Blogger Bea Gardner and Bob Soos on Air 1-7-15


On today’s broadcast with Bob Soos, I talked about a lot of things but of course the gloat of the day was my kudos to the Ohio State football team. How about them Bucks…they beat the number one team, Alabama. So, the championship game will be between the Bucks and the Ducks. I will look forward to that game.

I was a bit puzzled this morning while listening to Pilar Turner talk to Soos right before I came on the air. No matter how he posed the question or how many opportunities he gave her to defend the City of Vero Beach with regards to the demise of the sale to FPL she continued to hem and haw by saying: ”there is still hope that there can be a solution to the sale” Pilar Turner still thinks it’s terrible that the City is willing to spend money on a rate optimization study but she does not approve of the City spending money to defend themselves of the Shores lawsuit against the city. How did she ever get elected to the City of Vero Beach Council when she distains everything they stand for. I don’t get it.

Bob and I also talked of the hideous amount of money that it seems to take to get elected these days. I mentioned that I read that it will take about a quarter of a million dollars to jump into the State Rep job that will be vacated by Deb Mayfield when she terms out in 2016. And, just remember this, the job itself only pays about $27,000 per year.

Speaking about that position, so far I am hearing at least five names and maybe more will surface of individuals interested in running for that seat. Those who seem to be showing interest in that seat are Wesley Davis, Jay Kramer, Bob Solari, Erin Grall and Lang Sykes. Are there any other names out that that I might be missing? How about Art Argenio? Oh, BTW, if Wesley Davis runs for State Rep., will Charlie Wilson be his Campaign Manager as has been the case in the past few offices Davis has run for. I personally think the Davis name was thrown out there as a decoy so that he can slide into David Noltes position of Property Appraiser. Of course, this musical chairs game is still way too early to see where they all will land but it is good filler on a slow news day.

Other races to watch will be the March election in Indian River Shores. Two seats are up for grabs. The town council seat vacated by Tom Cadden and the seat now held by Dick Haverland. I suppose Michael Ochsner, filling is for Cadden might run for that seat and Linda Bolton is also a strong contender.

I ended the show today by asking Bob Soos this question. “Will there be a casino on N. Hutchinson Island in the future?

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Short-lived breather between the last (Nov.) election and this year’s local races…and previews of 2016 “big one”. I really CAN wait.
    You’ve made some good observations, and your final query of ‘a casino on N. Hutchinson Island’ does not seem like a fantasy. Where there are people, a tropical setting, and other amenities, there are those wanting to capitalize on it all….in one way or another. So, the big money required to run for (and win)a low-paying position…..sounds like there’s a lot more to serving the people these days. Or maybe it’s just being in a position to provide a service for those who got them elected? Am I being overly cynical?

  2. Bea-isms says:


    No you are not being overly cynical.The Casino thing is not too far fetched considering the guy who is wanting to build a 3-400 room hotel/condo on N Hutchison Island is a billionaire owner of a Casino in Vegas so…..I was just connecting some future dots. Just saying.

  3. Cedric says:

    Just look at all the outside money that went into the campaign treasury of Harry Howle. BTW, I am sick and tired of the Red Hen saying , “I’m confused” and other similar quotes. We all see thru her sly fox routine. It is no secret that both Howle and Turner want big development in Vero.