A Thank You To My Advertisers

Bea-isms is my baby and I want to thank you for nurturing my baby by advertising with Bea-isms. I am writing to let you know that yet one more on line weekly newsletter (not even a web site) will soon be coming your way. Apparently Russ Lemmon, who recently left the Press Journal has decided […]


A Little Chit Chat by Moi

A friend of mine was at the Quest Diagnostics Lab for tests and she overheard a young lady tell the receptionist she was with the School System and needed to get her drug test. My friend tells me that she was very tempted to make a remark about the necessity for fingerprinting and drug testing […]


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

While pondering on the radio about what is happening with the lawsuit regarding the Shawn Frost reckless residency requirements and whether or not Charles Searcy will continue to refuse to do the fingerprinting and drug testing required of everyone who enters a school and the findings from the EIS report about All Aboard Florida I […]


I’m Red Faced Over Red

Believe it or not, Bea-isms has a few fans in Sebastian so, as I was picking around with regards to the Sebastian City Council race I had a little bit of a challenge. Names and faces were not coming together in my mind and I had to start connecting the dots a bit to figure […]


 Life is just a Box of Chocolates….not Sour Lemon Drops

OK Russ, you decided to leave your cushy job at the Press Journal and in your last column you made this statement. “I love the Press Journal, and always will. It’s the best source for local news. Period.” I wondered what planet you were on when you made this statement in your last column. Hmmm. […]


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