Auld Lang Syne

downloadWishing you and yours a very Happy New Year.
As we ease into 2015 I thought I would feature some 2014 Bea-isms highlights month by month. You know, some “Auld Lang Syne”

You can read any of these underlined articles by scrolling to the bottom of Bea-isms articles to the ARCHIVES (month by month) or look to the calendar on the right and click on any highlighted days to get a blast from the past on Bea-isms.

January: Did You Ever Wonder? (40 comments)

Did you ever wonder?

“Did you ever wonder what will happen if the sale of Vero Beach Electric does NOT happen?”
This was a very interesting article on Bea-isms and the 40 comments were even more interesting.

February: Spin Doctors are Always at Work. (13 Comments)
“Only in Vero Beach can losing money on a deal be considered a good deal.
Local spin doctors are trying to tell us that coughing up with yet another $26 million dollars to FPL might get us closer to a sale of the Vero Beach Electric Utility.”

March: Hello FPL, My name is Tim Zorc and I am here to help you (15 comments)

My Name is Tim Zorc

April: My Radio Spot and Other Stuff. (24 comments)
“One hundred times….One hundred times. That’s what Charlie Wilson kept saying while doing his usual command performance in front of the television cameras at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. He waived George Christopher’s phone records at the council while berating Christopher for talking to FMPA 100 times.”

May: Discontent (19 comments)

June: Pee Pee Palm Comments: (23 comments)
In this column I posted comments that were posted on a Lemmonator column in the PJ.

July: The Ending is just too hard to take: (22 Comments)
In this article I re-printed a guest column I wrote for Mark Schumann on InsideVero. The comments are priceless.

August: Frost might need GPS Tracker…Plus On Air with Bob Soos (21 comments)

Frost might need GPS

“Karen Disney-Brombach’s husband filed an elections complaint the day before the election against Shawn Frost alleging a residency violation. I think Shawn Frost needs a GPS to lead him to his “real” residency.”

September: A picture is worth a thousand words. (21 comments)
“I just saw a picture that is worth a thousand words….I saw a picture of the elusive Harry Carrie (Harry Howle), City Council candidate, signing something while the Faharenty group looks on.”

October: County says no to lower rates: (31 comments)
“No, no, no. Don’t you dare lower the rates? The county had a special call meeting….for what you might ask? They actually had a special call meeting to try to stop the City of Vero Beach from lowering their electric rates.”

November: Wilson Found Guilty – must pay $100.00 fine (12 comments)
And, he loses yet another election.

December: The gloves are off or….are they coming off? (10 comments)
At the last minute, the County Commission backs out-oops, I mean delays their lawsuit with the PSC and at the last “mediation moment” the Shores decides to delay their lawsuit against Vero Beach.

The top URL’s viewed from Bea-isms in 2014 were: Yep: “Hello FPL, my name is Tim Zorc and I am here to help you”, written in March and “Attorney Resumes are Rampant”, written in April is another of the top three articles that was read on Bea-isms this past year. The May article titled: “Will City get it Right with Wright” was the third article written on Bea-isms that landed in the top three most read URLs. Just giving you the facts according to my 2014 analytical statistics.

My predictions for 2015 are:
• Shawn Frost will be removed from the School Board for filing to run for office while not living in the district that he ran in.

In fact, I think you might want to listen to my Dec. 31 radio spot with Bob Soos. On air Bob Soos told me that Shawn Frost wants me off the air and he has threatened WTTB a loss of his business if they do not comply. Listen for yourself:

• FPL will finally relieve Vero Beach from a contract that cannot be executed.

Thank you all again for a very successful year for Bea-isms.

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Thank YOU, Bea, for both informing and entertaining us with your blog. May 2015 bring you more than you could possibly wish for.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Thanks Cathy. I just read this over again and had a chuckle about November….Wilson found guilty. Do you know why I was laughing? I was laughing because this is exactly the type of back story that you will never read in the Pee Pee Jay. Sure hope they change their ways in 2015.

    • Cathy Katrovitz says:

      When I read that, about Charlie Wilson being found guilty, the first thing that entered my mind – has he paid the fine? It’s too bad some members of media pick & choose what they want us to read. No wonder it comes as a surprise when people find out about residency questions, dirty tricks, photo shopped pictures…..and outright ‘fibs’ from those who should know and be better.

  3. Cedric says:

    You will never read anything in the PPJ that will not suit their own interests. You will never see articles that do not show FPL in a good light; you will not see any articles that might show Professor Baloney, The Cow Pasture candidate, or the Red Hen in a less than good light.
    Sleep well Indian River County and Vero in particular, censorship is alive and well. Happy New Year Bob and Amy.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    But, Cedric….They are telling us that they are interested in being more into the news in our County. Sounds like you do not agree with what Bobby Boy Brunges is telling us.

    Oh, while we are talking about predictions and the Pee Pee Jay, I might predict that Lemmon Limes yellow paper will go away quietly and the Lemmonator’s wife will be the next one on the chopping block.

    What is your prediction for the coming year.

  5. jim says:

    Charlie Wilson will move to Sebastian and run for city council.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, your prediction that the Professor of Baloney, our very own Captain Kangaroo moving to Sebastian is so far fetched that it is probably going to come true. Oh how I pity Sebastian if that comes true.

    In fact, when talking about the last election one of my friends in Sebastian said Damian Gilliams is Charlie Wilson on steroids so can you imagine two of them in the same town?

  7. dian george says:

    Bea, my complaints on Charlie Wilson were legitement. The state attorney’s office was a joke. The cd I received regarding the the questioning of the landlord was absurd. It said a woman was evicted in August of 2013 but was never followed up was what date was she gone in August and when evicted you have 30 days to get out which would make Charlie’s move in date to Sept 19th, but the only comment from the landlord was that he evicted her in August. DAA. End of questioning. So, no fault was found. Jesus give me strength.

  8. Bea-isms says:


    Your points were well taken and well supported however after following the saga of the Brombachs I will tell you that the only thing that will prevail in these types of “crimes” is money.

    Don’t forget, the Shawn Frost residency dance was much more apparent and egregious than what Charlie Wilson did and the only thing that stood a chance in the courts to nail him was money. How much money were the Brombach’s willing to throw at the problem and….were they willing to match the amount of money that Laura Zorc’s PAC was willing and able to spend to defend the perp? I heard it was somewhere in the amount of $100,000.00 that the PAC was going to spend and that is probably the reason the case was dropped.

    The worst part of Frosty getting elected while fudging the truth about his residency to run for office, is the fact that others down the road will be trying to do the same thing. The precedent has been set.

    Maybe it is time to get the public more involved in trying to get the Snowman kicked out of office. Not a bad goal for Bea-isms in the next year.

  9. jim says:

    Dian, I commend your efforts and they are a reminder to those that stretch the truth that we are watching. It was certainly a partial factor in ensuring that Mr. Wilson did not win. He was violating the rules to the last, as he was too close to a polling place and had a campaign sign on a polling property. He was thanking people for coming out.

  10. Bea-isms says:

    Yes Jim, Dian certainly did have a part in the demise of Charlie Wilson.

    click on Frost might need GPS tracker and re-read this August article: and listen to my radio spot with Bob Soos while you are at it.

    The reason I bring this up is because I am determined to bring justice to the election process by keeping Frost’s name out in the open as being someone who got away with the very thing that Dian George was trying to expose of Charlie Wilson.

    In fact, FYI, Shawn Frost is trying to get me kicked off the radio because I continue to expose him of his residency scam. He says I am a liar. Puleeze…..Hey Shawn, the truth hurts and if Charlie Wilson could get ousted from office for not living in the district then what’s good for Wilson should certainly be good for the Frosty one. Time will tell.

  11. Pat Lavins says:

    Inside Vero has blocked reply feature. The answer to your question is that giving false information on DR-501 form for homestead is a misdemeanor and earns you a year in prison, a $5,000 fine or both. Also, providing false information is a violation of Florida Statute 196.131 and results in a tax lien being placed on property.

  12. Bea-isms says:

    Check out Mark Schumann’s and read what he wrote.

    • Bea-isms says:

      If Frost thinks he has a headache from my comments about his “residence dance” wait until he starts to get looked at regarding his homesteading.

      If what Pat Lavins is saying is true, his headaches are just beginning. It might be pretty hard to attend a School Board meeting from a cell block – that is if….and I mean if he did claim District 3 home as a homestead and claims to be living in District 1 as a School Board member. Things could get complicated.

      Oh well, it will all come out in the wash…or should I say radio. Bob Soos wants to do a conference call with Frost and I on the line so that I can defend the lies that Shawn Frost says I am saying.

      If we get on the radio together I will ask him what address he claimed his homestead exemption on.

  13. jim says:

    Homesteading a property does not save a lot
    of money on property taxes these days. Anyone who would claim a false homestead is foolish.

  14. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Public records only show two properties that Shawn Frost and wife own. It’s public record so not divulging anything “secret” – 945 35th Ave; VB (2014 taxes $838.16) and 1301 – 38th Ave; VB (taxes $1,264.70).

  15. Bea-isms says:

    Thanks for the info Cathy. To my knowledge, both of those properties are in District 3.

    Now, if anyone wants to check with David Nolte, property appraiser, about which of the two mentioned properties he got his homestead exemption on that would pretty much solve the mystery.