up to Tallahassee to hear the case with the PSC only to cancel the case, oops I mean stall the case for a future date.

  2. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    So much time and energy (along with money) spent on electric issue. Too bad they can’t spend more time on all the other “opportunities” that have popped up in Indian River County. There’s more than meets the eye – more than simply jerking Vero Beach around and putting us on FPL – so much for a City trying to be independent, self-sufficient.

  3. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Meant to also give thanks to Mr. Old for the way he conducts himself and the business of operating a City. Also, thank him for being on the committee for the archaeology dig…..and all the other projects in which he’s involved. Our City Council people are busy folks!

  4. jim says:

    I am glad that we have someone actually representing the City’s interests to the FMPA. Clearly Pilar Turner was not.

  5. jim says:

    So now we have homes in Vero being rented by the night to Dade county gangs who bring prostitutes, steal cars, and break into other cars in the neighborhood. I wonder what humor Mr. McGarry will find in this. The landlord has three homes, one on the mainland and never meets his tenants face to face. How much will this investigation by our Police force cost. What was the response time on these allready perpetrated crimes. Thanks Tracy, Tim and the three stooges.

  6. Bea-isms says:


    Thank you for sharing this link. We all need to read it and realize what a disaster short term rentals are and what a problem they are to this community.

    Here’s what these short term renters did – among other things.

    “On their way out of town, the renters apparently stole two flat-screen televisions and an Apple converter box – worth a total of $1,000 – from the home.”

    They probably went back to Miami and told all there gangster friends what easy pickings they found in Vero Beach.

    I thought we had Home Rule in Vero. Can’t they settle this issue once and for all. No more short term rentals. If hoodlums want to spend a day or two on the beach let them steal TV’s and such from the hotels. We’ll see how far that will get them.

    • jim says:

      Bea, There is always going be some clown who pushes the rules. The lack of a competent Code Enforcement Department and the ignorance of volunteers with skewed allegiances has caused this problem. We have gone from no weekly rentals to houses being rented for the price of a cheap motel. What next, hourly rentals. Effectively that is what you had at this house, only it was a person being rented by the hour. The landlord of this property deserves to have more things stolen than a TV or two. He deserves a god old southern Ass whipping. How do you rent a house without a name. Did the landlord register with the State. Still a requirement. Did he charge sales tax. Doubtful. Sounds like there was plenty of D.N.A. to solve the crime. I’m sure it won’t be pursued, however.

      I hope Mrs. Bassini insists that the landlord is held accountable. I think he knows way more about who these guys were than he is letting on. Obstruction of justice????

      • jim says:

        The article says it is booked solid through the season. Lets call the “complaint driven” Code Enforcement Department each day and ask them to investigate. Who is paying the power bill. Is the house homesteaded. Lets get pro active and take our town back.

        • jim says:

          This gentleman owns 4 properties besides those listed in the article and all are listed for nightly rental. Clearly against the code of the City, at least in spirit. And when Karma bites him in the butt and he has some items stolen, he immediately calls Vero’s finest to solve his little crime problem. Is this guy buying homes specifically to do nightly rentals. Inquiring minds want to know.

          • jim says:

            The dahlia property is also on the market. Could this be happening without the realtors knowledge. Is the agent liable for complicity.

          • jim says:

            He also owns a home, not his residence, on Bouganvillea. Hey isn’t that the road where the burglaries occurred. I wonder who was renting that house on the same nights.

  7. Bea-isms says:

    BTW, I watched the special call City Council meeting and the council voted to give Randy Old the ability to speak out at the FMPA board meetings about a lot of issues that would or should be addressed regarding to the betterment of the City. This might give him the ability to address the FMPA board with regards to the audit that was recently done. It’s all very complicated and Councilman Old did not want the additional complications of having his hands tied when it comes to being able to speak at the FMPA meetings.

  8. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, I agree with you on all counts. I don’t know who you are but you should go before the code enforcement board and speak your peace. Someone needs to keep the pressure on.

    BTW, I have driven past the house on Buena Vista that that you have mentioned in the past and it is still there with all of its weeds and overgrown greenery. If the bank owns this property why is the bank not being notified on a regular basis.

    The bank should put it up for auction and dump it onto a new owner that will give it the loving care that it deserves. It’s not a bad looking house and the neighborhood is great sans that mess.

  9. jim says:

    Keeping Vero Vero?

  10. Bea-isms says:

    Don’t forget the PSC Hearing with the County on Tuesday, Feb 3….We should get some definitive answers pertaining to Franchise agreements vs territories.

    I hope some of you will blog about the results because I will be tied up with other things most of that day.

    Actually, what do you think will be the results of that hearing? Just asking.

    • jim says:

      Misinformed county ratepayers who still are harping on the fact that a 6% profit is put back into the city coffers should know that when the franchise agreement ends
      they wont have to pay the 6% franchise fee that the county gets from them for doing nothing. Maybe they should turn their attention, rage and anger to where it belongs. The Indian River County Commission. The real crooks.

  11. jim says:

    I have just today found out that there are people I know that rent their own house by the night when they are out of town, to people they have never met. Dumb, wrong, and gross.

  12. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, You’re right. The County Commissioners are the real crooks. They have been putting almost $3M into their general fund on the backs of the City Electric ratepayers for doing nothing. They call it a franchise fee.

    I feel pretty sure that they know they can do nothing about the sale and nothing about shoving their territories into the hands of FPL and they will do nothing about giving up the 6% fee in order for the ratepayers to get some relief so….why the lawsuits against the City?

    I think it is all about votes. If they flap their wings and let the voters think they are really trying to do something about the rates then they can hit the campaign trail saying they are really working on it. LOL. They know the sale to FPL is on a dead end and they are finally getting into the fray by letting everyone think they are the big boys that will solve the problem.

    • jim says:

      They are the problem for non-city rate payers. Am immediate 6% decrease in electric bills. That is the reason for the smokescreen that they create making the City look like the crooks. Thank Turner, Solari and Mayfield for that. Non city ratepayers are offended with an enterprise fund that makes a 6% profit, but have no problem with 6% on top skimmed by these Con artists. How many of these people run a business with only a 6% profit. And, that money funds many of the facilities that county residents use as if they are entitled. On another note, I know many Indian River Shores residents that see this whole thing as a non-issue and a diversion to the commercial property through fast-tracked through the approval process when they were away.

  13. Bea-isms says:

    Love your insight Jim. You are correct on all counts. Having your cronies vote to approve overbuilding this county will always be the underlying factor with the politicians. Indian River Shores latest building boondoggle on A1A is the perfect example.

    Here’s one person to beware of….How about a second run for Vero Beach City Council from our friend Harry Howle with his newly sprouted facial hairs? Do he think the new look will divert the voting public from the fact that his last campaign was funded by the building bunch…and if and when he ever gets elected, he will probably go for the throat with the possibility of high rises on the beach.

    It’s just a matter of time before the County Commission and the City Councils in Indian River County get the three votes necessary to change height restrictions…Just saying.

    And, to support my thoughts along this line, just remember that Commissioner Tim Zorc sits on the board of Treasure Coast Builders Association, and has a deep background in the construction business.

  14. Cedric says:

    Indian River Shores “midnight” passage of the A1A deal will come back to haunt them politically , and I hope it does soon.
    Why aren’t the “brains” running Indian River Shores going after the County CONS and the 6 % fee the county earns for doing absolutely nothing. It is easy to see they have a hidden agenda when they attack the city; this is also true about the county and their “Brain Trusts”. Here is their thinking: Attack the city ,keep them on the defensive so they do not have the time to challenge them on their 6% fee. And yes , their agenda is always to bankrupt the city so the “CONS” can take it over and stick hi-rises anywhere they please. I am very suspicious of anyone who gets campaign money from outside sources such as Mr Howle did in his run for office.

  15. Joan says:

    The property Appraiser would be very interested in this as you can loose part or all of your homesteaded property exemption.