Sunday Afternoon Musings & Campaign Chit Chat

Chit ChatOh boy, oh boy. I was out and about on Sunday afternoon and my thoughts went directly to Russ “the Lemmonator” Lemmon. Seems as though every time I stopped at a light I saw an out of state license plate. I saw Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky. Wow, that’s three within one half hour.

So, I got to thinking – when is the Lemmonater coming out with his Lemmon & Limes? Or is he too busy counting license plates to get down to business? Just thinking.

I was looking forward to him endorsing Charlie Wilson for City Council….but, maybe he is not going to squeeze any candidates out of the mix….Ha Ha.

We already know that 32963 could only squeeze up but one candidate to endorse….that’s right, only one candidate out of seven. My guess is they are just being sour on this election and that is why they only endorsed Turner. Oh, speaking of Turner….where are the TOT signs…Turn Off Turner. If there are any floating around town please send me a picture so I can print it.

While we are talking about endorsements, did you know that the Pee Pee Jay could only come up with two names out of the seven candidates for City Council so they are not much better off than the beach rag?  They chose Jay Kramer and Pilar Turner. Oh well, Charles, where is the PPJ when you need them?

So, the Rag and the Pee Pee Jay collectively endorsed only two candidate out of the seven so I guess Bea-isms gets the gold star. I have made my pick a while back and I am calling them the OK’S. Randy Old, Jay Kramer and Jack Shupe. Good Luck to the OK’S.


Speaking of being out and about while counting license plates. ….I wish I had taken a ride to the Isles because I probably would have spotted the group of five who were knocking on doors campaigning. They were Glenn Heran, Pilar Turner, Harry Howle, Jackie Solari, (wife of Commissioner Bob Solari) and Matt Mohler, the All Aboard Florida lobbyist. I got to thinking of this strange group and decided that it was probably not a very productive day of door knocking because it seems to me that to ask for a vote for Turner, and also Howle and push the All Aboard Florida high speed rail and Glenn Heran nudging in the background saying, “hey, don’t forget to mention FPL….well you get the picture. Too much information with a simple door knock just to ask for a vote.

Actually, when a lobbyist with All Aboard Florida and a County Commissioner’s wife and Glenn Heran go door to door with two council candidates it tells you where they all stand on several  issues if you have the patience to listen to their spiels. Sure smells fishy to me.


Seems like everyone has an answer to making a sale of the Electric Utility happen between FPL and Vero Beach except FPL and Vero Beach. After four or five or maybe more years of Vero Beach trying to sell off it’s utility to FPL it has been pretty much declared a useless battle. The sale is definitely on ice  while wishing and hopeing that   Vero will beable to get out of contracts that have been deemed binding by the Supreme Court.  Remember,  it only took all those years and about $2M dollars to find this out.

But that does not stop the politicians from spouting off that they think they can get the job done. Charlie Wilson says he can get it done, Harry Howle says he will “force” FMPA to let Vero out of the contracts and now I am reading that State Rep Debbie Mayfield and her opponent Jorge Lugo both say they should be able to get the deal done with Legislative interference.  In fact, Mayfield did introduce bills to give residents who live outside the City of Vero Beach more say on city-run electric rates and operations of the utility but the legislation never went anywhere. It died in committee. Lugo is just plain naive when he says the Legislature should interfere – whatever that means.


Oh, and here’s another tidbit to tell. Rumor has it that Charlie Searcy has finally agreed to be fingerprinted. LOL. And, I don’t know if Shawn Frost has been fingerprinted yet but I have heard that he has been sorta out of sight for a while in order to dodge getting served. As a lot of you will remember, he claimed to be a resident in the district by living in his father’s garage while his wife and children continued to live in another district. The law clearly states that you must live in a district to run in that district when you file to run for a school board seat. Go, Bob Brombach, go. Someone should be able to find Frost in order to serve him papers regarding his illegal run for School District. Hmmm.


I still think the best candidate out there is Bob Russell for the Mosquito Control. BTW, Tommy Lowther did in fact tell me that he did not have to run for the dog catcher because as a commissioner he was the dog catcher. That stems from a comment I made a while back when I said he would run for dog catcher if he thought he could get two more years in as any kind of an elected official. Well, Tommy – what’s next? My recommendation for Mosquito Control is Bob Russell. Would you rather have a farmer or an undertaker for that position? I also recommend Laura Moss for Hospital District. I think it is a given that Debbie Mayfield and Joe Negron will win their seats so not much needs to be said on their races.


Of course, as I said before, I had to take Jim Hill, former Mayor of Sebastian from my list of recommendations for the Sebastian City Council race because he really and truly has some serious moral issues that I choose not to accept in any candidate. I guess that race will have to remain in the hands of our North County friends.


  1. Cedric says:

    The sale to FPL could have been completed if we had accepted the Pilar Turner plan which was to have all ratepayers cough up ONLY $26,000,000 to FPL. What a joke! Her real mistake was to enter into a contract,along with Tracy Carroll and Craig Fletcher in a big rush. WHY? The most costly mistake happened when they put off the tough parts of the contract to the end, instead of addressing all the tough FMPA and OUC issues up front. $2 million dollars later we are nowhere. Thanks Pilar. The troika did all this for political reasons like getting reelected .The latest big joke is being pushed by Harry Howle, who says he will force FMPA to comply with the sales contract. What makes him think he can accomplish what $2 million dollar lawyers could not. He can’t. Pure political baloney. Did Harry attend Professor Wilson’s School of Baloney? Charlie must be very proud of his Wilson style rot.

  2. Bea-isms says:


    Speaking of Harry Carry…. I attended a Republican Women’s club meeting this noon and for your information, Harry Howle (and I think the woman he was with was his wife) attended this meeting. Now, it was certainly very interesting because at these kinds of meetings if someone new attends they are usually introduced as a guest by the person who invited them. That did not happen with Harry Howle. He mingled well before the meeting started and then found a seat at a table near by but, he did not sit down in order to get introduced as a guest by a member. And, for your information, he did not sit next to Jackie Solari, who is a vice president of the club, there fore she did not have to introduce him as her guest.

    Speaking of introductions, normally, candidates who attend these kinds of meetings usually get introduced as candidates and I do not recall that happening either. In fact, the President of the Club mentioned two candidates who were present in the room as being two winners (her prediction of course) in the upcoming election. One winner who was acknowledged and mentioned was Jay Kramer and the other was Debbie Mayfield.

    The Pres did say that the reason she mentioned them and did not acknowledge any one else is because Jay Kramer is an associate of the club, with his wife being one of the VP’s and Deb Mayfield is also a member in good standing of the club.

    Conspicuously absent from any of the Republican Club meetings that I have attended of late is Ms. Turner. Hmmmm. Actually, I do not know what party she belongs to and since the City Council race is a non-partisian race I guess it does not matter.

  3. Mark Schumann says:


    At least once a day, I visit your blog. Then I look to see what’s up at’s “smog,” where the truth is always clouded. Without fail, I look to see what former Washington Post wonder boy, Milton Benjamin’s, “” has to offer. Every time I visit Benjamin’s online “snooze” site, I wonder to myself if his “flog” might not be more appropriate renamed, “Time4Crime.”

  4. Bea-isms says:

    Thank you Mark for calling it as it is. I read InsideVero at least once a day and I guess I assumed you do the same with my blog so we certainly are on the same page with that. But, I must say, I do not visit the Pee Pee Jay or the 63 rag that is disguised as VeroSnooze on a regular basis. Sometimes I wish I had more time to do all of this but I think I am spending too much time at Bea-isms as it is.

    Having said all of this….there is so much to talk about and so little time to say it all and sometimes it is a dirty job but I have come to realize that someone has to do it.

    Also, for those of you who are follow this stream, I have been corrected on the phone this evening by someone who attended the meeting today and the truth is that Harry Howle and his wife were introduced properly. I just was not facing them and I think their was too much conversation going on at my table so I just did not here the introduction.

    Maybe before I go beddy bye I will check out VeroSnooze for a change. It has been a few days.

    BTW, the Lemmonator will be on Bob Soos tomorrow and Soos announced that Russ Lemmon will announce tomorrow where we can find his new publication. Big Whoop. Can hardly wait.

  5. jim says:

    As soon as this election is over Scott Stradley, Dan Stump, and the three stooges should all be removed from the commissions on which they serve. Like Charlie Wilson, Stradley is a short term resident of the city. Anyone appointed by Turner or Fletcher should step down without being asked on November 6. I have never seen a city so manipulated by outside influences and the @ men from Indian River Shores have single handedly destroyed all the love that existed between Vero Beach and their town. I hope they are happy. By the way, Jay Kramer will still be the top vote getter by far.

  6. Cedric says:

    Charlie Wilson is best described as a Nomad. He moves into the city when he wants to run for the council ,otherwise he lives outside the city. He moved back into the city so he could run for mayor. He has only a six month rental agreement . When he loses he will move out of the city again. Like the past, his residency is being challenged again.

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Vero Beach is being squeezed on both ends. The South Beach Property Association (The Moorings) is heavily influenced by resident Dr. Steve Feherty and his friends Glenn Heran and Commissioner Bob Solari, better known as the Salami.

    And the City is obviously being squeezed on the North by Indian River Shores with the help of a Shores councilman, Gerry Weick. Weick is shameless in his detest for the City.

    I remember seeing him and Stradley and Stump leave a Republican Executive Meeting early for a clandestine meeting in the Bar of the Elks club in a dark corner of the room with the Mooch. Oh what a web Weick weaves.

  8. Bea-isms says:

    Yes Jim, I tend to agree with you that Jay Kramer might get the most votes. And, if that is the case, he might just be the last honest politician left in our County.

    BTW, who gave Harry Howle permission to put a sign up in front of Rosewood School. And, if that is fair game, schools for signs, then why do we not see Kramer, Olds, and Shupe signs there? Just asking.

    I guess if Howle can put the word REpublican on his campaign literature when it is a non partisian race and that is not allowed then he probably doesn’t understand where you can or cannot put up signs. I heard that Dian George actually filed a complaint against his Republican wording on his literature. LOL

    • dian george says:

      Yes Bea, $28 and a tracking # well spent for Harry Howle by Fed ex. Also a call from Ed Arens FDLE. How can you not find Charlie Wilson To Tammy Vock explaining his electric bill was changed to his name on Sept 18th 2013 because of billing cycle but electric company has it documented that it was due to “Move in” and since billing cycle was from Aug 28th to 29 Sept. Case closed. Charlie should be exposed for what he is. Will it happen? It doesn’t surprise me of why Charlie thinks he can get away with everything. I got him once. Will Ed Arens do a good investigation? If he doesn’t, Charlie will go to court again and he better hope he doesn’t get elected because if he does we will go at it again and his lies will tell on him. He had the option of dropping out, but I guess he feels lucky. I would hope the FDLE would do what it is supposed to do, but I will, if they don’t. I would hope that the voters of Vero Beach are aware of “Charlie”, but if they are not, I will take him to court “again” if FDLE conducts a luke warm investigation and Charlie better hope he loses—-because I am fired up and if all else fails, I am prepared to take him back to court and if he thinks we had witnesses last time, if we get to court, he will wish he hadn’t. I will sign off now and wait for the election and wonder if our justice system has disintegrated to such an extent ………..I can only say that I respect Judge Kanerak. In 2006, we still had justice. Can you believe after being thrown out, he does it again?

  9. jim says:

    A volunteer code enforcement officer should be taking down any illegally placed signs. Its a huge pet peeve of mine. With approval, I would be glad to do it.

    • Joan says:

      That’s not a bad idea, why not ask the city manager about it, maybe he can bring up. The IRCSO has volunteers to help them.

  10. Linda Hillman says:

    Well…received a new campaign post card today…from Pilar Turner. a statement on it says…”As a Board Member of FMPA, Pilar has the knowledge and experience to build consensus with our community to move the sale forward”!! Now how does she plan to do that? What knowledge?? She missed 5 of those Board meetings. What experience? She is hallucinating!

    • Bea-isms says:

      Linda, Why does that not surprise me. She’s not hallucinating, she’s politicking.

      You should have heard her lie at the Taxpayers Forum. She was asked why she voted to sell the cemetery and she said she never voted to sell the cemetery. BTW, she said it with a straight face and she only brushed back her hair once during her answer. Yep, the world is full of low information voters and in the case of the voters in the City of Vero Beach, I would like to think that they are more educated on how to vote than on the grand scale. That is why you should vote for the OK”S….Old, Kramer and Shupe.

      • Mark Schumann says:

        “You’ve got to consider it (selling Crestlawn),” Turner said to her fellow Council members during the March 14, 2013 budget workshop.

        Now that she is running for re-election, Turner claims she never considered selling Crestlawn.

        Turner is simply not being truthful, which is as troubling as the initial position she took on the cemetery.

  11. Bea-isms says:

    Thank you Mark for the exact wording. I know you were taping the forum so your word counts. For her to tell the audience that she NEVER considered selling the cemetery is an outright lie. I remember that meeting. Even Alma Lee Loy got up to the lectern and fought to keep the cemetery. HOnestly, she deserves a cartoon with a long nose on that one. Hmmm.

  12. Michael Goodfellow says:

    Speaking of the PJ, their election coverage offers polls asking who people plan to vote for in the races.

    In Vero, right now, Kramer and Old are in the lead with 62 and 61 votes respectively. Heady is third with 30, Turner has 20, Shupe has 16, Howle has 14, and Wilson has 13.

    In Sebastian, Adams is leading with 49, Gilliams has 44, Iovino has 35, Hill has 26, and Herlihy has 7.

  13. Cedric says:

    Charlie Wilson is making a huge mistake with his accusations aimed at Ms George.She beat him once in court and she will do it again if she has to. His name calling reeks of desperation in his attempt to gain a seat on the city council. He says he will be the mayor. His old friends are deserting him by the “car load”. He has to feel alone and isolated.The reason people are running from him is because of his terrible out- bursts at city meetings, and with all the falsehoods he tells at these meetings. Wilson’s lowest of the low came when he left his chair at the taxpayers meeting ,stood over and behind Jay Kramer and yelled and yelled while pointing his finger down at him.We do not want or need his type sitting on the council. Imagine if he had the power of an elected office. What would we all be subjected to? Six month rental Charlie may be moving out of the city, if he indeed lives here now. I wonder.

  14. Cedric says:

    Where is Wilson’s old friend Nasty Glenn Heran when Wilson needs him? Why,of course, he’s out going door to door with a ALL ABOARD FLORIDA LOBBYIST, PILAR TURNER, HARRY HOWLE AND MRS SOLARI That’s where he is.