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DSC05005-200x200[1]On October 1 Radio News Magazine with Bob Soos I talked about the two political events that I recently attended. One was an open house for Jay Kramer and the other was a fun-raiser for Bob Russell.

Just click on the radio show and listen to about 10 minutes of Bob Soos and myself  talk about these two campaign events, the Jay Kramer Open House and the Bob Russell Fun-Raiser.






Both of these political  events were well attended but I must say this – the folks who came out to support Jay Kramer and his effort to seek another term on the Vero Beach City Council was a well-attended event with a whole bunch of the usual suspects but Wow – the large crowd and the enthusiasm for the Bob Russell for Mosquito Control event was a very pleasant surprise.

The event was hosted by Dr. James and Helen Shafer- better known to a lot of us in the community as the owners of Einstein Bagels. I can tell you this about the event… you could barely move around the house because of the crowd ….and it was a sizable house for sure. There were a lot of new faces in the crowd and a lot of my county friends as well….mostly a lot of County residents whom I have not seen in a long time.

As I said two months ago…This is the race to watch and I was reminded of my prediction by someone at the event that this was the race to watch.

I did get a chuckle when Bob Russell assured the crowd that he had no intention of running for Tax Collector or County Commission…just Mosquito Control…(laugh)

There was a decent contingent from the Citrus crowd, Becker, Fulmer, and of course Bob Russell himself who retired from that industry about 10 years ago. Janice Broda, a longtime member of the Mosquito Control and her husband Bob Bruce were there to support Bob Russell as well as David Cox, and the sixth Commissioner Joe Paladin.

I guess I would have to ask you this. With regards to Mosquito Control, who would you rather vote for – an undertaker or a farmer? Need I say more?

At the Russell fun-raiser there was a lot of talk about the Oslo Boat Ramp….and most of the talk was negative towards the commissioners regarding that subject. BTW, I did not spot any commissioners in the crowd.

Apparently the commissioners make lots of noise to their constituents about wanting to save the Lagoon while on the other hand they have approved the widening of the Oslo Boat Ramp which will surely prove to be a disaster for the health of the lagoon. This issue proves to get more contentious as time marches on and folks are becoming suspicious as to why the commissioners are taking a pro stance on this boat ramp when they have surely learned how detrimental this will be to the health of the Lagoon. I guess we will all have to follow the money trail on this one – oops, did I say that?






  1. jim says:

    So, the Carrolls win, the City of Vero Beach loses. Why, because our Code Enforcement was lazy, and let things get out of hand. By appearing to single out one couple that were violating a long established City Code, they laid the groundwork for this asinine ruling from an obviously biased volunteer board.
    Does anyone watch Parks and Recreation. A brilliant take on local government.
    Does anyone see similarities between our P and Z director and Ron Swanson, the head of Parks and Recreation on the show. I do.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Jim….do you mean Rob Slezak, the director of Parks and Recreation?

    I served for 16 years on Parks and Rec and to my knowledge, there were only a handful of people that were bored enough to watch our meetings on Channel 13. So, why do you call them a brilliant take on Government? Just curious.

    Having said all that, I still want to agree with you about the code enforcement board. They seemed to sweep a lot under the rug for so many years that when the Carroll’s did them wrong they decided to get UN LAZY.

  3. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, I am laughing out loud at my stupidity about P&R TV Show. Thanks for waking me up. No, I have never seen it and I do not do Netflix but I will try to catch it sometime. Thanks for the wake up call. LOL

    And, as far as the recent court decision…I really don’t care that much because it all helped to get her out of office. LOL

    Now, if we can get the doggie lovers to dump on the red hen we will be successful in getting rid of the cackling hens -period.

  4. jim says:

    So the whole “world is coming to an end if we allow short term rental” argument was really a ruse to run Tracy Carroll out of office. And no one really cares if their neighbors rent the house out by the week.
    Sorry Bea, I do care that much. I’m not happy about the ruling, or the fact that these three idiots continue to sit on the Code Enforcement Board.

  5. Cedric says:

    The Carroll issue is not over yet as the council will be hearing from their lawyer next week.
    One of the issues that will be Turner’s getting the boot from the council is her preposterous idea to have electric ratepayers pay $26 million to FPL in order to complete the sale of VBE to FPL. This was just one of her sale at any cost schemes. The entire sale was flawed from the outset, and has had many additions which render the contract null and void. As the VB representative she has been an utter failure. Missing all those FMPA meetings didn’t help either. To date, taxpayers have spent $1.5 million and have nothing to show for it. Money lost by her and the Troika in a losing cause. Her backing of the Indian River Shores lawsuit against Vero Beach will be one of the reasons she will be leaving the council soon. She then will have time to walk her dog at the dog park she tried to eliminate.

  6. Bea-isms says:


    The City Council should not bestow upon the Code Enforcement Board the ability to interpret City Code. At best, this issue regarding short term rentals and other such issues interpreting the City’s Codes should not be in the hands of the Code Enforcement Board – or any board of volunteers for that
    matter. The Board should have brought this issue to the Elected officials for an interpretation. Courts are not the place to fight these kinds of battles. Who gave this board the ability to settle this issue in the first place?

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Cedric, Is there a dog park of sorts in the County? If so, she will probably walk her dog at a County run Dog Park…..Poopy Doo on that one.

  8. Cedric says:

    Bea, That would be a typical Turner move since she supports the county against the city most of the time.

  9. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Wasn’t there an issue with the Carrolls not having a FL tax permit for the rentals – and had not paid tax on them? Also, I imagine it does not make our motels/hotels too happy to hear about the Carroll “motel” and any other property owners who may want to rent out by the night or week.