Frantic Ferver From Frost and On Air with Bob Soos

frantic frostAccording to Bob Soos, Shawn Frost wants equal time to respond to my lies.

Wait a minute. Maybe it would be better for all of you to listen to my Dec. 31 radio spot with Bob Soos where Bob mentions an e-mail that he received from Shawn Frost. I call it the Frantic Fervor From Frost. Just click the arrow in the black line and listen for yourself.

Apparently Mark Schumann, editor of, listened because he wrote an interesting article about the Frosty one trying to squelch my free speech.

InsideIndianRiver article on Frost

Shawn Frost actually wrote to Soos threating to hold back on any advertising that he might have done with WTTB radio if they do not get me off the air. Frost also stated, according to Bob Soos, that he wants equal time to respond to my lies.

All of this got me to thinking. What is it about this guy that bothers me? Well, it’s not complicated folks. It’s just this simple. I am bothered with the fact that it seems to me that Shawn Frost got elected on a lie. It all seemed so insignificant at the time but as little white lies seem to go….they always seem to grow.

Here’s the way I have followed his apparent lies. First, he got sworn in as a candidate for County Commission in the District 2 race against incumbent Joe Flescher and he gave his District 2 address as pasture land….so I am told. He did this because he lived in District 3 at the time. Actually, throwing out his new address, (the cow pasture) was not really necessary because the campaign laws state that when running for a seat on the Commission one does not have to live in the District one is running in. The only requirement for that race is that if you win the election you must reside in the District that you won in by the time you are sworn into office. So, why did Frost start down the road of fudging his address for the District 2 County Commission race when he did not have to at the time of swear in? Well, I can’t answer for him on that one.

Now, here’s where the lie starts to grow.
After only a few weeks as a candidate for County Commission, Shawn Frost gets talked into dropping out of that race and jumping into the School Board race against Karen Disney-Brombach. In this School Board race the whole residency thing changes dramatically. When running for the School Board race it is mandated by the election laws that you must live in the District that you are running in when you get sworn in as a candidate….not if you win the race as is the case in the Commission election.

This is the beginning of what I call the Shawn Frost Residency Dance. Shawn then proceeded to ignore the fact that his home, his wife and his children live in the District 3 residence while he scurried around to prove that he lived over the garage at his father’s home in District 1.

Seems as though things got a little more difficult for the Frosty one. Soon he gets elected, is still living in District 3, his father moved from the District 1 location after the sale of the property ??? (I’m a little sketchy about why his father vacated the District 1 property) and Frost needs to continue to live there. Apparently he managed to do so and you would think that this would be a happily ever after story.

So, why is the Frosty one so dang gone mad at me is the real question? Well, here it is folks. Since he seemed to be still in residence with his wife and family in District 3 when he got sworn in as a school board candidate that is illegal, according to Campaign Laws pertaining to the school board.

All right. For a minute, let’s overlook the District 1 residency issue and start to think a little differently. What location did Shawn Frost really live in and where did he pay his taxes and when he paid his taxes did he claim a homestead exemption? That is the real question.

So, as I see it, there are allegedly two crimes here. One might be a campaign law infraction, (which is basically a crime) and it would be up to the campaign attorneys in Tallahassee to determine what, if any, punishment for not being truthful with his residency might occur. The other residency issue might be a bigger crime if he fudged the truth on his homestead exemption.

Either way, I do not like to see this kind of behavior in ANY person who runs for office. When you raise your hand to Leslie Swan, the Supervisor of Elections, that you have read the campaign packet and that you swear to be telling the truth, the whole truth so help me G-d, it should mean something. Otherwise, any Joe Blow could swear to anything and run for any office and what would we get?

I am asking you, my blogger friends to clue me in on any of this. And let me part by saying, I have requested a copy of the Frantic Fervor From Frost now famous e-mail that was sent to Bob Soos. We shall see what happens.

  1. Bea-isms says:

    BTW, this is the post I did on Schumann’s article.

    Bea Gardner says:
    JANUARY 1, 2015 AT 2:48 PM
    Pat, It’s called….when you cannot defend yourself with your lies you MUST ATTACK THE MESSENGER. I am wondering one more thing regarding the “Frost residency dance”. If he lives in District 1 , did he homestead his home in District 3. Isn’t that against the law….to claim residency in one place and claim a homestead exemption in another residence? Just asking.

  2. Sebastian Investigator says:

    The question of where Shawn Frost lives remains to this day.

    Under Florida Public Records law, in 2013 I received a list of the registered voters within Indian River County. This list includes the physical residence address for each voter.

    Shawn Frost listed his residence as 1301 38th Avenue, Vero Beach. The property appraiser lists Shawn & Renee Frost as the owners of that address along with 945 38th Avenue, Vero Beach. The tax collector lists the Shawn and Renee Frost receiving a homestead exemption for 1301 38th Avenue. Interestingly enough, Shawn and Renee Frost owe property taxes in the amount of $821.40 for the property at 945 38th Avenue, but list their address as 1301 38th Avenue.

    OK…Now for the confusing part…
    Shawn Frost has apparently stated he lives at 6700 77th Street, Vero Beach. Donald Frost used this address for his 2013/2014 voter registration. According to the Property Appraiser’s office, it’s owned by Cindy and Barbara Collar along with John Cleveland. A homestead exemption is claimed by Cindy Collar, according to the tax collector.

    So, here are a couple questions Mr. Frost should answer:
    1. According to the Florida Department of Revenue, the homestead exemption is given when someone makes “the property his or her permanent residence”. The property at 1301 38th Avenue is within District 3 and 6700 77th Street is within District 1. If Mr. Frost lives on 38th Avenue, within District 3, in order to maintain his homestead exemption, then why is he the District 1 School Board Member?
    2. If Mr. Frost lives on the 77th Street Address, in order to be the District 1 School Board Member, then why does he get to claim the Homestead Exemption?

    I have to go to the Supervisor of Elections Office in order to get the updated list of registered voters in Indian River County this week but there may be another question to be asked…

    3. If Mr. Frost lives at the 77th Street address, why hasn’t he changed his address with the Supervisor of Elections?

    • Sebastian Investigator says:

      OK…As I’m thinking about it, I’ve coming up with a ‘what-if’ situation…

      What if Mr. Frost does live at the 77th Street address, within District 1, and Mrs. Frost lives at the 38th Street address, within District 3?

      If that’s the case, the question which begs to be asked is: Why?

  3. Mark Schumann says:


    One of Frost’s neighbors called me soon after the election and told me Frost was living with his wife and children in their home on 38th Avenue. The neighbor, who did not want to be identified at the time, said that if and when the time came she would give sworn testimony.

    Here is the link to the Aug. 29 story I wrote after receiving the call from Frost’s neighbor. The “watchdog” journalists at the Press Journal and the “attack dog” journalists at the island weekly will not touch this story.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    Mark, I have asked myself this very question. Where is the Pee Pee Jay on this issue?

    Hey, Sebastian Investigator….Thanks for the lesson on the Residency Dance.

    As Dian George always says, he has a whole bunch of splainin to do. I sure hope it lands in the hands of one or more jurisdictions.

    Someone needs to give a heads up to Cynthia Cox in the Circuit Court if it still lays there, and a heads up to the Property Appraiser, David Nolte, and a heads up to the Elections attorneys in Tallahassee.

    Actually, I would love to see this scenario on the Judge Judy show. She would not put up with his shenanigans for one minute.

    • Sebastian Investigator says:

      Thanks. If it’s OK, I think I will try to run this down a bit. All may be on the up-and-up, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out, no?

  5. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    If Mr. Frost wants some time, maybe we can arrange that – behind bars – for lying. Bob Soos doesn’t owe Mr. Frost equal time–it isn’t like you and he are running against each other for an office. Even if there is a logical explanation, why in the world would he take the long way around the cow pasture – rather than cut across to the destination? It doesn’t make any sense at all. I think it should – make sense, that is.

    • Sebastian Investigator says:

      Election law violations in Florida are met with fines. Multiple violations of the same law might be elevated to criminal status but I don’t know where the line is.

      A perennial candidate for the Sebastian City Council went before the Florida Elections Commission a couple of years ago due to violations in campaign advertising and signs. He was fined and ordered to make appropriate changes. The same violations were reported again for the 2013 election and he again went before the FEC. A decision has yet to be made. Last year, he used a few of the same signs but, so far, no violation complaint has been filed.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Hey Sebastian Investigator….OK, you have made your point. Not much will or can be done if he has an election law violation, like maybe he fudged his residency status a bit.

    So, the big question is has he done anything wrong with regards to his homestead exemption?

    I heard from a good source that he is no longer residing at the 38th Ave. home and just stops by occasionally to pick up his mail. So, can you live in one place and take a homestead exemption in a home you are not living in? That is my question.

    • Cathy Katrovitz says:

      Why doesn’t he notify the post office so he can get his mail sent wherever he IS living? Has he changed his voter registration; drivers license; vehicle information (for vehicle insurance update)? Yes, I know nobody gets sent to jail for lying – maybe overnight for stealing a loaf of bread but not for telling a lie. Too bad. Oh well. He has to live with himself.

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Getting back to the beginning of this article. The Frosty one wants equal time to respond to my lies.

    If I were under the threat of a legal action I think the last thing I would do is go on a talk show and discuss the issue before trial.

    I guess Mr. Frost has not gotten legal counsel yet. LOL

  8. Cedric says:

    Did Frosty’s father move from the address that Frosty claims he resides at?

  9. Bea-isms says:

    Cedric, I know this story is hard to follow but, near as I can tell his father moved when the property was sold and Frosty and his wife became the new tenants from the new owners.

    When and how this happened I do not know. Sounds like a Charlie Wilson scenario, doesn’t it?

  10. jim says:

    Why all the speculation and guessing. Just find out where he lives and who owns the house. Homestead exemptions are based on where you live at the beginning of the year. I am darn sure that he is not the only one fudging on pertinent facts. Most people who rent have the wrong address on their drivers license.

    • Woodburner says:

      Sorry, but this is a scenario that I think is contrary to your “first of the year” statement. let’s say I have made some good life choices and own three homes. I think if it’s dependent upon “the first of the year” I would more than likely homestead the more valuable one…you know, do all the little dances to make it appear ON PAPER that I did indeed live there. Now understand, I am NOT saying this is the case with Frost, but in IRC the requirements are not as strict when it comes to PROVING you live where you are requesting the exemption.

      I won’t bore you with more links, but Pasco County does NOT make it a cake walk..maybe they’ve had problems and took steps to keep people honest, I really don’t know.

      This Frost thing – it’s more about ethics, and in my observations he is sorely lacking in that department. I’d like for him to rebut Bea on the nastygram comment he sent her. Same IP address that a legit email was sent from. Come on…..

      • jim says:

        In periods of rising home prices, and even now, the benefit of keeping homestead on one property is largely about the save our homes 3% rule. When you change homestead your taxes go to current rate. trust me, I lived the dream when I moved from my home of 25 years and it became a rental.
        Owning three homes and changing homestead yearly for tax breaks is not something anyone does. And it is harder in IRC than you think.
        I think it is pretty clear that there was a violation in ethics here, but all this “moving” happened in a fiscal year, so the homestead thing is a stretch. Do you have to live in the district you represent? And does he? Those are the questions to ask. But, does anyone really care? apparently not.

  11. Cedric says:

    Didn’t Frosty say he was living over a garage at the place where his father lived. Something smells in this deal.

  12. Bea-isms says:

    Cedric, You are behind the times. I heard Frosty is now the new tennant at the same location but now, instead of living over the garage, he lives in the real house with his family and rents from the new owner of the property. At least that is what I am being told.

    The homestead argument is still the real argument in his “residency dance” and it probably will be up to the property appraiser to untangle. Just saying.

  13. jim says:

    If he lives in the proper district at this time, then there is probably not an issue that anyone will care about. I would assume he will not renew his homestead at the properties that he owns. The bigger question is whether he claims income if they are rental properties now. Maybe he is doing vacation rentals with those homes. Either way, he would be among many who fudge on rental income, expenses, etc. The savings by writing off these homes as rentals would be much more than simply claiming homestead.

  14. Robert Brombach says:

    Hi Bea! I have been keeping up with what is going on with frost’s issues. Well it seems some of the public is finally waking up because of all the rucus you started! Thanks. The suit with the State that is still on going, only and I mean only goes by homestead exemption for residency requirements issues. According to the additional information they requested that was foremost in their investigation. You have to live in the District Before you file for eligibility as you stated, He did not, period. After the 2nd packet was sent to them it seems they had what they needed, but it still will take a long time for them to come to a conclusion, unfortunately. So he or someone hires a Pac attorney to string out any case we had against him, resulting in skyrocketing costs that I could not cover. Now from what I hear he is trying to stop you from talking and trying to manipulate the radio station into stopping the narrative, is this true. I know what kind of ugly attack ads that were placed against my wife by him or the people who worked with his campaign, so this is no surprise, its just how the public is going to react to this behavior. As a public elected official everything should be scrutinized and brought out in the open. Thanks for doing this.