Look what we found in the trash can…

Two quick trips around town and all I saw was electioneering. The first errand was at the post office and this is what I found. Two trash containers FULL of campaign material. (pictured) I guess bigger is not necessarily better. Looks to me like the public is rejecting all this poster sized slick mailers that […]


County Says NO to Lower Rates

No, no, no. Don’t you dare lower the rates? The county had a special call meeting….for what you might ask? They actually had a special call meeting to try to stop the City of Vero Beach from lowering their electric rates. I know this might be hard for some of you to understand but let […]


A lot of Monkey Business Going On

This is the  Headline I just read in the IRNA Newsletter AAF Impacts Threaten Entire Community, IRNA takes active role  “Earlier this year the IRNA brought together a Train Impact Coalition (TIC) to help a vulnerable community fight the potential impact of expanded freight service along with high speed passenger trains proposed by the powerful All Aboard Florida […]


On Air w/Soos & Other Campaign Shennanigans

                On the radio today, just two weeks before the election and I decided to take the high road and not really get too critical of any one particular candidate but….my phone has been ringing off the wall about a lot of reasons why you should not vote […]


Vote for Lowering the Rates

With regards to the sale of the Vero Beach Electric Utility: Some people will never be satisfied. This painful issue has grown teeth over the past few years and has hurt a lot of people, not just in the pocketbook, but socially! Too much mean, too much arrogance, interference and conjecture. Friendships have ended over […]


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