Where or Where Does My Candidate Live

ear to the groundDo we need districts and rules and regulations for candidates anymore? I am beginning to think not as long as we get candidates like Charlie Wilson and Shawn Frost.

Let us catch up on what’s going on with these two guys. Where do I start? Let’s start with Shawn Frost…

I never heard of the Frosty one until he decided to run for County Commissioner and shortly after he got in the race he called and asked to meet me. I told him on the phone that as a political pundit of sorts and a premier blogger that I do NOT endorse candidates but yes, I would meet him over a cup of coffee.

We met at Panera’s and talked well over an hour and he seemed like a nice enough guy but I remember telling him that he was very new on the scene and that it would be next to impossible to beat a longtime incumbent like Joe Flescher. He said….”you watch, I’m in it to win it. I think I can win. I have a good support team”. Ok I said….but please do not take offence when I tell you that I think Joe Flescher will probably get 90% of the vote in the primary and you will probably only get 10%. He was undaunted. I thought.

I did not think too much about him until……yep, just two days after our coffee klatch meeting Shawn dropped out of the race. By the way….Joe Fletcher is in District 2 and I am now finding out that Shawn lives in District 3. Oh well, we’ll get back to that.

Since I always keep my ear to the ground I soon heard that Shawn Frost jumped into the school board race and frankly I was not paying close attention to what district he lived in. The word on the street was that Joe Fletcher cut a deal with him….you get out of my race and I will support you for the school board race against Karen Disney-Bromback. Now, this is where it gets tricky. If you run for County Commissioner you do not have to live in the District you run in…you only have to move into the District if you win – in other words – if you win you then can  buy or rent a residence in the District during the period of time of the win in November until the swearing in date in January. So, maybe Shawn got this advice from his new Pal Joey. Who knows. BTW. Art Neuberger did this very thing.

But, wait a minute, let’s get back to the Frosty one. He lives in District 3, ran for County Commissioner in 2 and is now running for School Board in District 1. The only problem is this…The rules for the School Board Candidates are different than that of County Commission Candidates. Hmmm. We are finding out that you must live in the District in which you run at the time of running. Well, either Shawn Frost got wrong information from his Pal Joey or…..he went to the Charlie Wilson Campaign Candidate School. Oh what a web we weave. BTW, does anyone believe he lives above his Dad’s garage in District 1 and his wife and kids live in the family home (without him of course) in District 3. LOL

Speaking of the Charlie Wilson Campaign College, the Professor of Baloney, should fail himself as a candidate. I just spoke to Dian George and she tells me that she has filed all the necessary paper work with an attorney in Tallahassee named Jordon Jones regarding elections fraud with regards to his “fuzzy” residency requirements. I guess it’s dejavu’ all over again. The tracking # on her paper work is 805583515618. Honestly folks, she told me that number. I got the impression after talking to Dian that she will soon be filing papers to nail the Professor of Baloney on his campaign sign infraction as well. As seen on Inside Vero, his campaign sign on his car window has the word for omitted. It says Charlie Wilson – Vero Beach City Council and it should read…..Charlie Wilson For Vero Beach City Council.

Dian George needs to talk to our friend up North, Damian Gilliams. He has been fined numerous times for that infraction.

Oh, getting back to Shawn Frost. The reason I mention the Charlie Wilson Campaign College is because he was right a while back when he ran for County Commission and did not live in the District in which he was running. Wilson actually ran in District 2 right after he got ousted by the judge from  office in Vero Beach for not meeting the  proper requirements for residency.   Once he got in that race, he finished  last in an interesting race between Joe Flescher, Dale Simchick and himself. Of course he said he would move when he won but in that case he did not have to move.

So, things are getting interesting in the County but I guess I will refrain from speaking too badly about the Sebastian City Council races for now. We will wait until after the primary elections for all that gossip.

I have been keeping my ear to the ground and frankly I do not like a lot of what I am hearing.




  1. Merlthesquirrel says:

    He seems like an accomplished person but living in your parents garage without your family……sorry but I dont buy it.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    It would have been better to run against Joe Flescher and lose in order to get his name out there than to dirty his name in this way which will probably kill his chances of ever being trusted by the voters in the future….for any other race.

  3. Bea-isms says:

    BTW, I am always disappointed when a newbie like Shawn does stupid things like this….like living in a garage to perpetrate a wrong because if he would lie about his residence what else would he lie about?

  4. jim says:

    Legally, when you move, you are to immediately change your drivers license, voter registration, and such. If you ignore those rules, I don’t want you representing me. Rules are rules.

  5. Joan says:

    Does he have a job? Don’t you have to produce some ID as to where you legally reside. Maybe he just needs a job.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Question asked by InsideVero of all the candidates:
    There is a waiting list at all magnet schools in the district. What do you think can be done to change public perception about some of the lower achieving traditional public schools? Would you support repurposing those schools to charter schools so they can be more flexible in meeting student needs?

    Randy Heimler:
    I will introduce a volunteer initiative for all of the schools, not just the Magnets and Charters. The success of those schools is helped tremendously by the mandatory 10-20 volunteer hours for each family.

    Charles Searcy:
    I will work with the Superintendent to implement stronger reading and math programs in the lower grades.

    Looking closely at these two answers who do you think is more in touch with what is best for the students? Yep, it’s clearly Heimler. More parental involvement is the way to go.

    Searcy’s answer left me with a head scratching moment. Why would anyone go to the Superintendent to solve this problem? That would be like going to Lee Iococa if I had a car problem instead of the service manager. You know what I mean.

    Also, have any of you been a bit perturbed about the Oslo boat ramp getting the go ahead even though it has been stated that the widening and the additional use of that ramp will harm the lagoon? Well, for your information. Charles Searcy was the mover and shaker to make that happen. I might add that Searcy had his chance and when he ran for a second term he was soundly beaten….and furthermore, he ran for the Hospital District and only got 123 votes so it is time for a new face on the school board.

    All along, I had said I would not endorse school board candidates but having heard and read all about them I have changed my mind. I will go with Randy Heimler, District 4 and Karen-Disney Brombach, District 1.

  7. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    I had read that Shawn Frost was residing in that garage (Fonzie-like?) apt because his father was beginning to fail physically (I guess) and needed help with his farm or something……which, by itself is commendable that a son would go to such lengths to help a parent. However, I also questioned whether Shawn had changed his legal address, etc. I suppose it would be smart of any candidate to be doubly-sure about the rules of qualifications of that particular office.

  8. savannah,ga says:

    well then no for frost. truly I am disappointed.

  9. Bea-isms says:

    Me too Savannah. Me too.

  10. jim says:

    If a parent needed that much help, running for office seems selfish somehow.

  11. jim says:

    The way things are going, I may take a shot at city council just for the insurance package and a small wage. I would be the odd man out though, since I actually reside here and am not tied to a special interest.

  12. Bea;

    Thank you for your endorsement and taking the time to educate your readers.

    Randy Heimler

  13. Bea-isms says:

    Your welcome Randy. FYI, I got 67,000 hits last month on Bea-isms so maybe it will do some good.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. Bea-isms says:

    I don’t know who you are Jim but I say – go for it. As it stands right now, only Randy Olds might win and two seats will be won by Brian Heady, Charlie Wilson or Pilar Turner….Pick Your Poison.

  15. Shawn Frost says:

    Hi Bea,
    Thought I’d respond via video, rather than type all of this out. As someone caring for a family member with health challenges, I’m surprised you would take the path you have. You must know by know that I’m a pretty smart guy. Would I work this hard and invest this much into a campaign that I would lose on a technicality? No, I’m not like the other candidate you mention. Not even close.

    Hope this helps clear up any questions.

    Watch the video here.

    Stay well,

  16. jim says:

    Is Jay Kramer not running?

  17. jim says:

    What happened to Nick Thomas. He was pretty much dead on with his take on the electric sale and his concern for the lagoon. He certainly did not pull any punches in the debates with commission or council candidates. Old/Kramer/Thomas seems like a good group to join Winger and Graves. It would certainly make for more cordial meetings.

  18. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, Getting back to you. I guess we will all find out if Jay Kramer is running at the same time. I have had some meaningful conversations with Jay and you know as much as I do about that subject. Knowing Jay as I do….he will file quietly when he is ready or not file quietly if he is not ready.

    But, you do raise a good question. Where is Nick Thomas? If he ever want’s to serve the public in a meaningful way he should start by serving the city in which he lives. Nick Thomas for City Council. Hmmm.

  19. Michael Goodfellow says:

    Quick note about Sebastian City Council race:

    Seats held by Jim Hill and Jerome Adams are up for grabs. Adams has filed for re-election. Hill hasn’t. In 2012, Hill started filing paperwork in July. I wonder what the holdup is?

    Ed Herlihy, longtime chair of the Budget Committee, has filed along with Al Iovino, a retired law enforcement officer.

    Al Paternoster and Hamilton McWhorter have both filed and both withdrawn.