Outside Money Flows Into IRC

cash-flag-beverly__pack_7Outside money is finding its way into Indian River County and this past School Board race is the perfect  example of what I am saying.

The following is a post on Bea-isms by Bob Brombach, husband of Karen Disney-Brombach. The reason I am repeating this post is because he posted this on a past article on Bea-isms, and, as is the case, very often we do not go back to my past articles and read through the posts. Brombach posted this on Dec. 12 on Frosty’s Residence Dance Goes to Court. Please read.

“Yes, writes Brombach, the suit is dismissed, not because of the merit of the case, but because of the costs involved fighting a PAC lawyer firm. Cannot compete or spend the personal finances that may well total more than the cost of the yearly salary of the job. This does not mean that this county has a lot to be desired in the way this election process has been derailed by outside influences and money. But get used to it, there is enough evidence if anyone looks to see this is the case. I know the truth about the pacs involved and in my humble opinion the people in this county that should have the curtain pulled back to see who the real players are. Too bad. I am glad my family does not have to deal with the people involved in this anymore. Just wait and see the downturn in our school system now, thank God my kids are out of it! To bad the public would not oppose this more vigorously, but to the few who did, Thank you!!”

As Brombach points out there is more behind these PAC’s (Political Action Committees) than meets the eye and I guess Indian River County is now a part of the dirty politics that seems to have invaded the whole country. Thank you Laura Zorc for bringing in all this “outside” money to our local School Board race.

If you want to check out the finances involved in one of the active PAC’s in the Shawn Frost Campaign just click on this link.  The first thing you will see on the Shawn Frost financial reports is a contribution from Laura Zorc for $100.00 and a $20,000 contribution from the American Federation of Children. I think Zorc heads up the American Federation of Children. Hmmm.

Indian River Conservatives for Better Schools Financial Report

Shawn Frost Financial Report


Something that sticks out in my mind about his campaign were all the TV ads that were run in the Shawn Frost Campaign and…..after reading over his campaign financial reports and the PAC financial reports, I could not find any documentation regarding the expenditures spent on TV commercials. I believe that NOT reporting all expenditures is a campaign crime. Just saying.

So, it appears he may have run for office by violating the residency rules and maybe there is a violation of the finance laws regarding NOT reporting ALL expenses pertaining to his campaign. Oh well, we now know, because of what Bob Brombach is telling us, that all the money in the world cannot fight these PAC attorneys.

I personally want to thank Karen Disney Brombach for her service to the County during the years she served on the school board and a big thank you to her husband for his initial efforts to expose the truth about the PAC’s and the outside money that was used in order for Shawn Frost to “win” the seat on the school board. So, was it his win and our loss?




  1. savannah,ga says:

    sad. I hate common core but I didn’t think it was because she had no case.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Common Core is another unfortunate thing that has overtaken this country. Very much like Obama care. It was passed before we really could sink our teeth in it.

    Having said that….it is still not reason to run candidates who are unqualified.

    • Robert Brombach says:

      Bea, This is exactly what I wanted to discuss with you. The people that constantly say they cannot stand common core and yet they elected through the Indian river tea party and the republican woman’s group a person who took thousands of dollars of Pac money that in fact supports Common core. The American Fed for children and the Florida Fed for children both are strong supporters of common core. Also add to that they spent millions of dollars across this state to eliminate any school board member that opposed their ideals. Jeb Bush is behind the FFC, a Washington based pac, lead by his buddy Donald Tuthill,and they are behind the voucher program and the complete elimination of school board completely in the near future. SO I am completely at a loss at the hypocrisy. These groups oppose CC but yet their candidates are bought and paid for by PRO common core PACs. I can’t even start to touch all the political games that were played, Surely it would take a small book to tell the story. Just ask me about the voucher bill that was passed by the FFC, that is a whole new book!

  3. Bea-isms says:

    Bob, most of these types of advocates – for or against CC – cannot see the forest thru the trees. They all want their cake and eat it too.

    The very people you are speaking of are strong Jeb Bush for president yet they abhor Common Core.

    That’s why we are all so screwed up in the head over politics. We just don’t get it.

    • savannah,ga says:

      why am I not surprised with this. kinda like voting tea party supported rick scott and watch the spending he did. while not as bad as crist but man he is corrupt.

  4. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    I think one thing we can all agree on is all our children deserve the opportunity to get a good, solid education — the foundation for their future as adults. Public school system still seems to be the best way to provide that education. Does the school board have any say in what private schools teach? If not, then public money should not go to private schools. Mrs. Zorc, Mr. Bush – Mr. Frost–destroying the public school system will come back to bite you.

  5. Bea-isms says:

    Now that the Brombachs have dropped the suit against Shawn Frost for his carpetbagging I wonder if that is the end of it.

    From what I have heard, the court date is still on the dockets. So, what does that mean.

    Let me rant a bit….He apparently lies about his residency while running for office when it clearly says in the campaign laws that you must live in a district when you file to run for office. So, the Brombachs clearly had a case and found out it was going to cost them way more to fight it than what any human being could afford so….Frost is in.

    And, if the Brombachs were to be able to fight this residency thing in the courts as was going to be the case, probably the most that might have happened to Frost, IMO, would be a fine and a slap on the wrist. Ho hum….

    But, the bigger picture in this saga, IMO, is this. Did the Frosty one claim all of his expenses on his financial reports? For instance, I looked all over the place and could not find any documentation of his TV ads. If the expenses incurred to run the ads was not documented in any of his financial reports I would think that would be a real crime. And, a real campaign crime that is committed, very often if proven, could lead to a criminal offence punishable by jail time….Just saying. I think even the PAC’s have to report expenses….

    • robert brombach says:

      The State of Fla still has his case. I sent them more info on what was going on. They will still pursue it, but Like I told you, they said it may be over a year before they get to it. Its a shame that the law has no teeth to it. You can swear under oath and its not a crime in FL, under election laws Still want to talk, it would be interesting at least.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    I talked to a person who shall remain anonymous and he tells me that the best way to handle something like this is to contact the elections guru’s in Tallahassee and ask the right questions that would get answered.

    Like, What would you do if you knew that someone did not file his financial reports correctly, or “what would you do if a candidate omitted expenses on his financial report?

    After you get the answer to your questions as to “what would you do” then just tell them OK, here’s the problem, and let’s see what you will do since you have already told me what you would do. In other words, put the burden on the elections attorneys instead of on the individual – Brombachs in this case.

    Also, since the Brombach’s dropped the case, I feel pretty sure someone else could file a co-complaint just to keep it fluid.