Who is Sean Frost? I mean Shawn Frost.

ear to the groundWho is Sean Frost?  OOPS….It’s Shawn.

Apparently he has decided to run for County Commissioner for the District 2 Seat. That is the seat that is now held by Commissioner Joe Flescher.

If you do not believe me….just go to his web site. http://www.frost2014.com/ Sure reads like a candidate to me.

Now, usually, when someone has been sworn in as a candidate it is announced in the paper so I was really surprised when one of my bloggers told me of Sean Frost’s intensions on Bea-isms. So, having my ear to the ground as I do, I Googled his name and I found his website.

I perused his website and nowhere on his website did I find out what party he plans to run on….and more importantly, I do not think you can launch a political website before being sworn in. And, if he has been sworn in I did not see any disclaimers on the website. All of this makes me highly suspicious if this guy is a for real candidate, a pretend candidate or just plain stupid. I think he needs to get a candidate packet from Leslie Swan, the Supervisor of Elections,  to find out if he is able to set himself up as a legitimate candidate before being sworn in. Just saying.

The most egregious part of Sean Frost’s website is the fact that he might be soliciting for donations to his campaign without really abiding by the campaign laws. I think  that would be illegal.


Do you think Sean Frost is a “low information candidate”  looking for “low information voters”? Let’s see how this unfolds.


  1. JAN says:

    You should know what has to be done since you have been a candidate. Is he even running in IRC, it really doesn’t say.
    And I saw that he is asking for donations. Not a good way to start a campaign, by violating the laws.

  2. Bea-isms says:

    My thoughts exactly Jan.

    I guess the rules just don’t matter to a lot of people these days. His logo looks a lot like an Obama logo…Do you think that means what I think it means? Hmmmm.

    • Shawn Frost says:

      Hi Bea,
      I hope we can meet in the near future, but we wrote a bit about the logo on our campaign page. It was buried way behind the “about” menu.
      I’m very proud of the logo my fellow Former -Marine -turned -graphic -designer created. He used Gov. Romney’s 2012 logo for additional inspiration.
      Here’s the story behind it. http://www.frost2014.com/logo_meaning

  3. savannah,ga says:

    I only know him from school. I went to school with him years ago. after high school I didn’t stay in contact with him. I saw him on fb and he is a friend of a coworker of mine. so I saw that he was running I figured I would sick bea on him. if what you say is true then I wont vote for him. why? I don’t like dishonesty. yes I know it happens but when its really blatent like swilson, they hell no.

  4. Bea-isms says:

    Savannah, I don’t know if it is dishonesty…I think it is more like stupidity….But, we shall see. Don’t give up on him yet. Only time will tell.

    • savannah,ga says:

      shawn is way to intelligent to be that foolish. its possible but that’s not the shawn I remember.i will wait in either case.

  5. savannah,ga says:

    he comes across as a libertarian to me

  6. Bea-isms says:

    Yep, it’s true. I found out he filed about a month ago. Does anyone know if the Press Journal reported this? Oh well, so much for being on the ball.

    So, what time is it? Is it time for Joe Flescher to run scared of this guy. Frosty certainly looks to be more educated than the Flesh Man.

    This race just might get a little interesting.

    Maybe it’s time for a few of you would be county commissioners to throw your hat in the ring to run against the Salami and make this race interesting too.

  7. savannah,ga says:

    I used to call him jack frost.lol

  8. Bea-isms says:

    Boy I must really be asleep on this one. The Salami is not running this time around. Just Peter O’bryan and Joe Flescher.

    So far,no one is out to challenge Peter the Great.

  9. Bea-isms says:


    Went to Shawn Frost’s Facebook page and read about him on a website put together by someone or a PAC or whatever and here is my take.

    He is highly educated and seems to be educated and versed in a lot of things that matter to the electorate. And the best part of him is he is very pleasant to look at.

    So, his good qualities will come out during the campaign and I look forward to hearing him speak. In fact, wouldn’t it be nice if he were well spoken as he challenges the “goon” from NY for the seat.

    Just remember folks, the “goon” from NY has always been touted as being smart as a “box of rocks” Hmmmm. This will get interesting.

  10. Jim says:

    I tbink we all know that pilar turner will be looking to be handed
    Bob solari’s seat. Heady will surely run and it would not surprise me to see tracy carroll jump in, last time this seat was up for re election we
    Also had an enviromentally minded candidate. Hopefully the lagoon will continue to be a concern in this district.

  11. Florida Native says:

    Here is his Facebook page (open to the public). Sherpa Shawn? Really? For county commissioner?


    • Shawn Frost says:

      Florida Native,
      I think I understand your concern. Not sure if you’re familiar with what a Sherpa is, but in short they are mountain guides. As my strategy consulting firm guides clients, this was recommended by a branding professional to both link us to Asia and summarize our role. It was quickly abandoned. We now use the distinctly American “MVP Strategy Guides”. I hope that addresses your concerns. Thanks for letting me know. I was able to change FB extension too.

  12. Craig in Melbourne says:

    While you may have initially been uninformed, I am glad to see you have come full circle. Shawn is a fairly low key person that has a real interest in making the community he lives in a better place. He has organized a grassroots group that scours Vero for trash (he also does not take government money either). He may be low-key, but he gets things done. I have known Shawn since high school. He was in my home room. I talked with him everyday. While there may be little out there about him, due to bad or rather no press from the (de)Press(ed) Journal, but don’t let that fool you. For all of his adult life, I have known him as a right-of-center conservative. Think Rand Paul.