On Air with Bob Soos – 12/17/14

DSC05005-200x200[1]I talked to a person who shall remain anonymous and he tells me that the best way to handle campaign infractions is to contact the elections attorney in Tallahassee and ask the right questions. Ask them very specifically what they would do in a particular scenario.

Like, what would you do if you knew that someone did not file his financial reports correctly, or “what would you do if a candidate omitted expenses on his financial report?” And, while you are at it, you might ask the question of the elections attorney, what would be the fine, or the penalty pertaining to your questions. If it would be just a slap on the hand and a minor fine, then so what….

For instance, Charlie Wilson got a fine of $100.00 for omitting the word “for” on his campaign sign that covered the back window of his car. I personally think he got his $100.00 worth because the big sign on the back window of his car was worth every bit of the $100.00. Just saying.

Now, getting back to your conversation with the elections lawyer in Tallahassee – after you get the answer to your questions as to “what would you do” then just tell them OK, here’s the problem, and let’s see what you will do since you have already told me what you would do. In other words, put the burden on the elections attorneys instead of on the individual – the Brombach’s in this case.

Bob Brombach blogged in on my article: Outside money flows into IRC and here’s what he said.
“The State of Fla still has his case. I sent them more info on what was going on. They will still pursue it, but they say it may be over a year before they get to it.”
It’s a shame that the law has no teeth to it. You can swear under oath and it’s not a crime in FL, under election laws

Shawn Frost originally ran for County Commissioner –The local rumor mills says Fletcher talked him into dropping out of race and running for school board and we know the rest of the story….Money money money.

So this brings me to the POTUS race in 2016. I think I’ll take everything I’ve learned in IRC and focus on the POTUS (President of the United States) race.

Jeb Bush wants to run….so bad he can taste it. Romney is in his way.
The polls say Romney is in the lead with 19% and Jeb follows with 14%.
But, guess who will suck up all the big money right from the start to scare away everyone else. Yep, Jeb is already doing that.

So, the conversation went from Commissioner Joe Flescher talking Shawn Frost out of running so Flescher could have smooth sailing to a third term as an Indian River County Commissioner to Jeb Bush thinking of doing the same thing with Mitt Romney. It is no different locally than what it is nationally in politics.

That is my radio spot in a nutshell. Thanks for listening.

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