The Anatomy of the Vote









The anatomy of the vote. That is pretty much what I talked about on the Bob Soos show on Wednesday. Just click the link above and listen while you read this article. That way you can walk and chew gum at the same time.

We were talking about the reorganizational meeting for the City of Vero Beach.

It went like this. Randy Old nominates Richard Winger for Mayor.

Amelia Graves nominates Jay Kramer.

The City Attorney asks if they want a written ballot or do they want a verbal vote to take place. They agreed to do it verbally.

So, all in favor of Richard Winger for Mayor say aye. Randy Old and Richard Winger said aye.

All in favor of Jay Kramer say aye. It was difficult but there was an aye from Amelia Graves and Pilar Turner. Hmmm. Well, at that time it was then up to Jay and it is almost always the case where the person being nominated for Mayor votes for him or herself and that is the end of the votes.

Now, here is where it got tricky. Jay asked Richard Winger why he wanted to be Mayor and Winger gave a very compelling speech about the fact that there is still much unfinished business and he would like to continue and follow through with what he is involved in, especially regarding the sale and the lawsuits pertaining to  the sale. He said other things to and it was discussed by both Richard Winger and Jay Kramer that they do not have to necessarily do the re-organizational meeting at this time. They could re-visit the vote for Mayor in six months and keep things the way they are at this time so that Winger could continue to press and have the clout that would certainly be advantageous to him being  the Mayor.

Well, apparently Jay Kramer thought that seemed to be the most sensible approach to keeping the City on the right track and WOW, big surprise to me,  he threw his precious vote to Winger rather than himself with the thought that in six months they might revisit this vote.

I always knew that Jay Kramer was a stand up kind of a guy and this proves my point. He continues to stick with his mantra of working hard to continue the task of lowering the rates.

As an afterthought, why did Pilar Turner vote for Kramer for Mayor when all these years they have been at odds with one another on most all issues including the dog park, the cemetery, short term rental case and most of all the sale of the utility and most recently the lawsuits taking place against the City? Makes you wonder why she voted for Kramer. Hmmm


Listen to this and a lot more on my Wednesday, November 19th broadcast.


And, let me leave you with this. I am now saying we have a whole new bunch out there who are the “new naysayers”. They are the sell crowd that are now the “naysayers” because they are saying no to lowering the rates.

  1. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    This play-by-play is on target, as I recall. It was a far more interesting meeting than expected, and if I could nominate it for Best Performance by a Municipal Council” it would be done. TV’s NCIS came in second that day. My congratulations to this 5-person Council and best wishes as they work through our own Monopoly board-kind of issues. Hoping for smooth sailing with just enough wind to make the journey memorable. Yes, the naysayers of today who claimed our rates were too high are the ones who don’t want to accept lower rates. That tells us a lot. Why did Mrs. Turner vote for Jay? Maybe she thought if she did that, it would put up a red-flag for his becoming mayor? Reverse-psychology? Who knows. Enjoyed listening to your chat with Bob Soos.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Thanks Cathy. And, maybe she voted for Jay for Mayor so that he would perhaps look bad during future negotiations whether it be for lower rates, Shores or County lawsuits or the existing sales agreement that is already dead in the water. Remember, if Jay can be made to look bad then maybe if he has future aspirations in the political arena she could point to a time when he could look bad. Just saying.

  3. Cedric says:

    I believe Jay Kramer has a great deal of respect for Dick Winger and his opinions as does Dick Winger for Jay. What Jay did was to bring some statesmanship to the council which is something that has been lacking in the past. To me, it seems that Jay put the needs of the city before personal glory and the title of mayor. What Vero has needed and seems to have now is harmony.

    • Cathy Katrovitz says:

      I agree with you, Cedric. It would take more than Mrs. Turner voting for Jay to make him look bad, ’cause he is one heck of a fine person. So is Mayor Winger, Miss Graves,and Mr. Old. Mrs. Turner has different perception of things. Jay Kramer is a team-player, and he’ll do whatever he believes is right for Vero Beach. That’s my opinion anyway.

  4. savannah,ga says:

    Bea, I have heard that Karen Disney-Bromback has dropped the laws suit against Frost.

    • Joan says:

      If that’s the case, I know some one who has been watching these events and will probably step forward.