If you like your Chamber, you can keep your Chamber

ear to the groundMark Schumann, editor of Inside Vero says that perhaps Charlie Wilson is hoping his new “faux chamber” will wind up with some of the state money that Gov Scott will be throwing at economic development and tourism.

Yeah sure Mark…..Charlie Wilson is dreaming if he thinks his “faux chamber” will get any State money. Wait a minute, didn’t I read somewhere that he was NOT going to take any government money for his chamber?

Keeping my ear to the ground as I do, I heard that Captain Kangaroo and one of his partners in crime, the Moocher, had about ten commitments for membership in the new chamber. That’s a far cry from the 900 businesses represented by the “real” Indian River Chamber of Commerce.

Wilson claimed his new chamber can bring worldwide attention to Vero Beach on “discounted” dues from the 100 members he hopes to recruit by the end of March. Is that going to be similar to his claim a while back that his Asset Recovery Company would soon become the largest employer in Indian River County?

When asked by Bob Soos on the Morning Magazine radio show how the professors new chamber of commerce will fund its efforts, Wilson claimed to have three sources of revenue, but only named one – membership dues.  I kind of wish when he makes a statement like that on the radio he would answer all three sources of revenue instead of just one….membership dues.  He did make some reference to the fact that his new “faux” chamber would not have a building to support so….is that considered a source of revenue? Or, the fact that this “new” group will do all of their business on line and that perhaps, in Captain Kangaroo speak, what he considers  his way of stretching the truth by calling this e-chamber a source of revenue. I don’t know, I guess I will just hope Bob Soos is satisfied with the Professor of Baloneys answer to his question.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this. I agree with the thought that if you were marketing the area, what would you say? Would you entice people to come to Indian River County or would you want to put your best foot forward and ask them to visit Vero Beach?

If the sole purpose of the newly added “faux” Chamber is to brand Vero Beach then perhaps the Indian River Chamber of Commerce should brand Vero Beach. I can’t really say that is a bad idea but, if that were to be the case then the Professor of Baloney might be right  when he says….”If you like your Chamber, you can keep your Chamber”.

  1. savannah,ga says:

    Wilson is akin to this to Obama’s aca. don’t believe it.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    Really Savannah. Surely you jest.

  3. Cathy Katrovitz says:

    Worldwide attention or notoriety for Vero Beach? Mr. Wilson’s track record in Vero Beach is not without – well – you know what I mean.

  4. savannah,ga says:

    well for a fee, Wilson will relieve you of that how do I spend it problem.

  5. Mark Schumann says:

    Bea, Wilson said today his new chamber will not “own” a building, but he did not say they will do without office space. The press release he circulated last week indicated they have arranged for office space.

    Regarding government money, he said they will accept no government funds, but then qualified that statement to specifically exclude their acceptance of grants from the County.

    Maybe one of his three sources of revenue is the Tooth Fairy.

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Mark, I think the tooth fairy would be a very likely source for this new gang of three.

    I think he gave an address for the “new” chamber as the same address that he has been operating out of in all of his recent enterprises. Or, better yet, maybe he will start up his chamber at the PRT (Panera Round Table)I heard that space is now available.

    One thing we should all hope for in this new adventure is that they keep good clean books….not like the sloppy book work that was kept in one of the Professor of Baloney’s similar venture in St. Lucie County.

  7. Bea-isms says:

    As I recall, Captain Kangaroo, aka/Charlie Wilson, promised that if we sold the Electric Utility to FP&L the sale would bring to the city about $150,000,000 in profit.

    Knowing that his prediction of profit was so far away from reality in the utility sale, I would say his credibility is not to be taken too seriously.

    Now, if you have been following the sale of the utility to FPL, you have probably heard that the sale might bring about $3 million to the city. That is a far cry from the $150 million profit that the Roo said Vero would get when they sold the utility.

    So, is this is the kind of guy we would put our trust in to develop another chamber of commerce? And, please, don’t get me started on one of his partners.

    My mother always said, If you can’t say anything nice your shouldn’t say anything. So….mum’s the word.

  8. Bea-isms says:

    As I recall, Charlie Wilson has been advising everyone he knows NOT to buy a home or invest in a business in Vero Beach because of high electric rates, so how in the heck will he ever be able to sell Vero Beach as a destination to start up a new business with his new chamber? Hmmm.

    • Mark Schumann says:

      Someone as intellectually dishonest as Charlie Wilson will inevitably become entangled in a web of contradictions.

  9. Bea-isms says:

    Mark, Seems like he always comes up with good intentions and they turn to mush. I’ll bet someone or some business with big bucks is behind this and the Roo and the Moocher are the perfect storm.

    I think the idea of branding Vero Beach with thier very own Chamber coming from the likes of Charlie Wilson is a joke considering the fact that he has been talking down Vero Beach as a place to do business because of the high utility rates in the city. He and Tracy Carroll were in concert with that message for the last two years. You remember how they used to say….no one wants to move to Vero because of the high utility rates, and now he is going to try to reverse that mantra. Hmmm.

    • savannah,ga says:

      yet in my work duties, I have seen many buildings going up within the city grid, homes built. we have two banks that are being built on the city grid.one at the indian river commons(near lowes) and the other near Panera bread.

      • Mark Schumann says:

        Wilson’s claims that people are avoiding moving to or doing business in Vero Beach is just more of the political baloney Bob Soos and WTTB station manager Jim Davis allow him to serve up each week. They are shameless!