Three Cheers for Councilman Randy Old

I say three cheers for newly elected Randy Old, who now represents the city on the FMPA board. He actually asked for a special call meeting of his fellow council members so they can tell him how they want him to represent the City of Vero Beach to the FMPA board. During the many years […]


Stay tuned for Bea-isms from my new home in Ohio

Below is a guest commentary that I wrote for with regards to my upcoming move to Ohio…. I am very busy selling my home in Vero and buying a home in Ohio so I will be very spare in my writings on Bea-isms for the next month….If there is anything you would like to […]


Please give me 15 minutes of fame…

How about that headline on Inside Indian River News Magazine titled: Attention non-profits, help yourselves to 15 minutes of free television time paid for by the taxpayers of Vero Beach In Mark Schumann’s commentary he said, “Non-profit organizations interested in 15 minutes of free television time to promote their cause need only request to be […]


Here and There

As you may already know, my husband’s health has been declining these past few years and we have decided to pull up stakes in Vero Beach and move closer to the family in Ohio. We will be moving to a suburb of Columbus Ohio called New Albany at the end of February. This is not […]


Dodging Davis Dances around the Soos Question

Since I was introduced on the radio this morning as the “Buckeye” Blogger, Bea Gardner I guess Bob Soos gave me bragging rights. Yep, Ohio State is officially the number one college football team in the country – my opening to bragging rights about the big win for Ohio State Buckeyes against the Oregon Ducks. […]


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