7/30/14 Bea Gardner – Blogger on Air

  Today, on the radio with Bob Soos we talked a bit about the fact that the City Council did not choose to raise taxes in order to be able to lower the Electric bills. I think that gesture would have gone a long way to appease the angry county ratepayers who are lining up […]


Don’t Choke on your Lemmon Drop

Let’s rip apart the Russ Lemmon column that was in the Pee Pee Jay a few days ago but, before we do, here is what I read in small print. The Pee Pee Jay says: Copyright 2014 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Now, let […]


The Ending Is Just Too Hard To Take

          Two months ago I wrote this guest commentary for InsideVero and it is worth another read. Please click on and read this. As the song says: The ending is just too hard to take.     http://insidevero.com/2014/05/29/the-ending-is-just-too-hard-to-take/       The ending is just too hard to take COMMENTARY BEA […]


Let’s catch up with some more Chit Chat

My Chit Chat today will cover a few things that surely you are hearing or reading about in various venues. Of course the main thing on everyone’s mind these days is All Aboard Florida and Common Core. If anyone thinks these two things will be stopped just because we don’t like it then you might […]


On Air with Bob Soos – the County, the City and Blogger Bea Gardner

The Morning Magazine show this morning became a battle of the minds when it came to the discussion of the Vero Beach Electric issue. Everyone wanted to talk about it in mindless sound bites. So, let me catch you up on this.       Peter O’Bryan, chairman of the County Commission, talked about the County […]


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