Two Formal Complaints and One Pending???

ear to the groundWell, I had my ear to the ground and guess what I heard this morning.

Remember the name Dian George. Well, in case you have forgotten, she is the gal who was Charlie Wilsons’s nemesis when he was elected to City Council a few years back. Dian was the person who took him to court about his not meeting the residency requirements and sure enough she was right because Judge Kanerak agreed with her findings and had the newly elected Charles R Wilson removed from the Council after only one month.

Well, Dian is at it again. There are now two pending formal legal complaints that she has filed against Charles R Wilson and  I think I understood that there might yet be a third complaint.

Now, the City of Vero Beach candidate field is really getting interesting. We will have Charles R Wilson with two, possibly three complaints, that might make him ineligible for public office….or at least undesirable.

While keeping my ear to the ground as I do, I also heard that Pilar Turner will soon be throwing her hat in the ring for another term on the Vero Beach City Council.

I know she has an established residence in the city, a million dollar residence that sits right across the Lagoon from the Water & Sewer plant so residency will not be a problem. And, since she will be an incumbent if she runs, she will not have to put the word for on her campaign literature so….what could be her problem?

Well, based on her recent comment at the City Council meeting about not wanting the attorney that has been hired to protect the City (Shef Wright) from law suits from Indian River Shores and the Board of County Commissioners to request public records in order for him to defend the city….well, she just might have more problems than Charles R Wilson.  Yep, she did ask the City Council to stop him from asking for public records regarding the law suits. Yep, I heard that with my own two ears.

She had the nerve to ask the Council to have Wright stop in his tracks about the request for public records. She said his request for public records was too adversarial and we should not be adversarial with the Shores and the County. Wow, The City Attorney, Wayne Coment said, “Maam, do you not realize that they are sueing us….That is adversarial in my opinion.”

After thinking about this I would say that there needs to be a Dian George out there for the Turner campaign as well. Sounds to me as though she is colluding with the enemy- in this case that would be the two entities who are suing the City, Indian River Shores and the Board of County Commissioners.

And, if Pilar Turner were found guilty of colluding with the enemy, is that a clear case of malfeasance? And, what does that mean? Impeachment? Just asking.

Put in the words of the Professor of Baloney, I am not an attorney so I have no answers to any of this. I just try to keep my ear to the ground.

  1. jim says:

    Who would vote for her??

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, I asked myself the very same question. Apparently there are some because she has won a couple of elections so far.

    But, then again, so did the blond hen and near as I can tell she has vacated her house and lord knows where she and her hubby are off to next. Mayube she is staying in town and will be paying herself high rents by the day or week. Ha ha.

  3. Linda Hillman says:

    Yard signs with a finger on a light switch….” Turn Off Turner “….just sayin

  4. Bea-isms says:

    You got it Linda…..Turn Off Turner….TOT.

  5. Dian George says:

    Bea as I was saying———–Charlie’s got some splanen to do. Find it hard to believe he can splain himself out of the situations he put himself in to. Just some questions—-He put some things into the city–one is pending, the other he will be notified within 5 days which will reqire his response. He is never speechless, but does he really think he can talk himself out what he has created all by himself? we will see. Will it be de sha veau all over again or is “the Mary Beth McDonald syndrome that the citizens of Vero don’t evan know the meaning of malaprop or exrtrapalate. Keep your ear to the ground and if Charlie really puts his papers in between Aug 22 and Sept 5th to run for city council, he really thinks he is Teflon Charlie. It is out of our hands and we will just have to see what developes. There is a nineteen year old by the name of Mary Sarah who does a song with Huckabee —one of Mearl Haggerd’s songs called “When you are runnen down my country, you’re walkien on the fighen side of me. When I hear it ……………

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Well, we are being told by VeroNews that Wilson is the first to qualify so….Dian it looks like he wants to be controversial.

    BTW, it is not Tammy Vocks roll to be judge and jury. It will be up to the elections lawyers. AS long as a persons swears to the truth they are taken at their word until proven otherwise.

    I personally don’t care, I want to see him get beat fair and square. But, that will not happen until we get more good people to run for a seat on the City Council.

    • Mark Schumann says:

      VeroNews’s Debbie Carson wrote,

      “There have been some questions raised in the community regarding Wilson’s residency status but Vock said he has provided documentation supporting his claim that he has lived within the city for more than one year.

      “Everything is fine,” Vock said.

      Vock received a letter from Wilson’s landlord, Paul Schwambeck, who now claims to have given him access to the apartment on Aug. 20, 2013. Vock has no choice but to take the letter at face value.

      Interestingly, though, a week earlier Schwambeck told InsideVero he could not remember when Wilson occupied the apartment. It is also interesting to note that Wilson did not have the utilities at the apartment switched into his name until Sept. 19, 2013, the same day he made the last of three installments on his rent, which, at least according to the terms of his lease, had to be paid in full prior to occupancy.

      Along with the Stuart-based, pro-Wilson Press Journal, the pro-Wilson Beach 32963 also seems disinclined to report the full story.

  7. Bea-isms says:

    Mark, I hope people don’t read into this thinking that Tammy Vock is letting Wilson get away with anything. It is her job to take him at his word….and once he takes the oath that everything he says is the truth, the whole truth so help me G-d, then the burden lies with him….not Tammy Vock.

    So, it all remains in the hands of the lawyers who will look over Dian George’s formal complaint.

    Shame on the 63 rag for trying to put the blame on Tammy Vock if things don’t go the Wilson Way. Wilson will come back with it’s all Tammy Vocks fault because she told me I could run. Didn’t he do the same crap with Charlie Vitunac a few years ago and it took a judge to remove him from office.

    I still think the only way to beat this guy down is to make sure he does not get enough votes in the City Election to give him a seat on the council in the first place.

  8. jim says:

    To allow him to run means that he will skew the election by taking votes from legitimate candidates. The outcome will be flawed. End this madness before the election. If the circuit court does not rule on the short term rental by election day, I will not vote for any encumbents.

  9. Curtis Carpenter says:

    Mark my words, the trio of Turner, Wilson, and Heady will be working as a team to get elected in November…You’re hearing it here first.

  10. Bea-isms says:

    Curtis, Three wrongs do not make for a right. And, thanks for the heads up. I heard that is why Brian Curley dropped out. He did not agree to be strong armed by Willsin. In other words he did not want to be seen as having to team up with anyone if he were to run and Captain Kangaroo was trying to make it hard for him to be his own person.

    If Jay Kramer were to get in the race I would suspect that he and Randy Olds would take 1st and 2nd place in vote count and if you were right in the literal sense there would be a three way tie for third place. So, what I am saying is that one of the three might win a seat on the council and I would not want to bet on which one. My guess is that if more people got into the race it would probably be a four or five way race for the third empty seat so….things will get interesting. What is the expression I am looking for….OH, I know.. It’s Katy bar the doors. LOL

  11. Cedric says:

    Curtis you are correct , but only if Wilson is not knocked off the ballot first. I think we are seeing act two of the Wilson play called “FPL and Me” A farce in three acts. Charlie plays the lead with supporting actors Tracy Carroll and Pilar Turner.Stage hand Brian Heady can always be counted to come in when he gets his cue. Several out of town actors like the B actor Red Herring will also be in the play. Oh ,BTW the producers of this farce are FPL Productions, PJ Propaganda and Uncle Benji Limited. During the intermission Baloney and salami will be served.

  12. Bea-isms says:

    Cedric…That is a real scream. I am laughing out loud.

    You forgot one person in this play. The writer of the Playbill…Dr. Faharanty. Ha Ha.

    • Mark Schumann says:

      Bea, have you noticed that Charlie Wilson has stopped referring to us as “the blogger twins.” According to him, we are now “cyber thugs.”

      Infamous Charlie Wilson quote: “If you cannot attach the message, attack the messenger.”

      Exercising this very strategy, Wilson minion and loyal lieutenant, Shark Smoocher, wrote InsideVero this morning accusing us of publishing “a pack of outright lies.”

      If these two characters in Vero Beach’s comic tragedy were not so sleazy, devious and mean spirited, I would feel sorry for them.

  13. Bea-isms says:

    Yes, Mark, they are calling us a lot of things and according to all the phone calls I get about the Willsin merry gang of citizens, (maybe 10 or 12) we must be really getting to them.

    And, I do not feel sorry for them because this is just the way they are. They are shameless and sleazy but the mean spirited part of what they stand for is the part that really gets to me.

    They have tried and failed to hurt a lot of good people in this town and they might think they have gotten away with it but based on all the people that I talk to they are still the big losers.

    And, I think the real winners are those of us that have managed not to let them get to us with their sleaze and their lies.

    Seems like each and every one of the Charlie Wilson “groupies” has their own personal agendas and eventually they will fall. None of these guys should ever hold a public office because of the evilness that they would bring.

    I’ll give you an example of the danger of getting involved with these guys. Remember when we read the letter to the editor praising the 14th Ave Steakhouse for joining the Charlie Willsin chamber…WEll, I had a few of my friends call me up and say they will never go there to eat again. HOw’s that for promoting a business with his name attached to it?

  14. Bea-isms says:

    I heard that Charles R Wilson wants to take “out” the City of Vero Beach. Someone said it was on his facebook. Now, I ask you, how many “likes” did he get on this post. I also heard that in the same post he was patting himself on the back for being the first person to “qualify” in the City Council race. I guess it all depends on what the meaning of the word qualify is. LOL

  15. jim says:

    If Ken Daige does not run, I will be very surprised.

  16. Bea-isms says:


    I don’t quite understand your comment about not voting for any incumbents if the court does not rule on the short term rental by election day. It is in the hands of the courts – not our elected officials, so what could they do about it at this stage other than let it take its course through the court system.

    And, speaking of short term rentals, I heard that the Carroll’s moved. Does anyone know where to?

    • jim says:

      If the Carroll’s have moved, could someone take down the sign that they had put up on the corner of their road and A1A that says “no thru traffic, deliveries only”. Street signs should not be installed as a ruse.

  17. jim says:

    Bea, I was referring to circuit court judge incumbents. I understand it has nothing to do with local politics at this time, however, I do remember who was for and against the issue previously.

  18. Bea-isms says:

    Thanks Jim for clarification.

    If I recall, Pilar Turner did not want this to go to court….so that must mean she wants short term rentals for Vero and she is the same Pilar Turner who does not want the attorney who is defending Vero to get his public records request to the County so that he can defend the City that she represents. Jim, if you live in the City, you ought to Consider running for Council.

  19. Cedric says:

    “Turn off” was also the one that wanted electric bill payers to pay $26,000,000 to FPL . A “sellout” at any cost. If she ever gets back into the majority open your check book and start writing large amounts of money to FPL.

  20. Bea-isms says:

    Ok Ok, its going to be
    ABC and TOT

    Anybody But Charlie and
    Turn Off Turner

    That’s my final answer.

  21. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    By accident (or design) a Press Journal paper was left in our driveway this Saturday morning. Coincidentally, on page 4A, under “Briefs”, FPL announced that it expected to reduce its rates–customers will pay an average of $2.00 less a month beginning January 2015. The story about Election night reporting in IRC is just to the right of this “big” story. BTW, the announcement claims FPL’s residential bill is approx. 25% lower than U.S. average. FPL has quite a PR department. I’m sure FPL customers have already headed out to their favorite watering hole to celebrate this future $2.00 reduction.

    • Mark Schumann says:

      Did you notice all the FPL ads splashed across the top, left and rise of the home page this past week? It would seem that in exchange for this significant advertising investment with Scripps, FPL gets placement on page for what is nothing more than free publicity. It’s call pay-for-play. Scripps has no shame!

      By the way, if FPL’s rates are 25 percent below the national average, as FPL claims, and if Vero Electric’s rates are 25 percent above FPL, then Vero Beach’s rates are within the national average. That fact does not keep the residents of Indian River Shores, whose incomes are well above the national average, from claiming Vero Electric’s rates are unreasonable and that the utility has been poorly run.

      Did you notice in its filing with the Florida Public Service Commission, FPL acknowledged the rate differential is now down to $15 million? Given Vero Electric’s billings of approximately $100 million, that equates to a rate differential of some 15 percent. To listen to the Shores Town Council, though, one would think the rate differential between FPL and Vero Electric is some 40 percent. This is just more Heran/Faherty propaganda; and those five gentlemen on the Shores Town Council appear to have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

  22. says:

    im so elated. I wont spend it one place

  23. Cedric says:

    I save more than that because I do not buy the rag in the first place.Everything they have to say about the sale of VBE is plain BS. I also can’t stand looking at sour Lemmons face and reading his words dictated to him by his boss.

    • Cathy Katrovitz says:

      Same here. Haven’t subscribed to PJ in at least 2 years – maybe more. Used to be able to tolerate Mr. Lemmon’s musings, but he seems to have given in to his bosses’ rules when it comes to FPL.

  24. Bea-isms says:

    As I look over these past few comments on this blog, I must say that Mark Schumann said it best.

    If Wilson cannot defend himself he will begin a strong campaign of attacking the messenger. So far, that means that Mr. Charles R Wilson will be attacking me and Mark Schumann and Dian George rather than look in the mirror and begin to attack himself.

    Oh by the way, with him stretching the residency laws and the campaign signage laws to the limit can you still imagine Wesley Davis using him as his campaign manager is whatever seat Wesley Davis will try for next. I certainly hope Wesley Davis is smarter than that. I would think this self named Professor of Baloney has pretty much run out of rope as being an expert in managing campaigns, given his mismanagement of his own campaign.

  25. Patricia Lavins says:

    It is getting harder and harder to keep track of all those involved in voter fraud/residency issues. My count is two for Charlie Wilson, one for Shawn Frost and one for Corry “Fraudster” Westbrook. Lets hope that the Wilson and Frost investigations don’t take as long as that of Corry “Fraudster” Westbrook,The lead investigator has told me that it is like pulling on a string, you tug a litle and more less than honorable schemes come out.

    • Bea-isms says:

      Patricia, I believe Dian George will stay on top of the Charlie Wilson frauds however I do not think one single person will step up to the plate and challange Shawn Frost. I did a little on keeping it on the front burner right down to the day of elections on my Bea-isms post but….man o man did he ever have the money pouring into his campaign. Too much to overcome and I am sure that money will be used to keep him in office.