Please Release Me, Let Me Go

release-me_4f3a3b29If the City of Vero Beach could cut a deal with OUC (Orlando Utilities Commission) similar to the deal that OUC gave the City of Lake Worth they just might be able to call off the dogs- oops, I mean the Shores. Apparently the township of Indian River Shores is trying to sue the City of Vero Beach for rates equal to FPL.

Now, we already know that probably cannot happen. That would be like my demanding to the County that all the gas stations that are in the County should give me the same rate that I get when I buy my gasoline at Sam’s Club.

If the City of Vero Beach were in a position to re-negotiate their wholesale prices of power with OUC to somewhere close to what the City of Lake Worth is paying OUC for their rates, then perhaps the City could offer the Shores a rate more competitive and compatible to what FPL  rates are.

If Florida Power and Light would release the City of a sales agreement that has withered on the vine it just might put Vero Beach in a position to get in there with their sleeves rolled up and find all kinds of ways to lower our rates. But, as we know, three City Councilpersons have committed the utility to FPL in a flimsy sales agreement and that commitment is bound to hold them back from lowering rates until they can get out there on their own again and start to negotiate better wholesale prices.

While we are on this subject don’t you think Indian River Shores resident Ted Robinson has had one 15 minutes of fame too many? Wasn’t he the guy who the E-Lemmonator wrote about a while back when he decided on his own NOT to pay his electric bill to the City of Vero Beach because HE determined it was too expensive? Now we are reading that he got up and spoke at the mediation meeting and accused the City of Vero Beach of price gouging. This guy probably needs to move to Lake Wales. I don’t think he can afford the upscale community of Indian River Shores much longer.

In fact, I am getting tired of the same old story being told by the same tiresome individuals. The likes of Mark Mucher, Charlie Wilson, Glenn Heran and Steve Faherty have run their course with the same old song of sell sell sell to FPL no matter what and since we could not achieve that goal, they are now saying, let’s get nasty with the City of Vero Beach because we did not get our way on the sale.

It is definitely time to move on. The only problem is these charachters have not realized this yet.

Actually, this whole thing about the City going to go bankrupt because of a couple of law suits, one from Indian River Shores and one from the County, is just a bunch of hogwash. Seems to me that the end result of the “mediation moment” ended up just being a play by Indian River Shores of trying to bully the City into Cheaper rates. I think they had much grander expectations of this law suit but it seems it will all boil down to them trying to bully the City into the same rates as FPL. And, according to my logic, that rate is probably never going to be achieved even when the city is able to lower their rates. In fact, all this lawsuit stuff that is going on will probably force the City to charge more because….someone has to pay for all the lawyers.

We are now finding out that FPL, OUC, FMEA and a lot of other utilities around the State are advising the PSC to dismiss the County Commission’s petition. And, after reading about the “mediation moment” I am beginning to think that the Shores will soon be calling off their lawsuit too. I think they will soon learn that they cannot just decide that they want to have FPL be their provider with a lawsuit. If they truly want to change providers they need to meet with the city and find out how much it would cost them to buy the customers from the City who reside in the Shores and once that kind of a sale would take place then it could go into the hands of the PUC, (Public Utilities Commission) for approval. The key word here is BUY, not steal the customers. Wait a minute, doesn’t that sound a little bit like what Jay Kramer was saying for the past three years? He called it a PARTIAL SALE. He never called it a partial steal.

So, as the sale of Vero Electric to FPl winds down, I think this new battle between the City and the Shores and the City and the County needs to listen to this refrain from a popular song.

“Come on, people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another right now.”

So, the reality is this. Yes, the electric rates from the Vero Beach Utility are higher than FPL, however, they are in line with other Muni’s in the State, and they could be lower. They could be lower if FPL would walk away from a dead deal so that the City could begin to go out there and try to find better wholesale prices and to do a lot of other things that might bring rates down. This is hard to do when, technically, they do not own their utility. It is in limbo with FPL owning it for the next couple of years or until they throw in the towel and release the city from this “dead deal”.

As Mayor Winger has been quoted as saying, there are a whole bunch of them that should get over it. This particular contract regarding the sale of Vero Electric to FPL is probably not going to happen due to the impossibility of Vero being able to get out of existing contracts.

So, as FPL starts to “get over” the fact that the purchase of Vero Electric became an impossibility, the Shores and the County should also “get over” it. They came to the table way too late to be effective and they need to STOP the suing game and start the healing game with their neighbors.

It is probably time for all of us to sing a line from another familiar song to FPL….”Please release me, let me go.”






  1. savannah,ga says:

    it was never about lowering rates for the pro-sale pushers but making a buck or a few million in the process of thinking that the public would get lower rates.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Bingo, savannah. You are so right. And now we are stuck at square one….trying to get lower rates after they have been raised five times in the past three years. Oh what a mess these folks have made, not to mention how divisive this sale process has become in the community.

  3. savannah,ga says:

    sadly Mark is right the public does think that vero is 40% higher then fpl. I have corrected a few in saying that cant be and mention that just in the last year my rate went up 12% and while vero lowered theres by 5% in the same time frame.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    Unfortunately Savannah, Vero does not have the propaganda machine that is in motion with the FPL liars.

    • savannah,ga says:

      true but then again city council under the troika wouldn’t allow the city to be more factual. now I do think they would want an honest answer to get the problem solved. thanks to the removal of a certain foreigner.

  5. Cedric says:

    Bea, you forgot to include TOT is the tiresome rants of Wilson, Heran and the other guy.I am sure they all know the following facts: They all read 32963 which has declared the deal quite dead. They all know FMPA will not let Vero out of their commitments, but will not admit it for political reasons. They all know Wilson’s and Heran’s financial numbers were off by millions and millions of dollars ,but will never admit it for political reasons. They all think giving FPL $26,000,000 was a good idea. Yes they are getting tiresome and time to retire them all for the good of Vero Beach.

    • savannah,ga says:

      the percentage of the 26 million dollars as increase in their eyes would be offset by the funds given from fpl.

  6. Cedric says:

    Some people will say or do anything to get their way. Why would anybody believe FPL and the likes of Wilson, Heran, Turner,who are sell at any cost people. Do you believe Wilson, who started this mess to get himself elected in 2009 only to be removed by a judge? Do you believe Heran when his sale numbers were off by millions? Do you believe Turner,who wants to sell everything including our dog park ? Do you believe Boss Brunjes and his well paid FPL employed wife? Do you believe the squeezed lemon of the PJ? I do not believe any of them!

  7. jim says:

    Please attend this weekend’s rally/protest outside of the Village Beach Market. The people of Indian River Shores will be protesting the high grocery prices. At this point, milk is more than 50% higher than it is at Wal-Mart. Poultry and meat are even more exorbitant. The people of Indian River Shores demand comparable prices. The Council can not discuss this amongst themselves so they have asked non-council members, who have friends in high places, to move this forward. The Market has the nerve to actually make a profit on the items they sell. This will not stand. Don’t they realize that the Residents of Indian River Shores have more money than God. Don’t get me started on their wine and ice cream prices.

  8. Bea-isms says:

    Jim, I love your sense of humor and your logic. An Indian River protest at the Beach Market because of high prices are a riot.

    BTW, I do not go to that high priced ice cream establishment, Kilwins, for Ice Cream. Actually they do not call themselves an Ice Cream Parlor…they call themselves a sweet oasis on the beach. LOL

    I went there once and it cost me about $10.00 for Steve and I. But, we do go to McDonald’s often and get an ice cream cone for 49 cents each. Of course that is there summer prices. They will go up to $1.00 each during season. LOL

    And, there is another place on the Beach that is very often frequented by the Shores residents where they actually weigh the ice cream cone in order to price it.

    BTW, I wonder if Indian River Shores resident Ted Robinson will lead the protest or does he merely pay the high price of gasoline to travel to the mainland and shop at Walmart. Yuk yuk yuk.

  9. Cedric says:

    Jim, You are super funny and right on the money. In order to save some money. Those who do not like VBE prices might want to buy some candles to save on electric costs. For brighter light they could buy some flashlights. Anyone with an electric stove could barbeque every night or eat out. When eating out make sure to frequent a Wilson Chamber member although they may be hard to find.