Wilson Found Guilty-Must pay $100.00 Fine


On Air with Bob Soos – November 26

Bea isms has been pretty quiet since the election. I talked about the re-organization of the City of Vero Beach –

Then I gave a blow by blow description of the reorganization of the School Board meeting

But everything that’s out there because of the elections is still hanging –

  • The Shawn Frost residency decision,
  • The possible expulsion from the Republican Executive Committee of Scott Stradley, Dan Stump and Gerry Weick because of the postcard they sent out to the Democrats bad mouthing their fellow Republican, Jay Kramer
  • And, did Charlie Searcy finally get fingerprinted? How would we know because I have never seen anything in print to that effect.


fined1Actually, there was a little bit of closure with the Charlie Wilson sign violation complaint by Dian George. There was a ruling in Tallahassee and Charlie Wilson got fined $100.00 for his violation. Big Whoop. His real spanking came in the polls. He lost his bid for a seat on the City Council and I guess we will not be seeing him in the Mayors position anytime soon. LOL





Big news of the day:

The County officials travel all the way to Tallahassee – spending a fortune of taxpayer monies on fancy dinners, lodging, travel expenses, outside attorney expenses – only to request a delay from the State on the decision regarding the Vero Beach Electric Utility.

And, since this is the case did O’Bryan and Zorc violate any Sunshine Laws?

According to a picture I saw on Inside Vero….I would say no – they did not break any sunshine laws because the Picture was taken by Lisa Zahner who would be considered press.

The Sunshine law states that whenever two or more elected officials are together like that that the press be invited.

But wait a minute, did Lisa Zahner travel in the same car as did the County attorney, County Administrator and the two elected officials, Peter O’Bryan and Tim Zorc ? A lot of deals could have been made in the back seat of the vehicle….sort of like a back room deal only this would be called the back seat deal….Just saying.


And, last but not least….Pilar Turner is NOT in step with the council she serves. She still thinks the answer is to sell to FPL and the rest of the council recognizes the deal is dead and they want to do is to LOWER RATES.


Wait a minute. If Vero Beach City Manager Jim O’Connor said he was notified on Tuesday that the County withdrew its petition to the Public Service Commission why then did the County spend all that money for the trip. All the money spent and the possibility of breaking the Sunshine Laws might have been a heavy price for the County to pay for a fancy “unnecessary” trip to Tallahassee.


If you want to read more about why the postponement read the article from InsideVero called: County withdraws PSC request


It’s beginning to look like the County will eventually have to pull out of this request with the PSC or if they continue down this path they just might get a ruling that they will not like. So, as Bob Soos says over and over again on the radio – BILLABLE HOURS. Yep, looks like the only ones to benefit from this is the attorneys involved. BTW. I never met an attorney yet who would not take a case even knowing it will be a losing cause…Yep, BILLABLE HOURS.



  1. dian george says:

    Charlie and his pinnochio nose. Remember when he said that he had worked out the sign violation with the supervisor of elections before I submitted the complaint? He thinks what he says, people will believe. I received the results of my complaint a few days ago. He has been fined one hundred dollars. If he doesn’t pay it, he will be prosecuted. He has been notified–or at least sent to his last known address????? I would like to see tightened regulations on residence requirements to make it more difficult for opportunists to seek office for their own personal gain. Charlie Wilson should be barred from running for public office in Indian River county ever again. The reason is the banana prophecy. You throw rotten bananas out. He has already been thrown out. It used to be that elected officials come in green, turn yellow and get rotten. Not so with Charlie. You are judged by the company you keep. Anyone keeping company with Charlie Wilson is surely to have their character and creditability rated/0. Charlie will be back again. He just doesn’t know when to quit.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    It will be interesting to see if Shawn Frost gets away with his shenanigans too.

    Dian, you are probably right. Charlie Wilson will probably be back again. We just don’t know what hat he will be wearing…LOL

  3. Joan says:

    A meeting must be advertised so as not to break the sunshine, having the press there does not matter.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    I did not know that Joan. So, in your opinion, did O’Bryan and Zorc break the Sunshine Law? Just asking.

    • Joan says:

      They broke the sunshine law only if they were discussing something that will come before them to vote on. Only the people that were there know what they were talking about. Maybe Lisa Zahner might know.

  5. peter gorry says:

    Although residency requirements are established by States and municipalities a candidate for Congress only has to be an inhabitant of the state (not resident) when elected.

    Adam West is a recent case.

    Consider a veteran who grew up in VB, returned after serving and opted to run for City Council, yet did not reside here for the previous year. Clearly he or she could not run for the VB CC but could run for Congress.

    • savannah,ga says:

      that is ridiculous, so when I as a guardsmen deploy, I don’t loose my residency status nor home, yet because im legally residing in the county I can still vote if I lived in vero yet I cant hold office?

  6. Bea-isms says:

    savannah, I think you always have to reside in Vero Beach to vote for Vero Beach City Council and Vero referendums. As long as you are registered in the city you vote in the city however, if you reside in the county your ballot will not have city matters on it.

    • savannah,ga says:

      I know that but when I was city resident I did vote then and also was in the national guard then. if I deployed then and came back per that law I would fail to meet residency laws? yet I could get an absentee ballot and vote for any vero issue and county issue. that is what im saying. makes no sense to me

  7. Joan says:

    You must be a city resident for one year. That is having an established residence, paying water, electric or taxes if you own. If you are deployed but keep that address I would think that you would qualify to run for City Council.

  8. savannah,ga says:

    that makes sense to me. most other places say that. im not a city resident.